New E6 3-Piece Multi-Layer Golf Balls

Bridgestone New e6 3-piece multi-layer golf ball designed to minimize spin for straigher, longer shots. The Bridgestone e6 is the softest multi-layer ball on the market. The e6 is available in White, Optic Yellow and Optic Orange.


Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls Details & Features

Great control, distance, and feel around greens.
The orange color makes them easy to find is the rough
These balls fly straight and long
Improved cover for increased aerodynamics
All new optimized Dual Dimple technology for increased distance
Softest multi-layer ball on the market is softer than before
Reformulated cover allows for increased cover softness without enhancing driver back spin
Bright white cover
This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
Color: Yellow
Pack of 12


Bridgestone New E6 Golf Balls Reviews By Owners


Always one of the best golf balls – By Doug DeMino

I’ve been playing the E6 since it’s product release … for my game and swing speed ( handicap of 9 – driver swing speed of 101) it matches up perfectly. I’ve tried others ( Titleist Pro V and NXT, Taylor made Penta, Callaway Chrome, Srixon) and I always end up coming back to the E6.


Another Great Ball From Bridgestone – By 64lob

Being an almost exclusive Bridgestone ball player, and in the midst of a swing change(1-plane vs 2-plane), I decided to give these a shot.

Biggest difference I see between this ball and both the B330 and the B330s is how much it wants to go straight, both off the tee and at higher speeds with other clubs, almost annoying so. Trying to work the ball when “going after it” requires considerable effort, and generally at the cost of distance.

That being said, the ball holds its line incredibly well in the wind. Played it recently in 20 mph winds and found myself taking dead aim and much near normal club selection. For that reason alone it will stay in the bag as my windy day ball.

The e6 has considerably better feel and consistency than the Titleist NXT, NXT Tour,and Velocity and the Cally Chrome from 150 yards and in, where I would occasionally get a weird “jumper” on well struck shots.

I had no problem getting this ball to stop on less than full shots, which for me is an issue with lower priced balls. It’s obviously a “drop and stop ball” and not a “suck it back” ball, but it provides enough spin to hold harder greens. It has a solid, yet soft feel off the putter and rolls true. Plays very similar to the B330s off the putter.

Bottom line is the ball will not replace the B330 or B330s for me, but it will be my back-up for days when I suck and on days where the wind sucks.

There is not another ball I have tried (I’ve tried nearly all of them) at this price that does what it supposed to do, offers some performance benefits around the greens, and is as consistent in what it does as this ball, period.


Still wasting money on $42/doz. balls – By NYC Oracle

After going for a swing evaluation and understanding my velocity and skill level are best served by a slightly softer ball, the e6 benefits are:

Less side spin;
More control with wedges;
More reasonably priced per dozen;
Fewer strokes overall;
Hi-viz yellow (and orange) easier to find;
More time and money to spend at 19th Hole.

Time to get on board, right?


Great Ball for the Money – By Robb Scofield

The e6 is a great golf ball for the money, low spin off the tee and a nice flight. I have played a lot of golf balls and I have settled on the e6. You can spend a lot more on Pro V1’s or any other top ball and most likely get better performance around the green. I think for the once or twice a week golfer any one of the Bridgestone e series balls are a great value.


Very Forgiving Ball – By Daryl D

This is a very forgiving ball, with straight and long distance off the tee, plenty of control for the approach, and a soft feel on the green. I’m a big fan, and have replaced a few other brands in my bag in favor of this ball.


Great Low Spin Ball at a Great Price – By Iel76

The new Bridgestone e6 is a low compression, low spin ball designed to minimize left to right spin (reducing the bad effect of hooks and slices). I found that for my swing, (importantly, everyone’s swing is different), I hit this easily as far as the much more expensive Pro V1 (or for that matter the more expensive Bridgestone B330 series).

Around the greens there is not as much spin as the Pro V1, but the e6 has adequate stopping power. On windy days in Florida, I really appreciate the way this low spin ball penetrates the wind. At $20 less per dozen than the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, it’s my new ball. I was honestly shocked at how well this ball performs.


