Baby Shower Gifts
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Baby Shower Gifts Guide – Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gifts for the Baby Shower Party

Baby shower gifts add a special touch to the baby shower party. Baby shower gifts can be fun and creative or personal and memorable. As long as they are from the heart, baby shower gifts become keepsakes that families will treasure for a lifetime.

Baby showers are meant to celebrate the impending arrival of the newborn baby into the family. The baby shower party is an exciting and fun-filled event for moms and dads that are anticipating the birth of their beloved baby. Presenting them with unique baby shower gifts will certainly help make the party extra special.

Ideas for Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Unique baby shower gifts need not be expensive. Unique baby shower gifts can be something useful that can be used once the baby is born or a lavish gift for either the parents or the baby. Expect parents to take pleasure in receiving unique baby shower gifts from family and friends during the baby shower party.

These exceptional gifts mean that they took the time to find a really special gift for them. However, unique baby shower gifts are no longer just for the coming baby or for the mom-to-be. There are a wide variety of unique baby shower gifts for moms after giving birth, for dads, and even for the excited grandparents.

Assortment of Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Unique baby shower gifts that are great for babies are personalized baby items. Items like baby bibs, baby blankets, or burp cloths are lovingly appliquéd and personalized with a monogram of the baby’s initials. These specially made pieces make great keepsakes that the family can cherish for a lifetime.

Custom-made jewelry is another example of a unique baby shower gift that the baby can hang on to until he or she grows old. Jewelry-like necklaces with pendants and bracelets can be personalized with the baby’s name engraved on them.

There are also unique baby shower gifts for proud parents. New parents will love to receive a custom-built stroller bag or diaper bag to use when going out with the baby. Plus new parents get a kick out of wearing fun t-shirts that sport amusing sayings poking fun at the new mother and father.

Another popular idea for unique baby shower gifts is baby gift baskets. There are different arrangements available for the baby gift baskets. Baby gift baskets often follow a theme and are designed specifically for either the baby, the mom, or even the dad.

Gift baskets for mom can either be filled with maternity clothes or remedies for morning sickness. Unique baby shower gifts for dads can also be packed in a distinctive gift basket. The gift basket for dads can be designed as a survival gift basket like a daddy diaper tool kit.

Where To Find Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Many online shopping sites offer a wide variety of unique baby shower gifts at reasonable prices. At the same time, many artists that specialize in creating unique baby shower gifts often sell their products online. Unique baby shower gifts can also be a personal creation of the gift giver for a more personal touch.

The search for unique baby shower gifts is a labor of love. Some may give up and concede to buying a mundane gift for the party. But for those who really want to give the best, unique baby shower gifts are the only way to go.

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Selecting what to bring for a baby shower party can be a difficult task. Any guest would like to give a gift that can be useful to the baby or the parents. Nobody would like to have his or her gift stashed in a closet or given away to charity without being used first by the recipient.

Therefore, one has to make sure that he or she has chosen the baby shower gift properly so it will not be wasted. As much as possible, never select a baby shower gift that the parents may already have. Sometimes, the baby shower invitation says what the parents would like to receive.

If it is not on the invitation, you can also call the mom to ask what she would like to receive or what else she would need.

At times when the parents seem to have prepared well for the baby, you can select unique baby shower gifts that would serve as decorative items and remembrance.

Here are some unique baby shower gift suggestions

* Birth Announcement Plates

These are decorative plates that come in pastel colors and different designs. These can also be personalized with the baby’s name. Some companies also offer to print the baby’s picture on the plates.

The plates may be used to contain food. However, many choose to have these plates displayed somewhere in the house.

* Personalized Ornaments

These ornaments are made from ceramic tiles that can be displayed on cabinets or shelves. These can be personalized to contain the baby’s name or picture. You may also give a poem to the engraving company so it will be included in the ornament.

* Personalized Baby Blankets

These blankets come in pastel colors with different designs. These can be personalized to include the baby’s name. Before deciding to give one, make sure that the parents hadn’t bought or will not be receiving several blankets during the baby shower party.

