SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer Reviews, Questions, Answers
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SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer

SKLZ Gold Flex Review

The SKLZ Gold Flex measures 49″ (just a couple inches longer than an off the rack driver). The long fiberglass shaft is about three times more flexible than most driver shafts. This noodle like shaft forces golfers to take the club back slowly

This training aid is simple and durable, it provides immediate feedback and instant results also works for LH and RH golfers. perhaps a bit long for Juniors, ladies, and shorter golfers.

The SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer is great for use at home and on the range, before, during and after practice sessions. With practice, you will be able to better capture that feeling of tempo and adapt it to your full swing.

If used regularly it will promote a smooth swing. The result will be more fairways hit, better ball striking and lower scores.

The Gold flex training aid is essentially a very flexible shaft with a reasonably heavy weight on the end. It’s impossible to swing it at any pace without doing so on a good swing plane and with good tempo.

In terms of the concept, the theory of tempo can and should be adapted to every club in the bag including the putter.

Good tempo stems from constant (light) grip pressure and being tension free throughout the body. Additionally, good tempo provides center face contact, greater distance, and a balanced finish.

Great tempo can be accomplished with the help of the SKLZ Gold Flex Strength & Tempo Trainer. Using the Gold Flex builds muscle memory that translates to an improved tempo and swing path with all your clubs.

By improving your swing path the SKLZ Gold Flex also builds improved lag as well so you can hit the ball further. The Gold Flex training aid also provides a workout and strengthens core muscles used for the golf swing.

The best way to use the Gold Flex is to have 10 swings with it and then pick up your regular club and have about 10 shots with that. You will notice that your club feels like a toothpick and the tendency is to also grip your club lighter as well. You should notice an immediate improvement in your swing path and tempo.

After you have 10 shots with your regular club grab the Gold Flex again and just have a couple of swings before having another 10 shots with your normal golf club. This process will help build muscle memory that is lasting.


[VIDEO] How to Use a Whippy Club Such as SKLZ Gold Flex



This training tool is outstanding for training proper swing sequence and tempo.

Swinging this trainer daily will help build good muscle memory and strength in the right muscles

This tool will help train your body about swing plane, pausing at the top of the take away and lag on the way down, which helps you to “strike down” on the ball,

This trainer is an excellent tool for identifying areas of your swing that are out of sync.

Your swing will improve in tempo, lag, and power.

Swinging this trainer is great for ingraining proper feel of tempo, swing path, and understanding where the clubhead is during the swing. It’s also great for working on things like rotating your arms through impact.

It’s easy to take smooth swings and feel your body react to it. The weight allows for you to naturally progress with your body moving in the correct sequence on the backswing and downswing.

Gives you the feeling of what a proper swing should feel like.

The weight on the end and the flexible shaft forces you to perform the right moves and in the proper sequence

SKLZ Gold Flex Benefits

By using the Gold flex with diligent practice you will be able to:

Improve your swing plane
Improve your rhythm and tempo
Improve your core muscle strength
Improve your lag and distance.

If you whip the club back, need help with tempo and or balance the SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer is a product you should consider. Golfers have boasted that they were getting an extra 10 to 15 meters off the tee and hitting it a lot straighter as well.


SKLZ Gold Flex 40 vs 48

The SKLZ Gold Flex comes in 48” inches or 40” inches. It is recommended for men over 5.4 foot to use the 48-inch version and for those under 5.4 to use the 40-inch gold flex. For women, the 40” Gold Flex is recommended.


SKLZ Gold Flex Overview

The Gold Flex trainer provides an excellent workout for golf muscles. The Gold Flex enforces the body rotation that is fundamental to a good golf swing. Very helpful for training proper swing sequence and tempo.

The Gold Flex warm-up and tempo training aid are designed to improve your swing while providing a core muscle workout. The Gold Flex encourages a flatter swing plane and forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body, both of which fight slices.

3 Main uses for Gold Flex trainer

Practice tempo

Swinging the trainer for 20 minutes or so a few times a week or at the range will help you feel the speed of your swing.

