I Gotcha ExecXL Golf Ball Retriever Reviews

I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever Reviews, Questions, Answers

Excellent material, construction, design & usability
Well-made tool
Easy to use
Durable design
Good length to reach balls
Ball traps securely
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Fits in golf bag pocket
No headcover to protect its head
Not the best for soft mud

I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever Executive XL Review

Are you looking for a sturdy, retractable, easy-to-use golf ball retriever with a long reach? The I Gotcha golf ball retriever Executive XL fits that bill.

The I Gotcha ball retriever is simple, yet it has an ingenious trapping mechanism. Also, the ball retriever is well made, sturdy, and works great!

Talk yourself into getting the longer version, otherwise, you will kick yourself for not being able to get the one – just out of reach.

You can use it in out of bounding desert areas with thorny shrubs, cactus, and water hazards.

Down the track, you’ll find it has paid for itself by plucking long-lost balls from previous golfers.

Very compact and works very well. I highly recommend it to anyone who golfs with less than 100 % accuracy

How To Use The I Gotcha

To use the I Gotcha golf ball retriever you put the ring over the golf ball and press down. The downward pressure pushes on a spring tripping another ring that locks in the ball.

I Gotcha Retrieve Pros

Well-made tool
Easy to use
Durable design
Money Saver
Good length to reach balls
Ball traps securely
Fits in golf bag pocket
Works great

I Gotcha Retrieve Cons

It should come with a headcover to protect its head
Not the best for soft mud

If The Mud Is Very Soft

If the bottom is really muddy, sometimes the mechanism doesn’t trigger the first time. Other than that it is great!


I Gotcha Executive XL Benefits

Excellent material, construction, design & usability.
Also fits in a golf bag pocket

Improved Model Works Great

Simply, not a toy or a gimmick. I Gotcha is the best ball retriever. Its strength is that the ball, once snagged, is highly unlikely to escape.

Not the best for soft mud, but can be done. Again here you also have to look at the benefits:

*I Gotcha Works very well, like a mousetrap

*Get you out of some pretty precarious situations, those snakes and scorpions can’t touch you.

*Good length to reach balls

*Ball traps securely

*When compressed the retriever fits in a pocket of the golf bag


Great Retriever & Great Present

People have gotten balls out of lakes, cactus, and bushes. They love that it slides back to about a foot long and hides away in the side pocket of a golf bag. the retriever is a good choice as a gift for any golfer.

Handy & Well-Made Tool

This is a great device for ball retrieval. Golfers especially like that its compact, and durable design. The tip here for I Gotcha people is, it should come with a headcover to protect its head, which can snag random items in the golf bag.

Great To Have In Your Bag

Save on clothes by being able to reach into those prickly bushes without ruining your clothes. Overall, a great addition to any bag.

Good Product – Works Great!

If you did purchase the I Gotcha ball retriever already you are now able to easily retrieve balls that were previously unreachable on both your home and golf courses.

This holds for both water and off fairway heavy brush, which characterizes most courses you may play.

Make sure you drain all the water out of it before you put it back in your bag, or it drips all over everything in there.

If the mud is very soft, pushing down on the ball simply sinks it into the mud instead of tripping this catch mechanism. So it’s a bit dependent on the softness of the mud in the water hazard.

Having the I Gotcha ball retriever also results in many fewer cuts and scratches and much-reduced shoe and clothes damage while retrieving.

Also minimizes potential snake encounters as well, mental negativity resulting from errant shots is reduced by at least not having to lose a good ball in the process as well.

Money Saver

Many handicappers have saved more in golf ball costs since they purchased the I Gotcha ball retriever, than what they paid for it.

Plus they get to enjoy a few perks when telescoped down the retriever, it fits easily into the side pocket of your bag, out of sight. Well worth the money. Here is a tip; Best to engrave your name on it upon delivery.

I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever Different Sizes

The I Gotcha golf ball retriever comes in five different sizes to meet your individual needs and preferences. The “Executive” is the most compact retriever collapsing to a mere 15.5 inches and weighing only 8 oz.

The newest addition is the “Executive XL” which is only 3.5 inches longer than the “Executive” yet it extends 4 feet longer.

