Wilson Mens Ultra Complete Golf Clubs Set Standard Reviews
Fit & Finish87%
Sturdy Carrying Case89%
88%Overall Score
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Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

Are Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Good?


Recommended for Beginner Golfers

The kit comes with a full range of clubs you need to get started. No SW (Sand Wedge).

Comfortable grips, good flex, sturdy carrying case.

The bag is excellent, especially with the automatic stand. The fact that the legs pop out by themselves when you set it down is very useful, making it very convenient to pick up and put down. Also, the backpack feature is surprisingly comfortable.

The bag holds the clubs very nicely and has pockets for extras like towels, balls and more as well as a clip to attach a water bottle.

Clubs are pretty lightweight, have a quality feel to them, fit & finish are good and they hit pretty good

Irons are solid and don’t really need to be upgraded

Woods are great as well. Hybrid is forgiving but strong, fairway is just as expected.

Putter is nice. Looks good, is solid, and putts well.

Driver does well getting it out there, but dents easily. although it doesn’t affect anything.


Wilson Mens Ultra Complete Golf Clubs Set Review

Wilson ultra complete golf clubs are great for a beginner! The bag is excellent.The clubs are pretty lightweight and the kit comes with a full range of clubs you need to get started.

The driver could be better but the irons are solid and don’t really need to be upgraded.

This set comes with a pretty good bag, irons 5-9, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a driver, a pitching wedge and a putter. You will, however, have to bring your old SW (Sand Wedge), because that is the only thing that is missing from this set.

The bag is very nice, especially with the automatic stand. Clubs have a quality feel to them, fit & finish are good. Also, the stand that comes out when you lean the bag is very useful.

The fact that the legs pop out by themselves when you set it down saves a step, making it very convenient to pick up and put down. Also, the backpack feature is surprisingly comfortable.

The bag holds the clubs very nicely and has pockets for extra things like towels, balls and more as well as a clip to attach a water bottle ( or at least that’s what I plan on using it for.) It has legs so that it stands when you tilt it to get out your clubs.

If you’re not worried about having the best of the best this set is for you. The club’s feel nice and sturdy are pretty lightweight (except for the hybrid) and as far as I’m concerned they hit pretty good.

Well worth the price! Only beware if buying as a gift. They may be shipped in the box with a picture of the set on the outside. Don’t be totally surprised when you get home and see them waiting on the porch.

Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Pros

* Comfortable grips, good flex, sturdy carrying case.

* Irons are great for what you get. They’re not some amazing irons or anything, but they get the job done, and they’re sturdy. Can’t complain at all about the irons.

* Woods are great as well. Hybrid is forgiving but strong, the fairway is just as expected.

* Putter is nice. Looks good, is solid, and putts well.


Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Cons

* No SW (Sand Wedge)

* Driver does well getting it out there, but dents easily. I have two sizeable dents. Basically, happen from coming on top of the ball when starting out.


Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Details

Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard
Set Makeup: Driver, 3 Fairway Wood, 4 Hybrid, Irons 5-PW(Pitching Wedge) and Putter
Grip: Standard
Shaft: Irons steel
Men’s Standard: 6’2″ and under


Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set Reviews by Owners

Highly Recommended set for beginner to moderate player – By Dan Macon

I am not a Pro Golfer by any means. I have been golfing on and off for years in recent history I have only been out less than 10 times in the past 3 years, I am planning to go a lot more. Keep that in mind as I write this review.

I took the clubs out on Sunday after receiving them on Friday. The set treated me very nicely. I brought my old 7 iron & old putter just in case I needed my 2 most trusted clubs & I never even used the old ones.

I was able to have some nice drives with my Driver & Hybrid. Even landed 2 on the green from the tee box. Everything said and done, I shot a 101 which is down from what I was at 2 weeks ago with my old set.

By spending some more time at the Driving range, the putting greens and going through all 18 a few more times, I expect the score to get lower and lower.

GREAT PRICE: Money well spent
Came with socks for the big 3
Great set: made with quality & clubs swing nicely
Comes with a nice bag
Love the hybrid

Shipping was a little under par, the box was opened when it came
I am not a big fan of the color yellow

Highly Recommended set for beginner to moderate player. It is a great deal even at $250.


Decent clubs but the Strata set looks to be better – By Finchon

A decent set of clubs for a beginner (note that I’m a beginner so I don’t really know how to rate the clubs).

Seem to be pretty sturdy
Grip has easy to use markings
Hits golf balls just fine

Note that there is a driver, “FW” and Hybrid club instead of a Driver, 3 wood and 5 wood

Overall no complaints but one of the guys in my class bought the Strata set and they definitely seem to be higher quality. Although they cost a bit more, I wish I had bought them!

Specifically, the Strata irons have a more durable finish – after just the first class sweeping the 7 iron on the driving range “grass” mat, the finish on my club is coming off. His Strata ones barely show anything.


Very happy with purchase – By Delen Tusingon

6’3 Tall, clubs feel short for my swing. The quality of the clubs is great for me being an amateur. I find that I top hit the ball a lot. I thought it was my swing but I do believe that they are just a bit short for myself. I am 6’3″. Worth the money tho. Very happy I got them. Just have to go longer soon probably.


Great set of clubs – G Hereon

An amazing good deal. For $142 I got a full set of clubs and really nice bag. I haven’t played them yet, but the quality seems great. Nice sticky grips. I like to walk so the retractable legs on the bag are a nice feature as are the shoulder straps. I just need to add a towel, throw a glove, balls, and tees in the bag, and I’m ready to hit the course.


Great set for beginners – By Peter Barnetton

I’ve been using this set for about the past nine months, and it has served me great.