Warming up

Before a round or practice, this is a great tool to get loose.

Strength training

If this is your only goal, you may want a slightly heavier club to swing. Swinging this daily will help build good muscle memory and strength in the right muscles.

Gold Flex Trainer Sizing Guide

Gold Flex Trainer 48-inch

Generally more appropriate for individuals 5’6″ or taller, but individuals under 5’6″ who are stronger, or more skilled or experienced will be able to utilize the Gold Flex Original without difficulty.

Gold Flex Trainer 40-inch

Generally more appropriate for individuals under 5’6″, however, individuals under 5’6″ who also are stronger, or more experienced will be able to use the longer Gold Flex without difficulty.


SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer Features

Improve your flexibility, strength, timing, tempo, and balance
Durable polyurethane head for frequent use
Shaft length helps flatten the swing plane
Flexible fiberglass shaft teaches lag and helps eliminate early release/casting
Golf grip with guidelines for proper hand placement
Head weight improves kinetic sequencing in the swing
Strengthens core golf muscles
Great low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up
Fits easily in a golf bag and is legal to carry on course


About SKLZ

SKLZ is known around the world for delivering durable, high-performance training products used by professional and amateur athletes as well as their coaches and trainers seeking to improve on a sport-specific skill or a performance-focused goal such as speed, agility, balance or core strength.

As the flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports, based in San Diego California, SKLZ develops innovative athletic performance and skill development training products, technology and knowledge for serious athletes of all ages, skill levels, and sports.


SKLZ Gold Flex Strength Tempo Trainer Reviews By Owners


Gold Flex or Orange Whip – By Thomas A. Anderson

Yes, I have tried both the Gold Flex and the Orange Whip. Now, with that out of the way, the question many of you will be asking before making this purchase will undoubtedly be…Gold Flex or Orange Whip…and I know what you’re thinking.

Why is the Orange Whip almost twice the cost of the Gold Flex? Can it be twice as good? What does the Orange Whip have that the Gold Flex doesn’t? Answer: Nothing. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. The Orange Whip does have counter-balancing, but that is what I don’t like about it.

I take the Gold Flex to the range to warm up with. It helps me to smooth out my tempo and sequencing, while it also helps to increase muscle memory.

Swing this gem 5 times, then swing your driver. It will feel as light as a feather…which will immediately give you feedback telling that you have been swinging your driver way too hard, which throws off your tempo.

My driving has been horrendous for months. I couldn’t hit a fairway, and swinging my hardest produced a mere distance of 250-270. I averaged 4/14 fairways.

After literally a week of swinging the Gold Flex, my next round was 9/14 fairways and with a nice, smooth driver swing I actually got a ball out to 324 yards according to GPS. I hit a 3 iron about 230 yards, and I usually pull it to hit 180. I’m about a 17 handicap. I expect that to go down drastically next season.

This purchase was definitely not about the money. In all honesty, so what if the Orange Whip is twice the cost. Divide the difference over the lifetime of the item and its use and the extra money seems insignificant. This purchase was, about the product, and I believe I made the right choice.


Save time and money on your swing – By Randal Magnuson

This tool will help train your body about swing plane, pausing at the top of the takeaway and lag on the way down, which helps you to “strike down” on the ball, all of which a PGA instructor would eventually teach you about.

But why pay to hear about something, when this thing help teach your body about? It really helps you to begin to feel the bowing of the shafts of your club(s), this sensitivity will only add to your game.

Because it is heavier than your driver it will also strengthen your swinging muscles and no doubt, add distance to your drives along with helping with greater flexibility which will carry over to your whole game. Also great for warm up before practice or play.

If you’re new, take a lesson and focus exclusively, and I mean exclusively on grip, posture and the initial part of the takeaway, once you’ve got this down, use this to get a feel for the rest and start hitting balls at the range.

Then go to youtube to learn about hitting the various clubs regarding ball position, also to learn how to fade, draw etc and how to turn correctly, coiling, loading and releasing. If you still need help with your driver, you might consider the SKLZ “refiner pro” device.

