Lightweight PrideSports Balls

The PrideSports practice golf balls let you practice your swing indoors or out. The lightweight PrideSports balls lets you perfect your hitting anywhere you want.

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls Benefits

They are light but do respond in flight and are one the safest practice golf balls, Ball flight is much more realistic and more durable than plastic balls, also they are great to work on ball contact and grooving your swing.


PrideSports Practice Golf Balls Details

Soft, dimpled foam
Yellow color for easy visibility
Indoor/outdoor use
Includes 12 foam practice balls
This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.


PrideSports Practice Golf Balls Reviews By Owners


Great for practice – By Dameion Rutherford

I was really surprised how well made and how solid these things are. You can def get a feel for how straight they come off the ball. Can drivel decent distance too! with a mid iron they can travel well over 100 feet.


Moderately better than expected, even with pretty good reviews – By Andrea P

For an inexpensive product relative to a couple of other products, I’m pretty pleased with these. The more expensive ones I mostly passed on because I didn’t have the room that it sounded like was required.

With these, I can hit every iron in the bag and keep things in the area that I have to work with, which is maybe 150ftx200ft.

I’ve used the whiffle balls in the past, and they never last, but these seem like they will continue to take a beating. I’ve gone through all of them probably 50 times with no visible wear at all.


Great for backyard practice – By HNR

Good product for hitting golf balls in the backyard. I’ve used other products in the past – min whiffle balls – but they rarely flew true. Here, if the ball shoots left or right, it’s your swing and not the ball that is the problem! Much more distance than expected. Well struck 9 iron went over 50 yards, so plan accordingly. The trees on the edge of your property may not be out of range.


Great – By Mike A

Wish I’d tried these a long time ago. Ball flight is much more realistic than “whiffle balls” and also far more durable!


Writing titles is the hardest part of a review – By TitleWriter

These balls are easy to see, and seem like they will last a long time. They go farther than a wiffle ball, and have a better feel to them. Very pleased.


Great product – By Randy M

My students loved hitting this ball and it lasted an entire 10 weeks of golfing section with Middle School kids, so you know it has to be a quality product!


Great balls for kids – By Maister

Tough enough that they move when hit, but not so hard they will break anything. Happy with the purchase. Done.


Great practice tool – By Vas

Great way to practice your swing and making contact with the ball. A pretty good approximation when hitting a real ball.


I’ll Buy More – By John Meyer

Well worth the price. Use them to hit in the yard they fly great and let you know when you hit them bad.


Nice practice ball better than plastic – By DRB

I’ve been very pleased with these foam balls, particularly compared to the plastic wiffle-like ball. The balls have a nice feel off the club (for a practice ball — nothing compares to the real ball).

I use them in my indoor basement practice to keep the swing in shape over the winter, and there is enough feel to differentiate a solid hit from an “off” hit, and the balls are way more durable than plastic whiffle balls. I have yet to damage one of these balls, and would have split a dozen wiffle balls by now.


Fun around the yard – By 5ninefish

These balls are perfect for practicing in limited spaces. My yard isn’t the biggest, so I haven’t tried a driver or anything above a 6 iron yet. Mainly I use it to work on ball contact and grooving my swing, and for that it works great.

If you hit it fat or hook it, you get the expected response. Trajectory/flight path is fairly accurate as well as long as there is not much wind. Due to the close proximity of other houses and cars in my cookie-cutter subdivision, the biggest benefit is the absolute impossibility of damaging anything.

I can shank shots off the neighbor’s house or even take full swings at a window. I’ve even set up with my callaway hitting mat in my front yard and hit these balls right over the street with parked cars all over the place.

Just realize that even though these are foam, they still have quite a bit of bounce. My first shot rocketed straight off the side of my house and smacked me right back in the chest.

The only drawback I’ve found is not really a fault, just something to get used to. These don’t have the same feel of hitting a real ball (it is only foam), and I made the mistake of practicing solely with these then going out straight to a course and spending the first couple holes struggling with hitting a real ball.

Now I mix these with driving range time, and I’ve seen steady improvement.


Best way to practice short game indoors – By Tim Spires

It’s really nice not having to worry about blading a practice chip through a sliding glass door. Probably doesn’t do much for judging distance, but helps a lot with practicing good contact during the winter months and when you can’t make it out to the range.


Best practice ball ever – By Patrick Varley

Learn to draw or back spin. These balls are light but do respond in flight. Careful the can go too far.


Mine son’s practise balls for the lawn – By Ifindrealdeals

Great balls for hitting in the back yard. A full swing P gets the ball over the garage, but not to the road. A chipshot still gets the full distance and almost the same feel.

These are better than whiffle balls because they are heavy and “feel right” (almost) when you hit them.


Good – By Big Kahuna

I like these foam balls better than the whiffle ball type (ones with holes). They go slightly feather and feels more like hitting a real golf ball.


Good for practice – By D.S.

These seem to act like a real ball in flight, but don’t have the feel at contact. One note they do travel a long ways. Can go well over 100 yards, so they aren’t for a city yard unless you hit them softly. They don’t leave any damage when they hit a building, window, or vehicle.


As expected – By Matt DeJohn

the way my yard is laid out I can only fire these babies at my house, and no damage. Balls take a beating and are in good shape. Good full swing practice for you urban dwellers


Works – By TJ

Living in Michigan requires a bit of indoor practice during winter. These are more expensive that the smooth foam balls but react better and more like real ones. They are a bit heavier than the smooth but don’t cause any problem as they “die out” fast and work great with my homemade PVC “net”. Don’t cause any problem if i miss net.


Great product for practicing indoors or outdoors – By Nicholas Smith

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone to practice gold off season.

-Great price
-Won’t break windows
-Won’t do damage to anything in your house
-Fly straight
-They travel good distance
-Great for practice

-They don’t feel the best to hit

If you are looking for the safest practice golf ball, these are the way to go, also they have a great price. If you are looking for a more realistic practice ball, I would recommend the “Almost Golf” practice balls but they are a bit more expensive.


These fly straight and are cheaper than Callaways, too – By Phillip E

I’ve bought a lot of practice balls, both foam and dimpled. These golf balls fly really well. So well, in fact, that you need a good bit of space to practice with them. They are soft, almost springy, when you use them and will bounce (although not much). Using my PW I was able to send these about 60 yards with a smooth swing and good contact.

Obviously heavier balls will go farther (within reason, of course). So for reference sake, I weighed them to compare them with others. Here are the numbers:

This product (dimpled), Pride Sports: 7 grams
Callaway dimpled balls: 9 grams
Generic no name dimpled balls: 8.5 grams
Slazenger dimpled balls: 15 grams

Foam balls (no dimples), from Dicks: 3.5 grams

Having said that, I will buy more of these as long as they are cheaper than the Callaways. I have noticed that the price has slowly creeped up, so they may not continue to be a good deal. If the price goes up to equal the callaways, I prefer the heavier ball (and 2 grams does make a difference!)


PrideSports Practice Golf Balls Questions & Answers


If hit solid, what kind of distance can you expect with these?

I hit a lot of 3 woods at the schoolyard. I hit them along with 2 1/4″ stress balls. The stress balls will go a very slightly farther. Depending on the wind, I can hit the PrideSports balls between 70-90 yards. My record is barely over a 100 with a wind behind my back with a stress ball at 103.


Are these solid foam or is there a hard core in the center?

They are solid foam. You could hit them directly into a glass window with no damage.


Do these float?

they do


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