Excellent Feel, I Have Switched From A Titleist To A Brigestone e6 – By N. Holmes

I did not think that a golf ball from any manufacture would make much of a difference in performance, but testing various ones, and measuring the distance with my Garmin Approach G6 GPS, and my Garmin Approach S1 Watch shows me that there is a difference.

I am a woman who has been playing golf for over 50 years, and as technology changes I have found what a difference a new set of Callaway graphite clubs makes over my older set, just as golf balls have gotten better.

With my Callaway’s I was using the Noodle Long and Soft and did see a difference, the ball felt softer, went farther, and I was very happy with these golf balls. I took a refresher lesson last year, and the instructor said that the Titleist Velocity would be a good ball for me to try.

I have been playing these in Tournaments and in my Women’s league and felt that I did get great distance, even hitting that occasional 200 yard drive (measured with my Garmin device), though this was not my normal distance, I just hit the ball in the perfect spot.

I felt that these golf balls on approach shots using a wedge would go pass the green, they did not stop or spin, they just kept rolling. I even tried the Pro V1’s, and they were okay, but I am not going to spend that much money.

I play all year in the desert of Arizona, and in the summers it can get very hot. Last week I found in the pond a Bridgestone e6 and tried it along with my Titleist Velocity, I was very impressed with the e6.


Bang for thhe Buck – By Lucas X. Bozek

There once was a time when the Black Titleist was the national standard by which all other balls were compared. We had the “Dot” the “Tourney” and the Wilson Staff. But that balata cover and 100 compression were as good as anything. The click coupled with the soft touch around the greens was amazing. Those days are gone.

Now we have the Pro-V-1, which runs 4 bucks or more a ball. Loose one and you cry like a lost child. Enter the Bridgestone E6. Good feel around the green, good feel off the tee and in between. And for 2 dollars less. I have played every make of Nike, Srixon, Titleist, and the new Top-Flites. but this is as decent as any.

The Pro-V1 is a great ball, but it doesn’t make you any better than any of the others. For my money this is the only one I play. The soft cover wears a bit quicker than the E7, but feels better putting and the dimple design does cut down on the sidespin. It’s not going to save you from that duck hook or banana split, take a lesson.

Run don’t walk to get these very soft and very high-quality golf balls – By Techie

Extremely high-quality golf ball, and the softest ball I’ve ever played. Ideal during cold weather, clicks off your putter softly and reduces hooks/slices. If you’re a ‘senior’ golfer, this is DEFINITELY a ball worth buying.

We older gents cannot generate the swing speed of our younger brethren. Thus if we buy the typical “PRO-V” ball which is HIGH COMPRESSION, we cannot hit it very far, because the ball doesn’t compress enough upon compact to then leap off the club face. The Bridgestone e6 ball is a joy to hit and to putt.


Top Notch Ball, Long, straight, durable. Highly recommend – By Thomas Nostramo

I have been using this ball on and off for two years. I experimented with numerous balls and I keep going back to the E6. I don’t buy into the matching of swing speed theory. I have a swing speed between 100-105 MPH, and when my game is on, my shot is straight, but when the slice or pull hooks show up, this ball gives me confidence.

The distance gains for me are between 15-25 Yards depending on what ball I have been testing (most recently taylormade project a) I am a high spin player so this ball helps me lower my driver/wood spin rate perfectly. I would love to use a Prov1 or a similar ball but I just keep finding myself going back to this ball.

Bridgestone New E6 Golf Balls Pros

Feels great, durable, excellent in the wind and cold weather, longest (non distance ball) I have hit, also made in the USA.

Bridgestone New E6 Golf Balls Cons

Not the best spinning ball around the green ( but I don’t consider this a con because its not designed for spin) but i feel that it launches high and descends nicely to offset the lack of spin to hold the green when you need it. Highly recommend for all handicaps.

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