Personalized Wedding Favors

Looking for a unique gift for a wedding? Personalized wedding favors add an additional level of Wow to your wedding day. Brides nowadays are attracted to things that are unique and make their wedding more personalized. Traditional-type weddings are starting to kind of fade. Brides are more into making it their own.

Put the finishing touches on your wedding celebration and impress your guests with some of the most popular custom personalized wedding gifts and accessories bearing your printed names and wedding date.

Here are some personalized wedding favors cool ideas! Water bottles and personalized hand fans will keep your guests cool during hot summer weddings. Personalized matches pair well with coasters for your cocktail hour or reception bar area. Any combination of personalized hershey’s chocolate favors and wine is a definite recipe for success.

Most personalized wedding favors and personalized party favors can be rendered live with your unique personalization to show you a preview image of what the final product will look like when it arrives.


Personalized Wedding Favors: Napkins

Enhance the look of your wedding and create a fabulous keepsake for you and your guests with lovely personalized wedding napkins. Browse the personalized wedding napkins and guest towels to find a staggering array of options that can all be expertly designed by you.

The wedding market place online is huge. You can choose from napkins for showers, cocktail hour and even dinner. Don’t forget about the beautiful guest towels for the bathrooms too! Plus, the eco-friendly choices for the environmentally conscious bride.

Printed wedding napkins are embellished with an elegant foil stamp design and wording of your choice, allowing you over 100 different designs.

Add a pop of color to the cocktail hour and give guests a pretty keepsake to take home that will remind them of your wedding. The exceptional quality napkins are exclusively designed and look sophisticated in any setting.

These exquisite wedding napkins are sure to enhance your décor and impress your guests. Be sure to save a couple to commemorate your special day.


Personalized Glassware

Put your stamp on your wedding day with everyone’s favorite distinctive beverage wedding glasses with the personalized touch, search for wedding glassware.

From elegant personalized shot glasses to personalized wine glasses, even mugs and martini glasses, all of the imprinted glassware will be enjoyed by each and every guest. They’re a shelf-worthy addition to kitchens, china cabinets, and even home bars.

The vast and varied selection includes unique designs and graphics, along with custom personalization to note the newlywed first names and your wedding date. Ideal for a celebratory reception send-off, the customized glassware also makes sense at your rehearsal dinner and the bachelorette or bachelor party.

With personalized glassware, your wedding attendants will always see the glass half full.


Personalized Candy Wedding Favors

Personalized wedding candy is another cheap wedding favor idea. You may come across a number of different ways to give out candy as an inexpensive wedding favor.

One technique to do this is to purchase a nice looking fabric and some ribbon, cut the fabric into small squares, put a few small pieces of candy on each square and pull the corners together and tie with the ribbon.

This is not merely a fantastic low-cost wedding favor idea but it is also a terrific simple idea which can be assembled at the very last minute.

Another approach to use candy as cheap wedding favors is to buy small tins and fill them with the candy of your choice. You can purchase the candy in bulk to keep the price down and divide the candy into small portions for each guest. A final technique to give candy as a wedding favor is to buy candy bars with personalized wrappers.

The wrappers can include your name and wedding ceremony date and even a photograph of the two of you. This can be enormously inexpensive especially if you are ordering in bulk and are only using one design for the wrappers.

Edible Wedding Favors

Give your guests cool wedding gifts to remember your wedding. You can not go wrong with candy wedding gifts, everyone loves candy. Personalized M&Ms.


Personalized Pen Wedding Favors

Another cool idea for a cheap wedding favor which is also enormously inexpensive is a pen with the names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date inscribed on the pen. These can often be purchased for incredibly little and can be paired with stationary and a note encouraging your guests to stay in touch.

This is such a good idea for cheap wedding favors because it is something your guests can actually use plus by including some stationary and a note encouraging the guest to stay in touch you are letting them know you truly value their friendship.

You might want to even think about including a self-addressed stamped envelope with the favor so your guest will be more likely to follow your suggestion and send you at least a short note after the big event.


Personalized Bridesmaid Tote Bags

A wedding is a big day for everyone. There are shoes, dresses, makeup, accessories, bow ties, flowers, and so many little things and details to bring to the venue. Why not carry all your wedding essentials in style with wedding favor bags?

Whether you are planning a destination wedding, elaborated wedding, or an intimate wedding nearby, you’ll find the perfect bridesmaids tote. There are tote bags to fit an elegant castle wedding, relaxed beach wedding, or anything in between.

You can choose sporty totes, tote coolers or market totes, some with reversible styles, all in a variety of sizes.

All of the totes can be personalized with a monogram initial or name. Totes come in a variety of colors to match any wedding style or theme. Choose different fonts, names, monograms, and make yours entirely unique from your bridesmaids.

When everything’s done, your girls will have unique and stylish tote bags they can take to work or school and brag to everyone about how fabulous your wedding was.