The longest retriever is the “Biggest,” extending to an amazing 18 feet. So, whether you’re looking for a retriever you can easily hide in your golf bag or a retriever you can cover a lot of ground with, I Gotcha has something for everyone.


I Gotcha Ball Retriever Executive XL Details & Features

-Very compact. Fits in a golf bag pocket
-Great for saving balls from gator infested water holes
-Weighs 12oz
-14-foot reach
-Retracts to 20 inches
-The telescoping shaft allows for convenient portability
-This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
-Origin: USA
-Size: Executive XL – 14ft. Reach


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I Gotcha ExecXL Golf Ball Retriever Reviews By Owners


Great Product and Great Company – By John Mclean

These are great ball retrievers as they will fit into your bag and still can reach far enough to get any ball that is relatively close. The company is also great. I had one break and called the company to see if I could get some parts. They just sent me a brand new one at no cost! Now that is great customer service.

Just bought another one for a friend of mine as I like to do business with companies like this. The product works great also.


Great ball retriever – By D. Barros

The I Gotcha is a great ball retriever. I had one before but my son left it near a lake and someone took it. It is easy to use and has a long reach. It also does not get hung up on rocks, weeds, etc.

This unit is also very compact and fits right in your golf bag. The telescoping works smooth and the tip seems fairly strong. You will like it if you buy one. Just don’t forget it on the course.


Very Good Retriever – By J B Allen

I have had one of these for years. When I bought mine, it came with a small head cover to keep it from springing open. The last time I used it one of the telescoping rods came completely out. One section was also stuck to prevent me from the full use of the length.

I will oil the new one when I get it to hopefully prevent the rods from sticking together. The spring loan retrieval head is the best.


I should have bought one sooner – By Marlon

This retriever is amazing! I love it. There is no golf ball too hard to get with the IGOTCHA unless it is out of reach, but any balls within range will be retrieved with this item.

You will not be disappointed with this retriever in your bag. The fact that it can fit inside one of your inner pockets is a bonus. Your golf partners won’t even know you have one until you pull it out to fish their ball out of the water our rough. Happy golfing or ball retrieving.


Great item just wish the pole could twist and stay – By Debbie Orfe

Great item, I just wish the pole could twist and stay in place when extended. This would help it not to fall down into a club divider.


Good retriever – By TC

This was a replacement. The old model actually picked up balls better but the quality was terrible. The ExecXL is quality construction, length is acceptable and it takes up little room in the bag. Should clarify “length” & “reach” in description.


This company is the best – By Doolin

We purchased 2 of these ball retrievers a couple of years ago. After considerable use, (heavy use to be exact) the head was damaged. We ordered another one. We had forgotten that it was guaranteed, when the new one was delivered, we called this company, They sent us a new one, in a couple of days.


Best Ball Retriever – By A Carrera

Compact, Durable, Easy to use. I have had many retrievers in the past and this is the best. Highly recommended. Will pay for itself quickly.


Great Ball Retriever – By KP

This retriever is light and compact. I put it in one of my bag’s club slots. Does a good job. One small drawback: The spring-loaded head falls apart on occasion and you have to put it back together – a small inconvenience.


Did not work well for me – By Jim H

I had a difficult time getting the trap to spring when the ball was sitting in the water in soft mud. It did work better when the ball was sitting in someone’s yard on the other side of a fence.


Great to have – By Stephen R

Had one of these little jewels and left it on a course in Texas. Ordered one as soon as I returned – wouldn’t be w/o it. IMO it is a little on the pricey side but it doesn’t take recovering many ProV’s to pay for it.


Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever – By Dennis G

Item was shipped in a timely manner. The I Gotcha ExecXL Golf Ball Retriever is great. It’s compact enough that I can store it in the zipper pocket of my golf bag. Fully extended I can reach golf balls near the water’s edge. Once the grabber has the ball it won’t fall out when I’m lifting the retriever out of the water.


I Gotcha – By Ron

Does not work well for fishing a ball out next to the bank of a pond, (too flimsy); works well when setting the head over the top of the ball when you can see the ball & reach it. I liked the length when opened & closed, good for retrieving a ball from backyards along the course, oops.