There may be some things that training aids cannot teach you, but in my experience, they can help save a lot of time on lessons, frustration at the range, and get you making better shots on the course.

I also like that I am not throwing a lot of money at a guy to teach me something, at least this way I have a physical product that I own to show for the money invested. Like I said “YOUTUBE” baby!


Surprised by how helpful this is – By Andrew Durrett

I’m a single-digit handicap golfer. I’ve always been able to hit the ball a long way, but struggle with accuracy and consistency. I’ve been swinging this practice club in my backyard for a few minutes every day for two weeks and I can say I don’t recall ever having a more consistent ball flight on the course.

There’s nothing wildly interesting about the trainer here. It’s heavy, flexible, plastic, and very long. But when you spend some time swinging it the extra weight and extreme shaft flex forces you into a great tempo. If you try to rush your swing (the problem of 99% of amateurs with timing issues) this club makes it feel very noticeably wrong.

Most amateurs also make the mistake of swinging too steep. Just because this thing is 48″ long it’s going to force you into swinging more flat, which should translate well to all your clubs if you use this to practice. If you try to swing without full body/shoulder rotation, this club makes that feel fairly uncomfortable too.

When you swing this trainer just right through it, feel great. Practice that great feeling, swing a few minutes a day and then just try to recreate that feeling on the course.

It’s a very nice simple training club that forces you into a good rhythm and swing plane.


Surprising Results – By Douglas A Francis

This is the first swing trainer of any kind I have ever tried and was skeptical when I bought it, but desperate to try something to improve my swing speed, tempo, follow through and weight shift.

The first thing I noticed when swinging the Gold Flex were the muscles that were being used and how they were being stretched and eventually strengthened, by the weight of the trainer.

The second thing I noticed was that my swing speed on the takeaway was too fast and the transition from backswing to downswing was starting too early. This trainer is an excellent tool for identifying areas of your swing that are out of sync and the weight of the trainer literally forces the proper follow through and weight transfer.

Besides working kinks out of your swing, this has to be one of the best tools for strengthening and improving extension of the muscles used in the golf swing. A word of warning: don’t go overboard with the trainer the first couple of days you have it or you may have some sore muscles.

Long story short, I have had the Gold Flex swing trainer for about a month and I am hitting shots longer and straighter than ever before, especially off of the tee. I swing it 10 – 12 times at home before I head to the course to get the feel of the proper tempo and to loosen up the muscles used in the swing.

I was always the guy that was the shortest, and wildest, off the tee with the driver. Now I am consistently in the fairway and occasionally hear a “wow” after connecting with the driver.

On one par 3, I was hitting a 5 iron at the start of the year and now hit an 8. On another par 3, I was hitting a 3 wood off the tee to start the year and am now hitting a 4 iron. Based on the results I have experienced, I would highly recommend Gold Flex Trainer.


It works – By MKD

I have a bad habit of leaving the club open on address. I didn’t know what it was. I tried everything… youtube… turning the handover… closing at address… trying to adjust the coil… staying perfectly still… feet planted on the ground… but still I push the damn drives right. that is, till I got this thing.

3 Things this will help with

Pause at the top

I guess this is what they call tempo… but I noticed that when I rush the downswing.. everything gets out of sync and probably caused my club to be open at impact.


When u swing with ur arms… u don’t get any timing going at all. when you relax and let your uncoil do all the work… u can actually feel the club. This thing definitely helps u feel the club and that translates into timing your impact.


It ain’t light… after swinging this 5x… my driver feels like it takes no effort at all to lift it on the backswing.

One note: if you swing this on the course… you will feel like a dork. but that’s ok if it fixes your problems. I use it on the course if the play is slow and I start tightening up.. or if my drive is starting to push or slice again.

Bottom line. it worked for me and its a lot cheaper than buying new clubs. (it’s almost always the operator… not the equipment).


Quality and very helpful – By bill Qualter

First an interjection; this is not supposed to train the player to pause at the top. It is supposed to train the player to get the lower body moving into the forward swing motion while the upper body is completing the backswing motion. This is where proper tempo, timing and “loading” the shaft comes from. Once the swing starts there aren’t any pauses.

