FlatWrist Pro, PowerLag Pro, Golf Training Aids Reviews

Golf Training Aids Reviews: FlatWrist Pro, PowerLag Pro

These golf training aid products are built after years of research and are field tested by PGA, LPGA and Tour Pros, and are designed to make you a better golfer.
Satisfying Product
Chipping and putting
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Fixes slice and over the top move
Promotes flat wrist through impact
Fixes breakdown of the leading wrist and arm at impact
Is for very high handicap golfers

Proper Club Lag In A Golf Swing

Golf training aids – Even though, in spite of the fact that some golfers may not instinctively be aware of it, creating proper club lag is absolutely necessary for hitting constant golf shots. One of the best ways to improve distance is to create lag in a golf swing.

PowerLag Pro Golf Training Aid

PowerLag Pro golf training aid is specifically designed to develop proper wrist articulation and allows the wrist to pronate which gets the club beneath the shaft and allows the shaft to alpha down on an actual plane.

What do all great players have in common? They have the skill to bring the club back to square at impact. FlatWrist Pro golf training aid is a simple product that slides inside one’s golf glove and comes with a wrist strap for added feel and comfort.

FlatWrist Pro Golf Training Aid

FlatWrist Pro develops proper hand position, before and post-impact. Its distinctive design fixes the breakdown of the leading wrist and arm at impact and improves consistency and ball trajectory.

FlatWrist Pro is an ideal golf training aid for short games and provides quick visual and physical feedback to encourage proper hands position for both low and high handicap golfers.

One thing that distinguishes tournament players from amateurs is how masters maintain proper arms stay connected with the body throughout the golf swing,” Sam Shah, president GolfJOC says. In fact, professional golf instructors attribute the majority of golf swing faults to body and arms disconnection or separation.

Power Lag Pro, Flat Wrist Pro Features

Encourages proper lag for power and consistency. Improves ball compression and increases distance.
Fixes slice and over the top move. Prevents the casting of the club.
Promotes flat wrist through impact. Develop proper hand position before, at, and post-impact.
Fixes breakdown of the leading wrist and arm at impact. Improves consistency and ball trajectory.
Learn to hit down on the ball as the pros do. Hit crisp chip shots.
It is a universal design, so is it compatible for both left and right-handed players

GolfJOC Power Lag Pro, Flat Wrist Pro Benefits

POWERLAG PRO golf training aid trains your hands to maximize club lag for power and consistency. Provides prompt feedback when your wrist is fully cocked. Develop a steady and powerful acceleration to impact. PowerLagPro will help you develop proper club lag in your swing, thus maximizing the clubhead speed for greater distance and accuracy.

FLATWRIST PRO golf training aid develops proper hand position before, at, and post-impact The flat lead arm wrist is critical to your golf swing. FlatWristPro will force you to maintain a flat lead wrist from the top of your swing, right through the impact zone.

Note from the inventor

As an inventor and president of the company, I am proud of the work and effort that has gone into bringing world-class training aids to the marketplace. But more so, the positive response and feedback we are getting from our customers are very encouraging.

Our golf training aid products are built after years of research and are field-tested by PGA, LPGA, and Tour Pros, and are designed to make you a better golfer. We’re redefining the category and introducing 21st-century research-driven products, and building brands that consumers can trust.


Power Lag Pro, Flat Wrist Pro Trainer Reviews

Good Product – By Courtney Cobb

I noticed on video I was flipping the club at impact which lead to my inquiry about the PL and FL Pro. Flipping/Scooping is such a bad habit to break, even though trying numerous amounts of drills.

The PL pro immediately help me identify my right-hand grip pressure was too light, especially at the top of my backswing. Initially, I couldn’t get the PL to fully engage the back of my right hand until I applied more pressure with my middle fingers.

After a couple of hundred swings, the PL Pro has already helped my short game. Prior to using it, I was contacting the ball towards the heel but now I’m consistently getting the middle of the clubface. Both my chips and pitches now have forward shaft lean and I believe it is only a matter of time before my full swings will too.

A Golf Training Aid That Actually Works – By William

Got the GolfJOC Power Lag Pro and Flat Wrist Pro in the mail today. Awesome, they really do work. I have a USGA handicap of 6 and play almost every day. Lately, I have been noticing a loss in distance and inconsistency in my irons. Tried all the normal remedies, and got advice from just about everyone I know.

Took a video of my swing and saw it quickly. I am not keeping my lag into the swing and causing my left hand to flip. Every golfer has a tendency to cast the club from time to time, this product will greatly help you stop that.

I got instant feedback. If you are wanting to strike the ball better, hit the ball further, and lower your scores, practice with these. You will get better. I am so pleased with the instant feedback.

I am wearing them on the course when I practice and it keeps it in the golf brain, the one that usually tries to go back to the lazy swings……. you know what I am talking about. Great Products and I will be checking out the other items from this company. Thank You.

It Works Period – By Djkscobra

If you’re looking at this product, I can only tell you how much I enjoy it, or I should say the results I have already seen in my golf swing & added distance. The DVD explains how to use the product & is very straightforward, like anything you have to put in the work & you will see good results. If you need more distance with accuracy then this is how to get it. That’s why I gave it 5 stars.

This Training Aid Works – By Obomaha

Probably like a lot of golfers, I have bought training aids over the years, some more useful than others. This is the best one I have ever used. It is one of those training devices that serves as a constant reminder of how the club should be positioned on the downswing.

Also reinforces a couple of other very important elements of the golf swing, such as how your hands should be positioned at the top of the swing, and the importance of the weight transfer to the left side on the downswing.

Like any training aid, it takes some time to get used to, but it is worth the time. I use it in every practice session, and my ball striking has noticeably improved.

Save Your Money – By D. Watne

Here’s a quick summary:
This is for very high handicap golfers who may be just starting to play
The right wrist Power Lag is somewhat useful to get that feedback that your wrists are fully cocked at top of the backswing and, most helpful, at impact.
The left wrist “Flat Wrist” would be helpful if you had severe cupping of that wrist. The “tee” insert is basically useless. Using the end of the club handle to watch your plane (pointed at a ball) is a better and easier way.
Chipping and putting applications will provide the most value, which is where a lot of strokes are wasted, so that’s a positive.


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