* Pillows

Pillows can also be personalized with the baby’s name. These come in several colors and designs.

* Personalized Name Frame

If the baby’s name was already chosen, you can choose a personalized name frame. This will contain the baby’s name with its meaning, usually the biblical or historic association of the name. It may also have a poem dedicating the gift to the baby or wishing the baby and the parents well.

* Piggy Bank

The parents can start the baby’s savings with a personalized piggy bank. The parents may drop coins each day after the baby is born. When the child is older, he or she can continue saving money with this decorative piggy bank.

* Baby Naming Book

If the parents still hadn’t decided what name to give to the baby or if they are not yet sure of the baby’s gender, the baby-naming book is a great gift for the baby shower. The book contains name selections from the bible and historical figures. The meanings of the names are also given as well as the variations and origins in different countries and cultures.

* Music CD

Music has been proven to enhance creativity and eliminate stress. For babies, music can help them have quality sleep and boost their creativity and intelligence. This is a perfect gift for the baby and the parents.

Regardless of the gift that you have chosen, always include a card to express your thoughts and your joys in sharing the celebration with the baby’s parents.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets are the Most Practical Gifts

So you’ve been invited to your friend’s baby shower. You’ve circled the date on your calendar. You know that it’s approaching. All of your other friends have purchased their presents weeks in advance, but you, the only single left in the bunch, still can’t decide on what present to bring to your friend’s baby shower.

Let’s face it, you know nothing about babies. Your presence makes babies cry! You can’t tell a blanket from a diaper! This is your first time ever attending one of these so-called events. You know you suck at this, and everyone knows it too, but still, you have to go, It’s a test of friendship! So what do you do?

Well, for starters you wipe that frown off of your face, and you put on your “I’m happy to be an auntie smile!’. Then, you go to a shopping mall, and you grab yourself a baby shower gift basket!

Gift baskets contain everything from soft toys, hats, blankets, undergarments, changing pads, sleeping gowns, teething toys, bears, etc.

The great thing about gift baskets is that they are very useful. The people who put together baby shower gift baskets know what they are doing! The things that are included in a baby shower gift basket are exactly the things that a new mother and an upcoming baby will need.

So you know you’d be getting your money’s worth when you purchase a baby shower gift basket. More importantly, it will make the recipient happy. New mothers need all the help that they could get, especially once they have delivered their babies. The daily expenses of a family always escalate with the addition of a new member. So it is best to give presents that will help to provide for the needs of the new mother, and baby.

Baby shower gift baskets come in different themes. Some of these baskets concentrate on the baby’s bath time needs. Items like: towels, washcloths, comb, brush set; and of course, the quintessential giant rubber duckies are included.

This puts variety and a fun twist on the baby shower gift basket idea! So you’d actually have quite a selection to choose from.

These baby shower gift baskets vary in price, depending on the intricacy of the layout, and the items included in the basket. The average price for a baby shower gift basket is around $70.

These baskets are usually divided into girl themes, and boy themes. The girl-themed baskets usually come in pink and contain items suitable for a baby girl. While the boy-themed gift baskets offer things that a baby boy will need.

These baby shower gift baskets can also be purchased online. So if you don’t have any time to shop, you can just always order a gift basket online. The selection of these gift baskets is usually displayed online. Also, the items that are included inside are listed alongside the picture of the gift basket.

They come in nicely gift-wrapped packaging that includes a ribbon and a card. This allows you to write a personal greeting and a dedication to the mother. Don’t forget to include well wishes for the baby!

If you’ve purchased your gift basket online, you can just type in your dedication on the net. This way, your dedication will be included in the gift basket that you’ve ordered. It will then be delivered to the specified recipient.

Baby shower gift baskets are a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea because they include a little bit of everything. They are also very meaningful because they provide things that will provide for the needs of a newborn baby.

Become a baby shower superstar, and bring a baby shower gift basket to the party. All your friends will be in awe of you!

