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Baby Shower Invitations Essential Guide – Ideas Design Wording Tips

Baby Shower Invitations Guidelines

A baby shower is one of the special events in the life of a mother to be shared with friends before the actual birth. Baby shower Invitations should set the mood and make this occasion memorable for everyone present.

This baby shower usually happens a month or 2 in advance and making the right invitation can be just as challenging as planning the entire event.

One can get an invitation that has been made by a card company but for it to be special, it is best to choose a design and then have it custom made. Since the host is usually a very close friend of the mother, that person can talk to the mother and other members of the family about what kind of theme will be appropriate for the party.

After getting all the ideas in and finally choosing what theme will be used, the friend will already have an idea of what kind of invitation it is and what it will look like.

For a girl, the theme could be a star which could highlight the future. An invitation can be shaped into a star with the nursery rhyme song inside.

For a boy, the theme could be a cowboy. An invitation can be made with the design of a cartoon character on the front and other special details inside.

An invitation can also be made depending on the season. In the summer, with the weather being a bit humid, the ideal theme will be a summer shower that comes with a lot of ice cream. The invitation can be made in the shape of ice cream.

Just like any other invitation, it should have the name of the person to be invited, when and where the event will take place, the contact number of the one hosting the event, and the gender of the baby if this is applicable.

The invitations must be given out a month up to a month and a half prior to the event itself. This will give people time to make plans for that day and pick the right gift.

Babies are cute, smell good, and can be quiet and the noisiest at certain times. It is all part of the phase of the baby growing up. There are other ideas and themes one can think of to make the invitation a good preview of what is to come during the baby shower itself. It just takes some planning and little imagination to make this baby shower stand out over others that people have gone to.

The host can do the planning alone or brainstorm with friends in picking the right invitation and then having it made by the printers. When that is finished, the other details after that should already be quite easily such as the food for the occasion, the registry of gifts for the party, and the prizes for the games to be played.

If the person needs help, then a professional can be called to assist in the entire process. With the many themes and invitations that have been done in the past, this usually comes in a package that includes a planner to help guide the person along. The host can find these people in the neighborhood or check online.

By comparing the packages and prices of the various companies that do this, one will surely get value for money for this special event.

The Special Purpose of Baby Shower Invitations

For couples who are expecting their first child, having a baby is the most important thing in the world. In fact, it is the basic foundation of the family. Others even contend that a family is not complete without the children.

It is for this reason that most people consider the arrival of the baby as something relatively worth celebrating. That is why there are baby showers to celebrate the essence of bringing a new soul into the world.

Baby showers are focused, generally, on the celebration of the baby’s arrival. Mostly, it is the couple’s friends or the immediate family who arrange the baby shower.

Planning this kind of party can be tedious and wearisome. However, with the right strategy and tactics, everything will turn out fine.

As a part of the preparation, one of the most important things to be considered is the baby shower invitations. It is important to choose the right baby shower invitations to inform everybody of the arrival of the new baby.

Why Are Baby Shower Invitations Important?

The main reason or purpose of baby shower invitations is to let everybody know that there will be a celebration about the arrival of the new baby.

Hence, if there will be no invitations to be distributed to the people who should be attending the party, then there will be no one who will attend and the celebration is useless.

Moreover, baby shower invitations reflect the kind of mood that is set for the event. It is not just a mere invitation but also a reflection of the gladness of everyone who is delighted for the baby’s arrival. That is why it is important to create baby shower invitations that would manifest sheer pleasure at the same time creativity of those who are involved in the planning of the party.

So, for people who are planning to conduct a baby shower, here are some tips on how to come up with a right, if not perfect, baby shower invitation.

1. It is best to use handmade baby shower invitations for a more creative touch.

The best thing about personalized or handmade baby shower invitations is that it reflects the beauty and style of the event. The concept of the design is artistically embedded in the invitation, which is inspired by the arrival of the baby.

Moreover, handmade baby shower invitations are more durable and hardwearing, so you can expect that they will endure whatever elements may instigate their wear and tear.

2. Choose a baby shower invitation that is suitable to the taste and preference of the mother-to-be.

In most cases, the friends and relatives of the parents-to-be are the ones who make the necessary arrangements for the party. However, it does not necessarily mean that they will not consider the taste and preferences of the parents-to-be.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the parents, especially the mother-to-be, so that there will be no conflicts or any misunderstandings during the celebration.

3. Shop around

Before choosing a baby shower invitation, it is necessary that you shop around first, compare prices, and analyze the designs. In this way, you will be able to come up with something that is a carefully chosen and meticulously selected baby shower invitation.