Best one on the market – By Sometime

Fits nicely in your bag. I got at least 8 Pro V1 from the creek on a Par 3 at my home course. Nice to get some free balls back to replace all the ones I hook into the woods.


This one is for my sister – By Linda Collins

I have one of these, love it, love it!!! I got my sister into golf, now we play together in a women’s league. Gave her this for Christmas.


If you need a full-size retriever that will fit inside your bag, this is it – By Wanderer

Really good ball retriever that collapses down short enough to store in your golf bag side pockets. Telescopes long enough, 14 ft, to be very useful. Spring-loaded trap takes a little getting used to, but once you do it works well.


Easy squeezy – By Nomedeplume

This is easy to store, and is always easy to use, even when extended the whole length. It just snaps around the ball and secures it for fast and easy retrieval.


Very nice – By Amazon Customer

Great for saving balls from gator-infested waterholes!! Nice long reach, great ball grab, and very sturdy! Now I just need to figure out how to keep the balls out of the water in the first place.


Golf Ball Retriever – By R Bellis

This item is great. It’s small and lightweight enough to fit into one of the pockets on my golf bag and therefore not take up a slot for a golf club. What kept me from rating this a 5 is that the spring used in the white circular piece sometimes comes off but it is easy to replace.

Hopefully, the spring won’t get stretched out and unusable. Perhaps a cover would eliminate the problem.


Bought this for my kids – By Steven T. Rabuchin

We have a vacation home on a golf course. The kids go golf ball hunting in the ponds and their take is about 10 balls a night after the golfers are gone for the day. The igotcha is well made, sturdy, and works! The kids love it (ages 10, 9, and 8).

I have instructed them to be careful with it as I assume when it’s fully extended you could bend it and it would be all over. It also condenses nicely so that you can easily put it in your golf bag. Overall a nice, high-quality, product.


Have used this product in the past – By Richard E Burnham

This is a replacement for the one I lost, they are very well made and work great, will continue to use this product if I lose this one.


Igotcha’s got me! – By 3DogsRMyKids

I love this retriever – actually, it’s my second, because my husband confiscated mine after breaking his. Highly recommended.


Seems great – By Mary Bell

I have only used it once but it worked great! So far, so good. I ordered this one because of the positive reviews I read from other buyers.


Great ball retriever – By Catfish

This is my second one. I dropped the first one and broke it. Loved it so much, could not do without it, so I ordered a new one.


Best ball retriever – By Tony Tolliver

I’ve been able to retrieve more balls with this any of the others I’ve owned.  I also like the compact size, I keep mine in my rain suit compartment. This one goes to my golf buddy who borrows mine all the time.


Best ball retriever – By Regal

My wife collects and cleans golf balls before selling them and donating the proceeds to various charities. $16,000 raised to date. She has tried all the various models. Her conclusion? I Gotcha is the best.


The improved model works great – By NY Golfer Steve

The company sent me a new model with the correct brass metal inside the tubes and a revised handle with a hole in the base. It works great. If you have the old model with the corroding metal inside (a manufacturer’s error), I recommend you send an email to the company and hopefully they’ll send you a new one, as they did for me.


Great Retriever – By Susan H

I have been using this retriever for a short time, but find it is a good length and easy to extend. I have gotten out of lakes, cactus, and bushes. I love that it slides back to about a foot long and hides away in the side pocket of my golf bag.


Good product, but no response to emails – By Wildcard

I really like the ball retriever, works great! One problem, one section slid out all the way. I emailed the company and received no response at all. If they responded to emails and backed up their product, this would definitely be a 5 star.

Now that I can not get any response from them, I will have to buy another..but, not from IGOTCHA! I will buy one from someone that will hopefully back their product or at least respond to emails.


I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever Questions & Answers

14′ long when extended. how long when fully compressed?

It is just under 20″


Does this item include the headcover?

No – It does not include a headcover; that isn’t even available at a retail store; I know that Callaway has a retriever like this that does come with a headcover, but is more expensive. I have used these retrievers for years and am very happy with them.