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Personalized Gifts

Personalizing a baby’s gift is an excellent idea, making the gift distinct and special and growing into a cherished token through the years. When giving or making a gift sooner, before the baby’s due, you are faced with a problem, that is, you are not yet certain of the name and the birth date. An option to consider is by giving a gift certificate for an etching or engraving design along with your gift. This way, when the wonderful day arrives, the parents can take your gift and have it personalized.

Choices for personalized gifts are baby cups, picture frames, jewelry, or a cutlery set. There are wide selections of items that can be personalized; all you have to do is look.

A blanket for the baby embroidered with the baby’s name alongside the name’s meaning would make an excellent gift for both mom and baby.

Labor of Love Gift Basket

Gift baskets are very popular today and indeed a wonderful idea that can either be purchased made-to-order or ready-made. Or, you can do it yourself by putting together all the baby items that you like for the baby. Here’s how you can make one:

1. Know first the size of the basket that you will use. A very large basket may be difficult to fill, so a medium-sized one is recommended. Usually, craft stores sell baskets of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Shredded tissue paper and raffia make great fillers to be layered at the basket’s bottom, alongside baby towels and blankets.

2. If you do have a large basket, you can easily fill it up by choosing bigger items as well, such as crib comforters, stuffed bunny or teddy, pillows, or crib bumpers.

3. Take into consideration the baby’s gender, and what really the baby needs. For a first baby, there will be many things that he will need. Having to look at a baby registry if the mom-to-be has one, can help a lot since you will know what the baby really needs. If there is none, you could always ask the mom what else she needs for the baby.

4. Consider having a theme. You can load the basket with everything pink for a baby girl or everything blue for a baby boy, or everything having a “pooh” or a dinosaur design. A bedtime theme basket filled with story books, music CDs, blankets, pillows, pajamas, musical crib mobile, and a teddy bear can be a wonderful idea. Be creative and let your imagination soar.

5. Another way of being creative is instead of using a basket, a baby tub, a diaper bag, a small laundry basket or a trunk can also be used.

6. For a tub, you can fill it with baby bathing accessories, such as soaps, towels, bubble bath, powder, baby shampoo, lotion, and bath rubber toys.

7. For the trunk, you can fill it with a baby’s keepsake book, monogrammed items, receiving blankets, heirloom items, a picture frame, and an inspirational book all about mom and baby. You can also place a little inspirational note containing all your wishes for the baby. This will add a more personal touch to your gift.

8. For the laundry basket, you can fill it with cute slippers, diapers, a baby comb and brush, booties, and baby clothes.

Top 10 Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts

Gifts at $10 and below

Are you on a tight budget, but have an important baby shower that you dare not miss? Don’t worry…here are ten items that you can give as a gift, without breaking the bank.

1. Books. Buy baby board books online for less than $5 a pop (shipping included). Get discounted rates when buying a bundle.

2. Baby Clothes. Any new Mom will appreciate a set of clothes as a baby shower gift. However, if you plan ahead, you can give the Mom-to-be toddler clothes instead of infant sets. She’ll surely appreciate the vision. Another tip is to buy off-season, while the clothes are on clearance. You can surely fit more than a piece for under $10.

3. Engraved Charms. If a silver or gold bracelet is out of your budget, why not give a personalized jewelry charm? Choose from several shapes, with a heart being the most popular. It can be used as a pendant or bracelet charm. Have the baby’s name and birth date engraved on the back of the charm.

4. Basket of Goodies. In dollar stores, purchase an inexpensive woven basket and decorate it with leftover holiday ribbons. Line the basket with pastel confetti and fill the basket with goodies, like purse versions of lotion, cologne, powder, diaper pins, wet tissues, and anything that the baby needs. Some of these miniature items are grocery giveaways, so the overall price comes really low.

5. Painted Pots. Paint clean clay pots with pastel colors and use stencils to place simple designs. Give a set of three to give the Mom-to-be handy desktop storage for cotton balls, Qtips, diaper pins, etc.