Quality feel to these clubs, especially for the price – By John D. Lindemannon

Nice starter set, especially for the price. Clubs seem well made, only used them at the driving range so far. (owned them for less than a week). I’m looking forward to re-kindling my interest in the game after 15-20 years. Very pleased with the purchase.


Awesome for the price – By Big Mikeon

Keep in mind I am just starting out. I just got these today and they are actually pretty good quality! Haven’t tried them out yet but I will be doing that soon and I will update the review on it. The bag is really great I didn’t expect for there to be so many pockets! There’s one with a fleece lining for smartphones or watches I guess.


Great value – By Hardy

Can’t believe how good these are for the price. Use as a second set to leave at the holiday home and am very pleased with this product. Did a lot of research and couldn’t get a better buy anywhere.


Great for beginners – By Brunoon

I’ve just gotten into the world of Golf and all my friends have been telling me to get my own clubs, So I couldn’t pass the offer when I saw these clubs on sale for $80 on the Amazon holiday special one hour sale.

For the price I paid you can’t find better clubs for a beginner, I’m very happy with these clubs and I did not except that they are the best out there but for the next few years I’m fine getting to learn the game and finding my swing with these clubs.

Also, all my friends say I got a great deal and that I shouldn’t have paid more than I did for these clubs.


Great clubs and bag – By Executnron

My first pair of clubs, 5 days in of just playing around in the yard, they are good clubs, I have bent the bottom of my driver a bit though lol, although it doesn’t affect anything.

The only clubs I have tested are the pitching wedge, the 5 iron and the driver and putter, the rest are still in plastic, I wanna keep them fresh as long as I can until I get a bit better. I’m 6’2 and the clubs are perfect size I guess and the bag is great.


Perfect for beginners – By A. J. Perrason

I’ve been using these clubs since I got them last Christmas (at least a dozen times at the driving range and a half a dozen times on the course) and I love them. I’d still consider myself a beginner golfer, and I’m a lefty, but I have had no issues at all with these.

I would definitely recommend them.


Great price for a good setup – By Goprouseron

I’m a beginner. Used them all summer of 2015. I love the set. Good feel with a nice weight. The bag is great quality as well. Played 1-2 times per week and these held up great. Can’t beat the price. Very satisfied with this buy.


Great clubs, bad golfer – By Bretton

I really enjoy these clubs. I am new to golfing so I may not be very good to compare. These feel and work much better than rental clubs or driving range clubs. It seems to improve my game quite a bit. But, I am horrible so…

I feel like a better player for using these and they were priced very reasonably.


Great Beginner Set. Complete enough to get you started – By Charles Marcuson

As a beginner, this set was just what I was looking for. Actually, I was just looking for a bag for my few clubs I was given when I saw this on a lightning deal. For the price, I got a set of clubs and the bag for what I was prepared to pay for just the bag.

The Clubs are just the right size for me. I’m 5’5″ and was concerned they might be too long, but they look just fine for me. The irons are 5 through 9. I already had 1 through 5 so now I have a complete set.

For a beginner, it is just what I needed. If I ever advance I’ll want something more, but for the next couple of years, this will suit me just fine.


Great gift – By Tabitha

I bought these for my husband who is new to golf. He loves them and uses them regularly. The bag is wonderful with plenty of extra storage and the stand for it is sturdy. From what he tells me, the clubs are good quality for a beginner golfer.


Great for a beginner – By Chris Vargheseon

For the prices of this kit, you’ll break even on club rental in about 5 visits so, in my opinion, it’s worth it even if you aren’t a regular.The clubs missing that I would like are the 3 and 4 irons, I would have preferred those to the hybrid.


Hubby says the grips are nice, as well as the weight – By Jenniferon

My husband won’t put these down. He will hit balls and my kiddo will take his power tractor and retrieve. Keeps them both busy! Hubby says the grips are nice, as well as the weight. Highly recommends for the price.


Great starter set – By Retired1on

This set more than met my expectations. Has enough clubs to afford a variety of shots and the stand bag is an added bonus. My 15 yr. old grandson was thrilled to get them and should help to get him started on what I hope is a long love affair with golf.


At this price, I doubt an amateur could do better – By D. Jenne

I am a very new golfer (I’ve played no more than half a dozen times, and none within the last decade), and I wanted to get into it a bit more. The driver, wood, and hybrid are very light and I am worried I may damage them with my limited skill.

The irons appear quite good quality and I can swing them with a little more confidence. I am not so good a golfer as to try to rate the putter, other than to say it worked all right for me.

I spent over 2 hours at a practice green and it performed more consistently than I did. My misses (and there were many) appeared to be due to my poor read and bad aim rather than the putter itself.

These clubs are more than you will need as an amateur. Can you tell the difference between a 6 and 7 iron? I can’t, and I suspect having both will be more a luxury than a necessity, but this set does come with both.

Carrying a set of top-heavy clubs on your back does not sound like a recipe for a great day, but it is well balanced and allows you to carry these things around without back strain.
The grips of the clubs seem very sure and help a newbie like me position my hands well.


Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set Questions & Answers

Is this set of golf clubs good for a beginner?

I just started to play and the clubs seem to be fine.I’d rather not spend a lot of money on equipment before I learn the finer aspects of the game.

Does the bag come with a backpack style carrying strap?

Yes it does

Is this everything? Meaning all the irons 3-9 the driver etc.

Package includes all the irons, driver, putter, PW, 1 hybrid, 1 fairway wood, socks for the driver, FW and hybrid, and the bag. Only thing I suggest extra is maybe a sand wedge but this is a complete set.

Does the bag have a stand?

Yep, swings right out and stands perfectly.

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