Liposoft Review::Cosmetic Surgery Breakthrough, Case Study
The procedure is quicker, less effort is required for the surgeon, which in turn minimises potential damage to the nearby areas.
Quicker Procedure40%
Speedy Recovery77%
Longer Lasting59%
Gentle Procedure82%
Money Saver42%
Risk Reduction53%
59%Overall Score
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Liposoft vs Liposuction

A gentler version has been developed and is taking the cosmetic surgery world by storm. Known as liposoft (liquid liposuction) , is a new development in cosmetic surgery. A procedure that helps break down the tummy fat and helps regain a flat tummy. The procedure is very simple and not like the traditional liposuction that used brute force techniques to remove tummy fat.


There can be many ways to reduce tummy fat but liposuction is one of the best known and most popular cosmetic procedures today. Originally developed in the US in 1974, it is a  surgical method of sucking fat out of various areas of the body, commonly the abdomen,  “love handles” and thighs.

In 2008, liposuction was the third most popular surgical procedure in the US, and  the sixth most popular in the UK. But even though the technique has been perfected over the years, risks remain. Anyone can undergo Liposoft, But before you undergo any operation, make sure to consult with the right specialists, find out about potential risks and complications that you may have during and after the treatment.

Liposuction Alternative: Liposoft

There are persistent areas of the body that cannot be remedied with slimming pills, or exercises. If you have unsightly fat deposits that tend to show off a lot of flab, liposoft will help you in staying fit and the procedure will not only improve your body’s physical built but your confidence as well.

Liposoft has many benefits over the original technique.  For one, the procedure doesn’t require a general anaesthetic or light sedative, which makes for a quicker recovery. But it also promises less downtime without compromising on results.

The treatment procedure takes traditional liposuction to new heights by allowing speedy recovery, downtime and precision operation with minimal swelling, bleeding, and bruising. Unlike traditional liposuction, liposoft offers a much gentler approach and there’s less pain.

Some of the areas where liposoft is ideal includes calves, chest, upper and lower abdomen, arms, inner part of the thighs, and neck. Because Liposoft offers more accurate results, as the water pressure coming from the cannula drives blood vessels out of the way, there is less risk of damage on the surrounding tissues.

With traditional liposuction, a large amount of fluid is injected into an area, called infiltration, in order to soften the fat for removal. The fat tissues are removed along with surrounding fluids. This can cause distortion on the natural contours of the body and it can also make the operation more complicated. This can take up to an hour.

The next stage is contouring, where a cannula is inserted to break down the fat and suck it out of the body, something which can damage the tissue near the area being treated. Finally, post-surgery, the excess fluid has to drain, which can take up to three days.

How Does Liposoft Work

In Liposoft, the area is infiltrated with a saline solution containing adrenaline (to minimise bleeding) and a local anaesthetic, using a specially designed water jet. This eliminates the need for a general anaesthetic and enables the patient to remain awake.

Then, a fine jet of water gently dislodges the fat and, although the contouring is still done using a cannula, the water pushes tissues out of its way. “Because the fat cells are loosened by the water jet, they float away and are easily  suctioned out without having to detach them and yank them out,” explains Australian plastic surgeon Dr Mark Kohout.

Ultimately, this means less effort is required for the surgeon, which in turn minimises potential damage to the nearby areas. During  the procedure, the surgeon can move the patient easily if needed, and can get them to stand up so they can check the results.

Also, as a lot less fluid is used, the procedure is quicker, and more than 90 per cent of the fluid drains from the body before the patient leaves the surgery

Dr Kohout believes Liposoft offers patients a safer, more comfortable altemative to liposuction. “Its a very versatile procedure,” he says. “Where the technique has real benefit is in a patient who has a few areas of concern, such as  tummy and thighs, or thighs and ‘love handles’.

In these cases, Liposoft can be carried out under local anaesthetic, and about a litre of fat tissue can be removed without undue discomfort.”

But a burning question remains if the patient is awake throughout, is the process really that painless? Dr Kohout says it is. “It is critical, however, that sufficient fluid is used to anaesthetise the area properly,” he says. “If more than two areas are being worked on, however, I would also recommend sedation.”

Thanks to the nature of the technique, recovery appears to be faster. But does a patient have to follow the same guidelines as someone who has undergane traditional liposuction?

“My recommendation for aftercare is similar to conventional liposuction, with a compression garment being worn for four weeks,” says  Dr Kohout. “For smaller areas, however, I am starting to decrease the recommended compression garment period to two weeks.

Liposuction Cost

Prices for liposoft at a good clinic may start from $4000 but normally the cost of liposoft can vary widely depending on your body type and health status to name just a few. Usually the price start from a base price for one area and you add to the cost by adding additional areas. Also check if anaesthesia and theatre costs are inclusive. An initial consultation ($100-$200) is recommended to make sure you are informed.

Depending on your body type and present health status, the cost for the entire Liposoft treatment package may vary. Initial consultation usually cost $120-$150 which will be cut from your treatment cost if you decide to go ahead with the procedure. Liposoft is affordable when you base the cost on the impressive results. Packages usually start from $3,300, inclusive of anaesthesia and theatre costs.

Advantages and Benefits Of Liposoft

The procedure doesn’t require a general anaesthetic or light sedative, reducing risk.
You don’t have to stay in hospital overnight.
You can remain conscious throughout the procedure, and check interim results during the procedure.
As less fluid is used, the procedure is quicker and less fluid has to drain afterwards.
It is gentler on the body than traditional liposuction.
Speedy recovery, half the time it takes for traditional liposuction to develop expected results
The results are longer lasting
Much gentler procedure, reduced pain, and precision accuracy
You save money on hospital and anaesthetist fees.

Liposoft Results: Case Study

Having few kids in succession, Amanda Corbett, 29, gained weight on her thighs and became unhappy with her appearance. Earlier this year she had them contoured using Lipasoft.

Although Amanda felt a bit uncomfortable during the procedure, she says it wasn’t as bad as she expected. “lmmediately aflerwards I didn’t feel any pain, but several hours later I was a bit sore,” she says.

Several months down the track, Corbett is still a bit swollen but pleased with her new look. “It only took me a few days to get back to normal,” she says.

“Obviously is going to take around six months to see the final results, but so far overall I ‘m happy.”

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