6. Hand or footprint kit. These are kits that have materials to imprint the baby’s hands or feet onto framed shadowboxes. Most kits are $10.

7. Framed Cross-Stitch. For a personal touch, buy cross-stitch materials and sew the baby’s name and birth date on a rectangle piece of cloth. Have it framed for a lasting gift. If you are short of time, give her a short and sweet note written on a copy of the pattern to say, “gift is work-in-progress, will be done in time for his/ her birth.”

8. Plant a Tree. Various government-sponsored companies are promoting tree planting and this is definitely a great gift for a baby shower. Most tree planting gifts come with a certificate complete with the baby’s name and a personalized dedication. Some companies offer a dollar for every tree, so your $10 can buy 10 trees. Now that’s a guarantee of fresh air for the baby’s future.

9. Baby Website. For the tech-savvy Mom-to-be, create a free website for the future newborn. This gift will last until the baby grows up and can personally edit his or her website. If you know that the parents already have a web host, why not pay for the domain registration of the baby’s name so, that for the next five years, the future newborn will have his or her own e-niche.

10. Pamper Mom, Too! Who says baby shower gifts are only for babies? Be creative by giving the Mom-to-be a gift, instead of the baby. After all, the occasion is, in fact, a celebration of her strength and dedication in carrying another life for nine months. Dollar stores frequently offer pampering gift baskets or customize your own, similar to the basket of goodies described above.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are thrown for the main purpose of bestowing well wishes and gifts upon a couple that is having their first child. Usually, gifts come in the form of baby items that the baby will need on its arrival.

With the popularity of baby gift registries today, looking for that perfect gift that the baby will need and the couple will truly appreciate has become easy. But for those will-be parents who did not sign up for a gift registry, or if you want to choose a baby gift on your own, this list of baby shower gift ideas may truly be helpful.

1. Disposable Diapers

Diapers may not be the fanciest gift to give for a baby shower. But this would definitely be the most thoughtful and most appreciated.

Diapers are expensive and babies will use them up very quickly. The new parents will appreciate them. Even those parents who opt to use cloth diapers may also find disposable diapers useful when traveling.

A tip when buying diapers, pick the larger size ones instead of newborn diapers. After all, babies nowadays grow very fast and newborn-size diapers may not be useful for very long. And while you are at it, why not throw in some baby wipes as well.

2. Bottles and Pacifiers

Babies may sometimes be picky on bottles and pacifiers. Some babies prefer to use only a particular brand or shape for these items.

If the parents-to-be have specified in the baby registry a brand or shape of bottles, nipples, and pacifiers, these items may be a safe choice for a baby shower gift. Otherwise, just steer clear from these baby items.

3. Baby Clothes

Choose larger-sized baby clothes instead of the newborn sizes. Babies grow quickly.

If you could figure out, know the baby’s gender and the season when the baby is due so you can pick clothes for the baby’s gender, and just right for the season.

4. Toys for Baby

Give the gift of fun baby toys. You may buy toys for older babies that the baby can use when it grows a bit older. But just to be safe, stick to the toys for kids aged 3 and under.

5. Knowledge for Baby

Boost baby’s brainpower with educational baby items. Choose a classic baby book, educational videos, and music CDs.

For educational videos, Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein DVDs are highly recommended.

As for books, a selection of your own favorite books from childhood would be a great gift idea. Choose books with bright and bold pictures, and those new interactive boys that feature counting or touching.

6. Bathtime Goodies

The baby will need to be always squeaky clean. A nice selection of baby bathroom essentials would be very thoughtful.

Pick up some cute baby puppets that may also double as scrubbing tools. A bubble bath with a soothing lavender scent will make bath time an entertaining experience for both the baby and parents.

A hooded towel and some sweet-smelling baby cologne or lotion are also suitable bathtime goodies gifts.

Baby shower gifts need not only be for the baby. It is also thoughtful to get the parents to be something.