Having said that I found this training is outstanding for training proper swing sequence and tempo.

I just purchased a second trainer as a gift for a friend.


One of the best training devices I’ve ever used – By Bill Tarman

I have tried many many training devices to try to find the proper feeling for an effective full swing but none have come close to the result this product produces for me.

The weight on the end and the flexible shaft forces you to perform the right moves and in the proper sequence – you have to keep from swaying back or you’ll be pulled way off.

You will feel that beginning the downswing (by moving your legs, then hips) while the backswing is completing (i.e. your chest/arms are still going back) is the best way to get the club moving forward (you’ll feel that famous ‘stop at the top’ which really isn’t).

You get the feeling of the lag and releasing the club fully; you’ll feel the complete turn through the finish etc. It’s like a good golf pro is holding on to the club and forcing it and your body into the right positions. What’s great is that after swinging this club I carry that feeling over to my clubs with great results.

On the driving range, several fellows with fairly decent golf swings (who were hitting balls reasonably far and relatively straight) asked to try the club. After four or five swings they would hit a ball; try a few more swings and hit another ball.

They were surprised how much further and easier it was to hit a golf ball with their clubs after using this training aid.

I use it to warm up and every so often on the range to regain the feel of an effective golf swing.


Best training aid I have ever purchased – By Eric Rebbert

I am not into golf gimmicks and haven’t purchased a training item in years. I was looking for a training aid to help with my tempo. When my tempo was on, I would hit a nice draw. But if I was either too slow or too fast on my backswing I would either push my shots right or duck-hook them left.

I did a little research and came across the SKLZ and thought I would give it a try so I ordered it. I swung the SKLZ about 10-20 times for a few days when I got it. I played the following weekend and immediately saw a difference right from the first tee.

I have always hit some nice, long drives but I was driving the ball straight and about 25 yards longer! It also helped with my irons and now I am hitting each about 10 yards longer with a slight draw, something I haven’t done in a while as I was pushing most of my iron shots.

I would recommend this product, for every golfer at any skill level who wants to improve their game.


High Handicapper Wins After Using the Gold Flex – By Benjamin Davis

After swinging the trainer for only 4 days, I played a round of league golf with 15 others and WON!!! that day. I have to admit I have one of the highest handicaps within our league and surprised everyone in my foursome with my improved ball striking.

Look guys and ladies, buy yourself a hitting mat, the SKLZ Ball-First Trainer, and the SKLZ Gold Flex and you have everything you need to train your body to swing in tempo on every shot from short chips, to long drives, did I mention short chips, those shots from 100 yards in to the green.

Also, you save money by not having to go to the DRIVING RANGE and buying balls which limit your amount of swings. With this trainer and the setup I mentioned earlier, you can swing all day every day. The SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer is a must have for anyone who wants to improve their golf game.


Great for exercise and swing training – By Dr. Wally

I saw the video of this that showed golfers using this to warm up before teeing off. Well, I decided to try it. This is what I thought of it:

Gold Flex Trainer Pros

Great for warming up

Instead of just doing stretching, I take this out of my bag and swing this about 20 times to warm up. It does loosen me up particularly for the first hole.

Great for Lag Training

It naturally gives you that feel of lag and is starting to show up in my golf swing. It is starting to be more automatic now.

Improved my accuracy

My grouping is much tighter now. My swing used to be very erratic, I could cast the club sometimes and really ruin my day, but this has reduced that now.

Gives you the feeling of what a proper swing should feel like.

Once I got accustomed to the sensation of a proper swing, I am beginning to change my swing to match that. It is a work in progress as I still have a wicked slice that shows up at the worst times, but I have seen my hitting improve.

Great tempo trainer

That is the biggest difference with my swing now. I now know what proper tempo is supposed to be. It has improved my swing.

Great workout

I use this as a workout. I really try to set aside time to just swing with this. I do feel that I am stronger and can hit the ball with less effort now.

Gold Flex Trainer Cons


This is longer than the standard clubs so give yourself some space and make sure you don’t hit anyone.