Best of all, you will be able to obtain baby shower invitations that are perfect for the budget.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that the most important thing about baby showers is to reflect the joy of every person and the parents-to-be on the arrival of the baby. It is not about the party itself but the fact that everybody is delighted to know that eventually, the bundle of joy will soon arrive. And, this calls for a celebration, indeed!

Not Just Your Ordinary Ink and Paper Invitations

When it comes to baby showers, creating a creative baby shower invitation is one of the best ways to set the ambiance and fashion of the event. It can be very amusing especially if it aims to invite friends and relatives to celebrate with the would-be parents in rejoicing for the arrival of the new baby.

In fact, most people contend that a baby shower invitation is the most important thing in a baby shower because no one will know about the celebration if not for it. Hence, the party will never be successful if there will be no baby shower invitations to guide the guest as well as the host of the party.

Good enough, finding baby shower invitation ideas are no longer hard these days. This is because technological advancements had definitely provided humanity with the utmost services that can be truly worth it. Simply put, you can now find hundreds of baby shower invitation ideas if you will just browse the Internet.

In this way, you will have many ideas to choose from and come up with ideas that are perfect for the baby shower. These particular sites on baby shower invitations do not just provide you with themed ideas or other concerns of the invitation but also offer some practical tips on the other aspects of baby shower parties.

Generally, people who usually organize baby showers use general baby shower invitation themes. This is because in most cases the gender of the baby is yet unknown.

That is why, another aspect of a baby shower invitation, which should not be taken for granted, is the wording. It is the one responsible for setting the mood of the party.

Today, you can find many tools online concerning the choice of baby shower invitation wordings. You can either find them as quotes or as literary pieces like poems. Just be sure that before you decide on the final product, do not forget to proofread the wording and spelling or typographical errors to avoid problems that may occur.

Whatever way you want it, you just have to be very careful with your wording so that you get the best results that you want to have. Best of all, careful choice of words would be a safer technique in order not to hurt or insult the would-be parents.

Moreover, when making baby shower invitations, please do not forget to include the important details of the party and to whom the invitation is for. These things are considered the core of the invitations.

For this reason, it is important to take note of the name of the guest of honor, the date, time, and place of the party. It is important to indicate as well whether the party will be a surprise or not so that the guest will not be confused about the real motive of the celebration. Do not forget to include also an RSVP with the date and phone number included.

Lastly, make it a point to distribute baby shower invitations 4 to 6 weeks earlier. This will give the guests enough time to fix their schedules and find time for the said celebration. In this manner, it would be better to make the invitations earlier so that there will be enough time for any minor adjustments when needed.

Indeed, creating baby shower invitations can be a daunting task, with all the preparations, research, and everything. But what matters most is that these invitations are the ones that will initiate the idea of the celebration, therefore, they should be well taken care of.

Essential Guide to Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Thinking of throwing a baby shower, but worried about the cost? Don’t be… now there are free printable baby shower invitations, which you can use without eating up the budget for your baby’s future. The Internet offers free invitations (in the image format of .jpg or .bmp file extension) that you can download to your computer. Below is a guide on how to use them.

-At the webpage, click the link to download a file or a group of files (zipped) containing the baby shower invitation design.

-With the help of picture-viewer software, open the file. If you downloaded a group of files, you may need to unzip them to show the individual files and choose one that is suitable for your baby shower theme.

-The common invitation card size is a fourth of a letter-sized paper. However, most printable invitations are laid out using full letter-sized paper for one card. Such is the case because the page is divided into four equal parts, and eventually folded to form a ¼-sized invitation card.

-Looking at the page, some layouts have a demarcation line to divide the page into four parts. If the one you downloaded does not have a dividing line, don’t worry, you can still assemble it easily.

-The upper left portion of the page is the front of the card. This is where the main design of the card is placed. You may notice it is inverted as laid out and when printed. This is normal, as it will become upright after assembly.

-The lower left portion of the page is the left inside of the card and is blank on most cards.

-The lower right portion of the page is the right inside of the card. On some sites, the free baby shower invitations would have poems printed on this part. Others leave it blank to allow you to add the details of the party.

-The upper right portion of the paper serves as the back of the card, where the website address the card was downloaded from is printed.

-To assemble the card, fold the paper crosswise in half and then fold again in half, reducing the paper to a fourth of the original size. At this point, the inverted printed design has become upright and assumed the front of the card. For a tidy assembly, glue the edges of the card together.