Those are just some nice baby shower gift ideas of baby items to welcome the cute little bundle of joy into the family. But if all else fails, you may also consider getting the new parents’ gift cheques so they can just purchase the items that they need but were not received at the baby shower.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Everyone

There’s not another occasion that calls for a celebration more than the ushering of a new child into the world. Children are truly a gift and a wonder! But children won’t always be little kids forever.

One day their parents will wake up, and realize that their kids are bigger than they are. Pretty soon they will go away from the house for good, to make their way into the world.

So this is all the more reason to celebrate children when they are still young and still consider their parents their closest pals. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

You see, even before these beautiful children arrive, mothers-to-be are treated to a festive occasion that celebrates the coming of their new baby. This celebration is called a baby shower, and what’s a celebration without good food, some good time, and tons of presents?

This is where the guests come in. The guests are in charge of the gift-giving duties. Baby showers are a wonderful occasion for gift giving. It’s always fun to shop for things that a newborn baby will need. Just think of yourself as a modern-day fairy godmother/father without the wand. This way, you will surely have a good time choosing just the right baby gift. Maybe, you might even get generous and buy two gifts!

There are so many baby shower gift ideas that you can choose from, that you will have trouble choosing just one. Some of the more popular baby shower gift ideas are:

baby shower gift basket- This includes everything. A lot of items that a baby will need, such as blankets, towels, bottles, toothing toys, soft toys, comb and brush sets, etc.

baby savings bond- This is such a meaningful gift, a bit on the extravagant side. But if you can afford it, this is a gift that mother and child will both appreciate. Also, this will go a long way in taking care of the child’s financial needs.

baby gift registry- This is the easiest way to buy a baby shower gift. Just browse through the list of the owner, it should tell you exactly what the mother wants. This way, you would not have to wrack your brains trying to guess what kind of gift the mother-to-be wants.

diapers- This may not seem like much, but baby diapers are essential to babies!
They need an endless supply of diapers. They go through them so quickly. Even if you are presenting a gift, you might also want to bring along a pack of diapers.

baby toys- Baby toys are such a fun gift! Plus, you can’t go wrong with baby toys. For newborn babies, less complicated toys are best such as soft toys, baby rattles, books, etc. The more fancy toys are more suitable for toddlers. It is best to stick to basic when buying toys for babies. Also, their safety must be considered. Stay away from toys that have pointed edges, are toxic, can be easily swallowed, etc.

gift certificates- These are great gifts to give since gift certificates are very flexible. It allows the recipients to purchase things that they want or things that they need but didn’t receive as a present. Gift certificates should not only be limited to baby products. A mother-to-be will also appreciate receiving a gift certificate that attends to her needs.

There are so many baby shower gift ideas to choose from that you are sure to find something that the baby and mother will love.

Suggestions on How to Come Up with a Splendid Baby Shower Gift Idea

Finding a baby shower gift is fun and easy! Baby showers are one of the best occasions for gift giving. But if you’re one of those people who are completely clueless when it comes to babies, then this could be a difficult situation for you.

Here are some suggestions and tips on how to find a gift for those cute babies:

1. Just go to any mall and browse through the toy department section. You should be able to choose something that a baby will love. Remember that little babies are delicate creatures, so stay away from toys that might potentially harm them. Soft toys, baby books, and baby apparels are some of the more ideal presents that are suitable for babies. If you find that you are still having trouble deciding on a purchase, ask a friendly salesperson to assist you.

2. Most pregnant women have a registry account that specifies the items that they need for their babies. This makes the process of gift-giving so much easier for friends and family. This also takes the guesswork out of the equation. So if you’re not one of those people who are not crazy about surprises, you can always just check a mother-to-be’s list to find out exactly what type of gift she wants.

3. Ask your friends who are parents to assist you in your time of need. Ask them to impart their wisdom to you, and discuss the things that a baby might need.

4. Do an inventory with your other friends whom you know would also be giving baby gifts for this occasion. This way, you don’t end up buying the same things.

