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Diamond Wedding Rings

Over a period of time diamond wedding rings have become the symbol of lasting love for decades. Maybe it has a bit to do with the clarity, cut, color, and carat and not to mention their strength.

Some of the greatest relationships have been forged and decorated with the gift of diamond jewelry.

For its symbolism, wedding rings tend to be manufactured in precious metals, particularly gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc. Moreover, it is customary to beautify with precious stones like emeralds, rubies, diamonds, etc. thereby attaining diamond wedding rings.

Traditionally brides personalize their diamond wedding rings by writing a few words in the interior. Some brides decide to place their initials and the date of the bond, a phrase that has a special meaning, the place where they met, and so on.


How Can I Procure Wedding Diamond Ring Sets?

The marketplace is full of distinctive stores of creative designers, or jewelry designers selling individual pieces, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding ring sets, and designer diamond wedding rings.

There is some rudimentary information that every buyer must be equipped with to get value for money prior to deciding to buy diamonds.

Define its purpose:

Are you trying to procure diamond jewelry to give to a special companion?

Buy for yourself as a compliment for achieving your goals?

Gifts to your parents at their diamond wedding?

In search of loose diamonds to design your own jewelry?

Covet diamond brand pieces to make a social statement?

Once you have clarity, it makes it a lot easier to buy this awesome precious stone, one of the most elegant stones that humanity has ever known.

True diamonds make the ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or anything that is packed with ‘more valuable’. Since it is costly, buying quality is an asset and an investment.

By far purchasing from diamond stores famous online or offline is the best way.

The jewelers because they have the knowledge, select the best diamonds and cut them to the elements, and pass the value to buyers, consequently satisfied buyers, of course, return to buy more diamond wedding rings or any other diamond jewelry.

A store brand through its diamond jewelry store or online store will provide important service delivery, cleaning, repair, and warranty of the products offered. If necessary, replace any of the items too.

The significance of the diamonds would have been lost eternally had it not been for the miners in Africa who found and put a shine in the 17th century.

Along with legendary tales, myths, and designer pieces adorning Hollywood stars, diamonds have become best friends for millions of women around the world.

Every woman throughout her life wants to have one set of diamond jewelry or at least a diamond wedding ring with her name on it.


Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond Trio Ring Set,Trio Wedding Rings
Diamond Trio Ring Set

Buying a diamond wedding ring set can be intimidating, to say the least, especially since it is something that most people don’t do very often in their lifetime. Here’s some useful information.

One of the best deals you can get on conflict-free diamond jewelry is when you purchase rings as a set.

What is a conflict-free diamond? A conflict-free diamond is a real diamond that is certified to be ethically mined and sold. This means that the proceeds from the initial diamond sales were not used to fund armed conflict in troubled areas of the world.

What is a trio wedding ring set? A trio ring set is a set of three rings (engagement ring, women’s wedding band, and men’s wedding band) and represents your most affordable option.

Trio wedding ring sets come with three rings all matching one another because they are made together to be a set.

Also, these diamond trio ring sets offer excellent value because it costs less to manufacture, market, and ship the rings as a package set.

These savings is passed on to the consumer as well, especially if the affordable wedding ring set is purchased from a reputable online retailer with low overhead costs.

Diamond Men’s Wedding Rings

Maybe you don’t want a flashy ring and want something simple instead. You could purchase a bridal ring set and buy the diamond men’s wedding ring separately.

Bridal Sets: Diamond Bridal Sets

White Gold Diamond Bridal Ring Set
Diamond Bridal Set

The bridal ring set has an eye-catching diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band for women.

The engagement ring is a diamond cluster ring that has a cluster of delicate, high-quality diamonds set in a circle above a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel.

The women’s wedding band also has a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel to match with the engagement ring.

If it is inexpensive bridal ring sets you are looking for, then any of the rings or ring sets that a trio ring set has to offer will likely cost you much less than a standard diamond solitaire engagement ring at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

For example, a 3/4 carat bridal ring set is set in 14k yellow gold. It’s extravagant, an ornate design that looks like a very expensive designer ring set, but in actuality, it cost less than $720.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring
Tiffany Engagement Ring

A diamond engagement ring is the hottest and most loved jewelry item for various reasons.