If you are more computer-savvy, you can customize what you have downloaded. In this case, use free photo editing or desktop publishing software. With the help of the software, add text to any part of the card or add other pictures in tune with your baby shower theme. Give the invitations a paid look by printing the details of your baby shower, instead of writing them by hand. Just make sure to keep the credits at the back, as this is still mostly the website’s work and not your own.

Here’s one last tip to add zing to your free invitation: use special paper instead of white bond paper. There is a variety of letter-sized specialty paper of different textures, colors, thicknesses, and scents! To complete the custom look, buy matching envelopes.

Whether you are holding a formal, elegant dinner or a laid-back, unfussy brunch, add excitement to your baby shower without spending a fortune. Use free printable baby shower invitations to fascinate your guest while anticipating the arrival of your bundle of joy!

Tips for Choosing Free Baby Shower Invitations

Preparing for a baby can be very costly. The parents will have to save for the hospital expenses, the baby clothes, the infant formula, and the regular medical check-ups.

In this case, if the friends of the parents-to-be and relatives prepare a baby shower party, it can help a lot in minimizing the parent’s burden on the costs when the baby is delivered.

The baby shower is usually done one or two months before the baby is born. It is discouraged to schedule the baby shower during the month that the baby will be born. At times, the baby shower is held after the baby is born so gifts can be more specific for a boy or a girl.

Regardless of the date when the baby shower is held, the reason for it is to celebrate the birth of a child. The parents’ friends and family share with them the joy of welcoming the child into the family.

During baby showers, the guests may bring baby clothes, toys, cribs, and other necessities for the baby. The parents may also decide on what gifts they would like to receive to eliminate the accumulation of the items that they already have.

As the baby shower party is usually done before the baby is delivered, the party’s theme is still directed toward the baby and the mother. Therefore, the person who is throwing the baby shower should choose the theme very carefully.

Before sending out the baby shower invitations, make sure that you have already decided what will be the baby shower theme.

If you are preparing a baby shower for a member of your family or friend, make sure that you have prepared the guest list ahead of time. If possible, check with the mom-to-be to see if the guest list and the date are fine, unless you are planning a surprise party.

Sometimes, several baby showers will be held for the mom and the baby. The co-workers, the church women, and family members may prepare separate baby shower parties and the person who will organize the baby shower has to be careful about selecting the date of the baby shower party. It is always better to coordinate with the mom-to-be.

Once you have decided on what will be the theme for the party, you may have invitations printed or search for free baby shower invitations on the internet.

Of course, most of the people who organize the party prefer the free baby shower invitations that they can customize at home. This lessens the cost of printing invitation cards. This also allows the host to edit the invitation according to preference, unlike invitations that can be bought or ordered.

What is even better about online invitations is that some companies can work with you in addressing and mailing the baby shower invitations.

When you start preparing the invitations, make sure that you have enough time to send them. The invitations should be mailed between four to six weeks before the party. You also have the option of sending a baby shower invitation online, although having a printed and mailed invitation is still recommended.

After preparing the guest list, selecting the date, and sending out the invitations, the next thing you need to do is to prepare the program, the games, and the food to be served during the party. Good suggestions can be found online so just search and develop the idea to personalize the party.

Create Your Own Invitations For Your Baby Shower

Computer Made

With the use of a graphics program found on your computer, simply make a design for a baby shower invitation then print it out onto card or board stock. With this option, you can send the invitation in an envelope or send it without an envelope similar to a postcard. Be sure that your invitation will contain all the necessary details such as date, place, time, theme, who is it for, and the rsvp number. There are a lot of websites offering free invitations that can be printed.

Vellum Overlay

One adorable but very simple way of making a baby shower invitation is by using a vellum overlay. You can buy a paper style that attracts you; buy this along with a coordinating ribbon at your favorite craft or scrapbooking store. Buy too, a few pieces of vellum. Working on the computer, write down any wording that you would want to appear on your invitation then have it printed unto the velum. At the top of the front of a craft paper, fasten the velum. The result is a fun and fancy invitation that was also fun to do.

More invitation ideas

1. The most practical and easy idea is to buy your ready-made invitations at a store that specializes in them, fill up all the blanks then mail them.

2. You can order professional invitations in online stores or from a party store.

3. Make your own custom-generated invitation cards at any greeting card store; some offer computers wherein you can design your own invitations.

4. Make your own using computer software or through Word or clip art or a blank or pre-printed invitation which you can acquire from Wal-Mart, Michael’s, office supply stores, Hobby Lobby, etc.