Personalized Wedding Bubbles

Dancing, delicate wind-borne bubbles bring a romantic touch to any wedding, including yours. The wide-ranging selection of wedding bubbles features various bubble container shapes, styles, and colors.

Choose champagne glasses or a wedding cake design for that classic accent. For carrying convenience, nothing beats tubular wedding bubbles as cool wedding gifts. These super-slim containers are easy to stash away in pockets and purses as your guests await your arrival.

Whimsical designs are also available, including flip-flops, colorful bottles, and mini hearts. Plus you can have bubble refill liquid and even a bubble machine. Many of the wedding bubbles are etched with romantic verses, while some can be personalized for customized flair.


Personalized Matchbooks

Custom personalized matchbooks feature tons of modern artwork to put your own fabulous spin on the classic wedding favor. All wedding matchbook designs can be customized with your choice of 17 book colors, over 30 foil ink colors, and 3 fonts to complement your décor.

Personalize with your names or initials and the wedding date for unique wedding favors with a spark.


Personalized Wedding Coasters

The personalized wedding coasters are making a comeback. Give your wedding reception a decorative, romantic character on every table.

These practical coasters provide a stable setting for any beverage while protecting wood, metal and other surfaces. And they complement a wide range of decors and furnishings, allowing you to create a subtle yet custom design statement.

You can choose a design to match your wedding season, theme, color and more. You can choose the iconic Eiffel Tower, interlocking hearts, love birds and even mittens.

Personalize the coasters with both newlywed names and the wedding date. They’re an affordable, fashionable way to enhance rehearsal dinners and other celebrations.


Personalized Wedding Fans & Parasols

Dainty and distinguished, the collection of wedding fans and parasols lend a classic touch to your wedding-related celebration.

These old-fashioned air conditioners come in a wide variety of styles and colors and as an added bonus, many have personalization possibilities. High-quality materials like silk and sandalwood, just to name a few, ensure your guests will enjoy these fans and parasols even long after your wedding day.

The selection of parasols are perfect for summer weddings, as guests can gain a shady spot awaiting your appearance from the chapel.

You can even have a stylish array of favor fans. Whether your guests are looking for a cool burst of air or a prized memento. The selection of parasols are perfect for summer weddings, as guests can gain a shady spot awaiting your appearance from the chapel.


Cheap Wedding Favors

Taking advantage of cheap wedding favors can help you with your wedding budget. Depending on the size of your wedding the budget for your wedding favors can be incredibly important. This is key for the reason that you may be planning on allowing for one favor for every guest or one for every couple.

Whichever you decide to do, if you are having a significant number of guests it might seriously impact the amount you can afford to spend on each favor.

If you are only having a small number of guests you might be able to overindulge on more expensive personalized wedding favors. Although, if you are having a big number of guests on a limited financial plan you ought to consider searching for cheap wedding favor ideas.


Candle Wedding Favors

Wedding candles are one of the simplest ideas for inexpensive wedding favors. You can find unfussy candles available at incredibly affordable prices.

You might even consider purchasing personalized ribbon to tie cute bows around the candles. These ribbons can easily be ordered and might include your names and the big event date.

This may sound like a pricey item then again if you buy these ribbons on a reel instead of precut it can be incredibly affordable. A simple taper candle tied with your custom-made ribbon could be placed at each place setting to create a really cheap wedding favor.


Flower Seeds Wedding Favors

Packets of flower seeds for wedding favors or vegetable seed also make great wedding favors which are also enormously cheap. You can stack up a few different types of seeds and tie each with a ribbon to create an attractive presentation which will not blow your budget.

Another approach to give flower or vegetable seeds as cheap wedding favors is to put the seeds in a small pot. The pot does not have to be large enough to grow the flower or vegetable it is simply a symbolic gift so it can be rather undersized.

The pot simply needs to be big enough to hold the packets of seeds. This is important because small pots can be purchased quite inexpensively while bigger pots will be notably more pricey.


Unique Wedding Favor Idea

They are inexpensive, unique and makes a pretty display. You can not go wrong with candy wedding gifts, everyone loves candy. Unique wedding favor idea video.


Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas

If you want to brighten your wedding without smashing the budget, you’re going to décor plenty of balloons, laces and ribbons, raffia, candles, pictures, image frames, napkins, table towels, fruits and even fresh fruit bowls.

You’re probably asking yourself why you need these specific items, right? Well, that is simple. It’s because they are cheap wedding décor items which can be purchased in large quantities. You can use these types of simple wedding decorations to improve the atmosphere of both reception hall and the actual ceremonial area.

The end idea with the tulle wrapped around the shot glass filled with candy and wrapped with a ribbon would be sooo perfect for any wedding. Use candy corn and orange ribbon instead… so cute. Cheapest wedding favors video.


Creative Wedding Gifts

Homemade favors for weddings can be inexpensive without looking cheap. Creative wedding gifts like these are perfect for weddings on a budget. Here are a few suggestions for quick and easy wedding favors. Last minute cool wedding gifts video.


Happy shopping!

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