One of the most prestigious suppliers of diamond engagement rings in the United States is Tiffany & Co. But like most high-status jewelers, their products are not very affordable for most people.

Fortunately, that does not mean that you can’t get a designer look at a lower price. Choose a quality real diamond cluster ring that looks similar to popular designer rings at a much lower cost.

The Tiffany Round Brilliant with Channel-Set Band Engagement Ring features a round-cut solitaire diamond set above a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel in a white gold band.

It is generally paired with a matching wedding band with smaller diamonds set in the band. $10,300 is the starting price for this engagement ring without the matching wedding band.

rio Wedding Ring Sets
Trio Wedding Ring Set

The trio ring set offers a much less expensive wedding ring set that has a similar design. The engagement ring is a diamond cluster ring that has a cluster of delicate, high-quality diamonds set in a circle above a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel.

Both the women’s wedding band and the men’s wedding band also have a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel, hence matching the engagement ring.

The price for all three rings is less than $900, which offers a savings of more than $9,400 compared to the Tiffany ring, as well as including three rings rather than only one.

What is a diamond cluster ring?

A diamond cluster ring is a ring that consists of a cluster of smaller diamonds rather than one large diamond solitaire. Each smaller stone is a real, conflict-free diamond, but the rings are more affordable since smaller diamonds are less expensive. The grouping of diamonds together offers a similar visual impact to diamond solitaire rings for a much lower price.

Many jewelers and online retailers such as amazon.com also offer significant savings on two wedding bands bundled as a set or a bridal ring and an engagement ring bundled as a set, even if you don’t need an entire trio set.


Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding Bands Yellow Gold
Wedding Bands

In the plethora of jewelry, diamond wedding bands are something that has a truly special place and they have that unique charm that nobody can ignore.

A perfect way to pamper your loved one is by gifting him and her with diamond wedding bands which are a reflection of your true feelings.

Engravings often characterize a personalized diamond wedding band.

You can engrave a unique statement on the ring that doesn’t have to be a person’s name. You can engrave your wedding date, the date when you first met, or even your favorite place to visit.

One essential part of the wedding that will last as a symbol of each other’s love and a reminder of that day forever, is the wedding band.

There is a wide range of women’s diamond wedding bands and men’s diamond wedding bands that you can choose from.

With the wide range of wedding bands available today, one can choose from precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, two-colored bands, studded bands, and many more. The most popular are white gold and yellow gold.

Just like the different metals, there are hundreds of different stones and styles that you can choose from. Diamonds have been and always will be a very popular choice.

You can choose, from wide diamond wedding bands, unique diamond wedding bands, princess cut diamond wedding bands, antique diamond wedding bands, diamond anniversary bands, men’s diamond wedding bands, and diamond eternity wedding bands, among others.

A diamond may be white, yellow, blue, red, orange, green, purple, pink, black, brown, or steel gray.

The best thing about wedding bands is that they can be perfectly fitted with an engagement ring.

While selecting diamond wedding bands, women usually choose bands that blend perfectly with their engagement rings as they love to wear their band with the engagement ring on the same finger. While men generally prefer wider and heavier bands.

Another best thing about diamond wedding bands is that they are artfully crafted using metal and diamond and you can find them both in traditional and contemporary styles.

Another important aspect of choosing a diamond wedding band is that it will be your lifetime investment and will last a lifetime.


Designer Diamond Wedding Rings

With a trio wedding ring set, you can get the designer-style diamond wedding rings you want without paying a designer price.

The Tiffany Novo Ring has one large diamond solitaire in an almost square-shaped cut with a stripe of smaller diamonds nestled into the white gold band. It is often paired with a coordinating wedding band that is embedded with a row of smaller diamonds. Just the Tiffany Novo engagement ring alone starts at $11,500 for a 1-carat diamond.

You can find a much more affordable trio wedding ring set with a similar visual impact.

You can purchase a diamond wedding ring set that includes an engagement ring and two wedding bands for $720.

The engagement ring is a diamond cluster ring with a large square-shaped diamond cluster in place of the diamond solitaire of the Tiffany ring.

The engagement ring, the ladies’ wedding band, and the men’s wedding band all feature a similar row of smaller diamonds embedded in the white gold bands.

This type of wedding ring set is just as beautiful as the Tiffany engagement ring, and it costs almost $11,000 less.