5. Sending a postcard.

Invitation information

1. A phrase or a poem that indicates a baby shower party or simply the words “baby shower”, to make certain that your guests are well informed about what they are getting invited to.

2. Make sure to put the name of the mom to be.

3. Include the address as well as the directions and the map of the place where the party is to be held.

4. Date and time of the occasion.

5. Theme, if any

6. RSVP number or an email address

7. The name of the hostess.

8. Your store registry

Choosing an invitation

1. Keep a budget, stick to always. The market for invitations is overwhelming. Only spend within your budget, do not get carried away.

2. Think of a theme and make certain that your invitation gives the guest a hint of it.

3. Make, purchase or have the baby shower invitation made at least a month in advance prior to the baby shower date.

4. Before selecting a certain design, as there are so many choices, go through each design carefully, pick out at least five that you like best, then from the five, pick out three, until you narrow down your choices to one.

5. Spend a lot of time browsing the web. Here, a lot of invitations are available in different themes, sizes, colors, patterns, and styles.

6. Know how many invitations to buy or order. Make a guest list before you order and make sure to order for extras.


Versatile Invitation Design: Baby Shower Footprint

A baby’s footprint says everything: the innocence, tenderness, and charm of a newborn. These values come to mind of anyone who sees it. No wonder it is a favorite theme for occasions that call for such like that as a baby shower. Here is a guide on how to use the baby’s footprint in the baby shower invitation.


The first way of using the footprint is to print them on the invitation. You may use a single or both feet as the main design. Immediately, your guests will know that it is a baby shower invitation, just by seeing the footprints. Make the print stand out by using a complementary color to the background or the paper color.

As a supplementary to the text of the card, baby footprints can serve as a silhouette background of the text. As a silhouette, footprints are effective as outlines, instead of filled with colors. As an outline, only the marks where the baby’s feet press the ground (balls of the toes and heel and sides of the feet) are highlighted.

For an animated effect use several small footprints in the main design or silhouette background. To make it appear like a baby just walked across the page, reduce the size of the footprints, as the trail moves from the fore to the rear ground.


Embossing is a process of creating relief on the paper by using a special tool to engrave the paper. Since this uses a special tool, it is best to leave the manufacturing of this kind of invitation to the professionals.

Embossed footprint invitations convey an elegant mood for the baby shower. Most embossed invitations are monochromatic, that is, they use a single color for the paper and the embossed design. However, some printers have the capability to color the raised portions of the footprint, for an extra fee.

Design and layout can be similar to the printed kind, but it is best to use the footprint sparingly for a dramatic effect.


Rubber stamps have been around for ages, and it is widely used in many applications: business, trade, craft, and even politics! As the rubber stamp craft is a well-established industry, you can find rubber stamps of baby footprints, of varying sizes and designs. When you have chosen a pattern that suits your intended invitation design, you can then use it to stamp single prints or multiple prints inked in a variety of colors.

For a subdued effect, use the stamp as a seal of approval or a signature of the baby, inviting the guest to the baby shower.

At the party, use the stamps to continue the theme from the invitation. Stamp them on napkins, thank you cards, and game prizes for a unified effect.


Lastly, use the footprint design as a cutout baby shower invitation. This is a very interesting application as it veers away from the conventional 2” X 4” invitation size. Use the front of the card to announce that there is a baby shower, and the back, for party details and RSVP information.

Carry the cutout theme to your baby shower by placing baby footprint cutouts on pathways, floors, and even walls.

Use also footprint cutouts for thank you cards, for a uniform look.

With such a simple idea, there are many possibilities. Choose the style to fit your mood and use cute baby shower footprint invitation cards today!

Great Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations

A pregnant woman, whether it is her first or third time having a baby, would have a lot on her mind as she nears the date when she is about to give birth. Aside from the physical pains and emotional stress of her upcoming labor, she should have something else to think about. Throwing a baby shower is a great way to lighten her load.

Baby showers are often planned by the mother-to-be’s closest friend or any member of the family. Ideally, they are held anytime within the last 3 months of pregnancy. However, it still depends on the most convenient time for everybody, including the guests and family members. Some even hold baby showers after birth, which is an ideal time for the new member of the family to be introduced to the world.