5. If you feel that your inadequacy when it comes to selecting a baby shower gift is insurmountable, you can always just beg one of your friends who are more baby-friendly to tag along with you. This way, you are saved from the embarrassment of your severe indecision when it comes time to select the perfect giant rubber ducky.

6. You can just always buy baby clothes! If you consider yourself posh and live for fashion, then this is your chance to shine! Who knows your style might even influence the future generation to come to carry on your fashion-forward sensibilities!

7. Baby jewelry looks cute on babies! Baby bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and tie bars for boys, are just dandy! Babies can’t have enough cute things in their armory, so do your share and contribute to the storage!

8. Invest in their minds and buy tons of baby books. Who knows, you just might be the honorary aunt or uncle of a future Einstein! You can’t go wrong with books. Education is truly a gift!

9. If you want to be loved, then bestow the gift of a baby savings bond. This helps ensure a kid’s future. This way when the baby grows up, you will always be remembered as the generous person that you are.

10. Baby shower gift baskets are reliable and practical gifts. They contain everything that a baby will need. Baby shower gift baskets have themes. Bath time baby baskets usually contain baby items like a set of comb and brushes, towels, grooming kits, and the likes, and of course, the ever-reliable rubber ducky.

It’s not really that hard to come up with a baby shower gift idea. For those who are not enthusiastic about babies, and consider them little brats, well shame on you! Good thing this is your lucky day, so you can just pick a baby shower gift idea from one of the suggestions written above.


Shopping for Baby Shower Gifts

An expecting mom could be the happiest person in the world should she give birth to a little angel. And in anticipation of the new baby, baby showers are commonly held about three months before the baby is born. It is possible to hold it after the baby is born. It has advantages in doing that plus it would be a little easier selecting gifts if it were held after. A higher percentage though holds it before the baby’s birth.

Shopping for baby shower gifts and items could be fun. You can give anything to the baby, from baby consumables to playthings. Choosing the best gift can be tricky. To assist you in picking, you can check out these suggestions:

Buy something that the baby will use frequently. You can buy baby ointments, baby lotions, diapers, wipes, baby powder, and other stuff, and place them all in a basket or any appropriate container.

All babies use diapers, and no mom can live without them nowadays. Most moms usually think of this as a practical gift because if they get enough of it from guests, they need not purchase diapers for the baby until after a few months. That’s a big convenience and big savings for them. Running out of diapers during the night could be a nightmare. You can also add some medicines and vitamins for the baby. This could come in handy in times of need.

Buy something fun for the baby. You can buy toys. Good toys are those that move and produce sounds. Buy something that can be mounted on the crib. Suggestions can be baby tape players, vibrator seats, swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, or walkers. The list is endless. These toys also enhance a baby’s mind development through color, object, and sound recognition.

Buy some cute clothes. Although this could be risky since you don’t know the gender the baby will be or its weight upon birth. Try to buy rompers and shirts in medium sizes. This way you can be sure the baby can wear what you bought at least a few times. Don’t buy clothes that need ironing because that’s added task for moms and you wouldn’t want that, of course.

Buy something for moms too. True, baby showers are for the babies. But moms, with all the excitement that they feel towards giving birth, can be apprehensive about the idea too.

You can give gift certificates to moms from a shop or mall. You can give moms books or magazines about parenting. You can give them coupons from a Laundromat or a professional house cleaner. You can prepare for them a dinner for one night and send it over. Or better yet, give delivery stubs from pizza parlors so in the event dinner can’t be cooked, food can be driven over.

Buy something useful for mommy. Gifts assisting moms caring for the baby is such a good idea. You can also buy a baby carrier or slinger. It is very helpful for moms to get some cooking or cleaning done while carrying the baby. A helpful device you can buy is a diaper genie to help keep the smell down from used diapers.

Baby showers are held to welcome the baby to the world. Sometimes, baby showers are held only for the firstborn. It would be nice to have a shower for each of your newborn children so that the baby would feel well received and wanted even from the mommy’s womb. Babies are cute little blessings families are given. Let’s greet them even before they come out and join us!


Baby Shower Gift Items