Gold Flex Trainer Summary

It really does what it says it is supposed to do. My swing has improved in tempo, lag, and power. I swing it many times a day and is a really good swing coach. I have other swing trainers but this is the one I use the most since lag and tempo are my real weakness.

UPDATE: I still use the 48-inch trainer all the time to practice my drives and fairway woods. But, I needed to get a shorter one to simulate my irons and Hybrid. So I bought the 40-inch trainer as well. I tell you that this is really an excellent workout. Not only do you get to improve the tempo and lag of your swing, but you also break a sweat.

I only take the 48 inch to the course because my driver is the one that scares me the most and this gives me some confidence before taking the Big Dog out of the bag. I still warm up with this before playing and while we are waiting for the slower flight ahead of us.

My slice is gone from my irons and hybrid thanks to this. My driver is another matter. I still slice about half my drives, down from when I used to slice ALL my drives. It usually happens on holes where I did not have any time to practice with this before driving. My driving distance has improved between 10 to 20 yards as well.

I have other Swing trainers but this is the only one I take with me to the golf course.


Very Impressive Product – By Jake Galvan

Let me start by saying I was torn between this product and the Orange Whip. I agonized over which one to go with. (I really didn’t want to purchase both of them.) I came away very happy with choosing the SKLZ Trainer.

I am a 5 handicap and am writing this review from my perspective.

I have previously sampled the Orange Whip in a local golf store. The counterbalance weight at the end of the whip was an interesting feature. After playing around with it I determined it was more of a tempo device than anything else. Sure it will help you somewhat with your swing plane, all of the tempo trainers will.

I ordered the 40-inch model with a focus towards tightening up those couple of loose iron shots that occur during my rounds. By holding it out at a slight angle, I can simulate swinging with a longer club or swing it normally for iron shots.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of construction. This is a well-crafted item that isn’t going to just fall apart on you. The ball at the end of the trainer is big enough to not get stuck in your golf bag if you want to take it to the course with you.

Swinging this trainer is great for the ingraining proper feel of tempo, swing path, and understanding where the clubhead is during the swing. It’s also great for working on things like rotating your arms through impact.

It’s easy to take smooth swings and feel your body react to it. The weight allows for you to naturally progress with your body moving in the correct sequence on the backswing and downswing.

After working on sections of my swing, I switched to an iron and tested it out…very satisfying. Using this product daily will help you to groove a swing that is desirable, and more importantly, repeatable.


SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer Questions & Answers

How does the SKLZ Gold Flex compare to orange whip

The shaft on the Gold flex has more flex and a heavier head. It gives a good feeling at the top of the swing and through the hitting area, I have both models for me I like the Gold Flex. Just start off slow don’t grip too tight. And don’t try to hit it like a driver speed.


Can you put a bigger grip on it

The grip on the Gold Flex is rather small, but the butt end of the shaft, I think, is the same size as a regular golf club. So, you should be able to replace the grip with an oversized grip. That should help you if you have any arthritis in your hands or you would just like to have a larger grip.

I am 6 ft. tall. I swing a 44-inch driver. I flex my knees when I swing. Will the 48 inch Gold Flex be too long

No, I’m 6 ft. 3 and I don’t think it will be a problem. The trainer is designed for core muscle strength and tempo training. When practicing my short game swings I choke down on the handle to simulate chipping.


Is this really worth 2-3 X the price of the SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

The SKLZ Gold Flex, if properly used FORCES me to slow down my tempo which allows me to truly feel the head of the driver or my irons. That is what I was looking for. Hope this helps. PS If they offered my money back I would not do it.


My gold flex came with a separate black rubber piece. What that’s used for

I think it is for hanging it up.


I’m a 5’6″ female high handicapper golfer. Which size is better for me, 40″ or 48″

Definitely the shorter one. If you’re playing with ladies clubs then your driver is probably less than 40″, so you have no need for that extra long practice club.


Can you put a bigger grip on the gold flex swing trainer

You should be able to put a big grip on this club just like you would on any other golf club.


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