A great way to start planning a baby shower is by preparing the invitations. These invitations can be hand-made, printed, or even ordered online, depending on the person in charge of planning for the affair. Of course, moms-to-be would like to be involved in choosing the perfect theme for the baby shower, be it for a girl or a boy. Here are some great ideas to create baby shower invites to prepare for that oh-so-fun baby shower:

Create your own invitations. First, think of a theme for the party. Do you want to have a Disney-inspired baby shower? Or you might want to have an animal theme. Whatever motif you decide on, make sure that the invitations that you will send out will reflect the main theme.

One specific idea is to attach the printed invitations to pacifiers or tie them with a ribbon and put them inside feeding bottles or powder puff canisters. Place them inside any baby accessory that you think will be useful. They can be in pink or blue, or both if you do not know the baby’s gender yet. These items can even be brought to the party by the guest for the mother to use after she gives birth.

2-in-1 invitation ala give-away. You can print out the details of when and where the baby shower will be held and put them in mini-picture frames. These would make great invitations and can be kept as after-party souvenirs. Make sure that the frames reflect the theme of the party as well.

Personalize your invites. A baby shower is not just a tribute to the boy or girl who is about to be born, but it also celebrates the joys and sacrifices of the mom-to-be. She is the one who deserves to have a break from taking care of the baby in her womb for the past months. You can think of ways to show the mother’s personality on the invitations that you will give out.

One website offers unique baby shower invitations, with names like “Polka Dot Mama”, “Hip Mama” and “Tummy Love”. You can also use the mom’s work, for example, as a party theme. If the mom-to-be dabbles in writing, you can use children’s books as invites, just stick a huge bookmark in it, where the details of the baby shower will be printed. For a mother who is a chef, or who just plain loves to cook, you can create mini-chef hats which can be made of cloth, paper, or felt and just stick the invite in front.

Order the invitations online. If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to make the invitations yourself, you can order them online. There are a lot of websites where you can view samples of baby shower invites. If you have not thought of a theme yet, you can also get great ideas from these websites. You can even download ready-made invitations, just change the wordings and print out copies on a specialized paper, then, voila, you now have your own personalized baby shower invites.

There are hundreds of possibilities on how to create your special baby shower invitations. Just let your imagination run wild and you will surely come up with the perfect theme for that baby shower that is bound to be fun for everybody.

More Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations

An invitation sets the mood and style for any event. That’s why in planning for a baby shower party, you should give significant attention to the baby shower invitation. Remember that you should always send out invitations for special occasions like baby showers.

The good news is you don’t have to leave your home when shopping for a quality baby shower invitation. The Internets is full of different baby shower invitations from different styles and designs, from casual to formal to elegant and cute. There is also a baby shower invitation for every budget range. You can even find invitations with chocolate and candies, with the details printed on the wrapper. Now, isn’t that neat?

Look for a website with a wide collection of baby shower invitation designs and styles. Some companies would be happy to personalize an invitation and some would even address and mail them for you. Now that’s really hassle-free service. All you have to do is choose your design, give them the necessary information then attend to the more important aspects of your baby shower.

Confused about the many choices of baby shower invitations? Not knowing what baby shower invitation style or design to choose? Your main guide should be the theme of the baby shower party. Is the baby shower party a formal event or is it just a simple gathering? In picking the right baby shower invitation for your baby shower party, you must choose one that reflects the theme of the party.

If you are planning a jungle themes party then you must choose an invitation with animals and jungle prints. If you are planning to decorate with angels then choose a baby shower invitation with angles and other heavenly things. If you are planning to decorate with a specific cartoon character then choose an appropriate invitation. If you do not have a theme then choose an invitation with a general baby-themed design like animals, baby bottles, babies, stars, rattles, cartoon characters, etc.

Once you’ve already decided on what kind of baby shower invitation to get, you can go through the process of ordering them. When you have the invitations already you can already start filling them up. Remember to include the following information: Name of the guest of honor, date, time, place, whether it will be a surprise or not, RSVP date, and phone number or return card. You should be precise as to the details of the baby shower so as to avoid confusion.

If you have to send out the invitation yourself then you must mail it at least 4–6 weeks before the baby shower. If guests are from faraway places then send it 8–12 weeks in advance. It would also be nice to include a map or sketch of the location of the event.

The most important thing that your should remember is to make the invitation as attractive as possible. It is an invitation to an event announcing the arrival of your baby so it has to be special.

If you are the creative and crafty type, you can always make your own baby shower invitation. Pick up ideas, from your friends, relatives, books, or from the Internet. Making your own baby shower invitation would definitely add a personal touch to the event.

Baby shower invitations come in a variety of styles and designs. The baby shower invitations you will buy should be according to your choice and preference.


