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Back To School Reading Ideas

Back to school ideas – It’s time to go back to school.  If your kids haven’t been reading over the summer, now is a great time to get them started again.  Not all kids like to read but it is so important during school years.  Here are some ideas to make reading more fun.

Successful reading skills will help your children become better at school.  And we all want that, right? Start an incentive for your kids based on reading time or the number of pages read.  After they reach their goal, take them to get ice cream or some other treat.

Find a variety of reading materials for your children.  Introduce them to different genres to teach them about different kinds of reading available.  They can try reading a mystery, and then a non-fiction book.  Science fiction and adventure books are really popular with boys.  Girls like books that they can relate to.

Find books that are appropriate to their age level.  And don’t forget the little kids.  Reading to them will help them appreciate reading as they get older.

Children that don’t like to read can still find things they enjoy reading about.  There are magazines available for every topic.  You can find something on their favorite subject that they can read.  If your child wants to be a pilot when they grow up, find books on flying and building airplanes.  Finding something that is interesting will help inspire them to continue reading.

Reading builds a foundation for learning that will follow your children throughout their lives.  It is such an important skill to have and is necessary for school.  Teaching your children good reading skills also allows them discipline for other studies.  It helps with concentration and comprehension.

Back To School Shoes Ideas

If you are going to be walking a lot, it is a good idea to have comfortable shoes.  Make sure you have worn them a few times so that you aren’t creating blisters on your first day of school.  The same ideas apply to your children.  Don’t send them to school in their brand new shoes until they have worn them around the house for a while and had a chance to break them in a little bit.

When you are picking out shoes for your child, or for yourself, consider what their purpose will be.  Obviously, if they are to go with a specific outfit, the comfort might not be as important as it would be if you were planning on jogging in them.  Find shoes that feel good and fit your feet.  Children can typically wear a ½ size larger than their current foot size to allow for some growth.

back to school party ideas: Classroom parties

If you volunteered to be a room mother for your child, you will probably be a part of planning parties.  Classroom parties might be different at different schools and probably applies mostly to elementary-age classes.  This can be a lot of fun and helps you get to know the other kids in your child’s class.

Some schools have two classroom parties a year.  The first one is Halloween, and then Valentine’s Day.  As part of these parties, you will have specific things that need to be done.

You can collect donations in the form of money or candy for the kids in the class.  Send home a note with the kids asking for a few dollars or a bag of candy.  Or if you are trying to reduce the sugar intake, collect small toys that can be given out in place of candy, such as pencils, erasers, and other small items.

Plan activities and games to do during the party.  Find out what your time frame is for the party and make sure you have enough for the kids to do during that time.  Ideas for the Halloween party include having a Halloween costume contest, making craft items, bobbing for apples, making popcorn hands (use clear gloves, add candy corn in each finger and fill with popcorn), and doing an art project.  You can play games that involve relays or guessing.

Valentine’s party ideas would be similar but adapted for Valentine’s Day.  Check with the teacher and find out if they will be trading Valentine cards before the party or during the party.  Take collections for the party and plan games and activities that center around Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy the time with your child and the other kids in their class.


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