Baby Shower Invitations Wording

Right Words for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a prelude to a miracle which is the birth of a newborn baby. It is this occasion where friends, family and other people who know the parents to be, are gathered together to give gifts and make this occasion memorable for everyone present.

This baby shower usually happens a month or 2 in advance and making the right invitation can be just as challenging as planning the entire event.

There are many ideas and themes one can think of to make the invitation a good preview of what is to come during the baby shower itself. The important thing is that the invitation should set the mood for the occasion and with the proper planning and a little imagination with friends or professionals, it will surely make this baby shower stand out over others that people have gone to.

The one who will host this event is usually a very close friend of the future mother. That person can start by talking to the mother and other members of the family about what kind of theme will be appropriate for the party.

The proper words should express the love and anticipation that the future mother has for the newborn baby. The host must do it by putting oneself in the shoes of the mother. If that person has had children in the past, it will be quite easy to relate to that situation. If this person has not had any children yet, then it is best to ask the help of those who have so that person can help empathize with what the future mother is experiencing.

Just like any other invitation, it should have the name of the person to be invited, when and where the event will take place, the contact number of the one hosting the event, the gender of the baby, and the theme of the party.

If the newborn baby is a boy, a good example of a theme is a sailboat. The invitation can be shaped into a little sailboat then on the inside; it can start off with the “row the boat” nursery rhyme before inviting the people to the shower party.

On the other hand, if it is a girl, an example of a good theme is a cookie. The theme is based on the poem that tells how little girls are made which usually comes from sugar and spice and everything nice.

If during the discussion with the future mother one has learned that the sex of the baby is to be kept a secret until the shower party itself; one can make an invitation with a cute drawing of a baby wrapped inside a blanket carried by a stork. This should keep everyone guessing and make the party a fun one.

A challenging invitation is when the parents have not decided on the name of the baby yet. One can make an invitation that has various letters of the alphabet that will give people an idea that this occasion is to help out decide on the baby’s name.

There are other ideas and themes to make the shower a memorable occasion. It just takes some planning and little imagination to make this baby shower stand out over others that people have gone to.

The host can do it alone, plan it with other friends or get a professional to help out.

Ideas On Wordings For Your Baby Shower Invitation

Your baby shower is on the way. You have all things prepared: food, fun, games, and the program. But wait, you forgot something critical. The party invitation! You basically forgot something really important when holding a party. What good is a party if there are no guests?

Creating party invitations may take some time if are choosy with words. Selecting the best wordings for the invitation is imperative as this sets the tone of the party. If the party’s theme is casual, you definitely can relay that in the invitation. Knowing which theme party you want can be used as guidelines in picking out the right words for your invitation. Fun themes like a teddy bear and a balloon party require humorous and informal wordings.

You can make use of poems, and famous quotes or you can create your own too. There are several websites that offer sample wordings you can adapt for your invitation. Make a quick search and pick the catchiest wordings that you can emulate in your invitations. It can either be a general one or gender-specific. Just be sure that you know ahead of time what gender the baby has.

Using baby rhymes would be a superb idea in your baby invitation. Placing the names of the expecting parents will give the invitation a personal touch. You can also put in song lyrics that are popular with kids and even nursery rhymes. Famous kiddie rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Baa Baa Black sheep, and Hickory, Dickory, and Dock can add spice to your invitation too.

The main things that your baby shower invitation should include are the name of the guest of honor, the date, time, and where it will be held. If the venue for the party is quite unfamiliar to the guests, make a simple sketch to guide them to the right place. This key information is needed, and make sure that they are printed big and clear.

Don’t forget to place in the invitation whether the event will be a surprise or not. If the party is going to be a surprise, your guest should be informed to keep it secret. You would not want any guest sending in advanced gifts for the party and spoiling the plan.

Another important thing to place on the invitation is the RSVP or Regrets only note. Don’t forget to place your phone number in there too of course, as guests likely will contact you with their response as you requested them to.

You might want to add a registry list or the gifts you wanted your guests to bring. This is very practical if you don’t want to end up having three or four strollers that you may not use. Guests would love it if their gifts would be appreciated and would not end up just being set aside.

As important as the wordings, the presentation of the invitation speaks too. Follow the theme if you have one. If you select angels, place cute pictures of these on the invitation cover for the desired effect. If you don’t necessarily have a theme, then just select pictures that relate to a baby. Colors are important too. Use blue for boys and pink for girls. Invitations are there to create an impression and entice your guests to come on this very special day. So unleash your creativity, get that pen and have fun writing.


Baby Shower Invitation Items

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