Travel Insurance to USA: Visitors Process Explained

Travel Insurance to USA: Visitors Process Explained

Travel Insurance to USA Guidelines

If you have purchased USA travel insurance or other international health insurance plans for visitors, below is a description of how you can use your insurance plan in the event of a medical emergency, such as sickness or injury. The visitor’s process is the same for all overseas medical insurance plans.

The following are the guidelines for using your visitor insurance in the USA.

Visit the Hospital

– Show your insurance information/insurance ID card
– Provide all necessary information requested by the medical reception staff.
– The hospital receptionist may call the insurance company to verify benefits.
– Be ready to make any payment if asked. Although most providers send the bill directly to the insurance company, it is possible that you may be asked to make a payment as your deductible / co-insurance.
– Ask for proof of payments or receipts.

See Your Doctor

– Ask the doctor any relevant questions and provide the information the doctor requests from you.
– Receive appropriate medical treatment

Request Your Bill

– Request your bill with itemized services and corresponding medical service codes, which will be required while filing for claims
– Service providers may send this bill later via mail.
– The service provider can either send the bill directly to the Insurance company or send it to you.
– You may have to communicate with the provider to get an itemized bill for the services you have received.

Buying Medicine at a Pharmacy

– Make an upfront payment.
– Ask for the receipts.
– You can claim this money from the insurance company, as per the policy coverage.
– Since pharmacies do not store information in their systems for short-term insurance such as USA Visitor Insurance, you need to make an upfront payment at the pharmacy which you can claim from the insurance company later.

Download a travel insurance Claim Form

Download the appropriate claim form from the provider’s website and complete it.

Documents Required for Filing a Claim

– Completed claim form
– Clear, legible copy of passport. (including visa page, picture page, pages with entry and exit stamps)
– Copy of I-94 (if visiting the USA)
– Copies of all receipts
– Copies of medical bills and itemized services
– Cover letter outlining any special instructions


The claims department will verify the information provided and make the payment for all eligible claims to appropriate parties.

Payment can take 4 to 6 weeks or even more since the insurance company takes time to collect all the information, verify claims, communicate with the provider, etc.

Why Buy USA Travel Insurance

Medical care in the USA is extremely costly. Traveling abroad without medical insurance could be very expensive in case of any illness, accident or any other health-related problem. Taking insurance can definitely protect you from high expenses.

Those who are familiar with the USA medical system can certainly understand the importance of Medical Insurance in this country.

First Time Buyers

If you’re traveling with your family on holiday, bringing your parents to the USA for a visit or you’re a globetrotting solo adventurer – VisitorsCoverage Insurance got you covered – with some of the best comprehensive and limited coverage plans for all ages, and all of your travel insurance needs.

Travel Insurance USA

International Health Insurance for Overseas Travel

Traveling overseas is enjoyed by a lot of people nowadays because of the many choices when it comes to international travel. You can travel through the air, by land, or sea. It all depends on where you plan to travel. This may be one reason why a lot of people want to get international health insurance.

For many years now, international medical insurance is becoming more and more popular. By having this type of insurance plan, you can expect that your medical needs are covered even when you’re in a distant place. Injuries and illnesses can happen at any time during your vacation and it will be a good thing if you’re insured.

Health-related problems can occur while you’re away from home and since you’re not a local resident of the place that you’re visiting, you are not qualified to receive health care benefits provided by the local government. If you frequently travel overseas for vacation or for business, you should never be caught without an international travel insurance policy.

The two plans offered as basic international health insurance are travel and expatriate insurance. Both plans provide accident and sickness coverage but the coverage may vary depending on the number of days you stay overseas.

Travel health or medical insurance is more popular than the expatriate because travelers think that this is a much better option especially for those who travel for only a couple of days, weeks, or months. This type of plan consists of a $1,000,000 coverage on ordinary emergency healthcare, trip interruption, and home coverage.

If you have plans to stay overseas for quite some time, you need to get expatriate health insurance. Make sure that you’re covered in a foreign country and if you’re with your family, they must be covered too. This type of plan can be renewed and the coverage amount can reach as high as $5,000,000.

Insurance needs vary from one individual to another. It is therefore very important to identify all your insurance needs first before shopping for international health insurance.

You must also know how long you’re going to stay overseas; in terms of days, weeks, months, or years. Getting international health insurance is truly a wise move if you want to protect yourself, as well as your family.

Traveling overseas is not an easy decision. You see, you must have the proper resources and money in order to finance your way out of your home country.

You would need extra money for some petty expenses, you need luggage to pack your things, your traveling ticket and most importantly, you need to buy international health insurance. If you put all these things together, it can mean big money.

If you choose to travel without any form of insurance at all, you will surely regret it once you meet a medical emergency abroad because it can eat-up all your savings and leave you bankrupt.

What’s worse is if you’re in another country and you don’t have close friends and relatives to help you out. So don’t make this mistake and secure your travel abroad.

Get the right international health insurance that can meet all your needs as you travel abroad and one that can fit right into your current financial situation. Go for reputable and well-established insurance providers in the industry. Check if they offer specialized international health insurance policies.

Cheap Insurance for International Travel

Traveling to another place or country is no joke. It involves a lot of things and it can really get you exhausted and exhilarated. Now, one of the many things that you would have to do once you finally decide to travel abroad is getting good but also cheap insurance.

You see, insurance policies these days are quite expensive. But for purposes of traveling abroad, you only need to secure travel insurance.

There are so many insurance providers out there that offer different kinds of insurance policies including travel insurance.

Now, all these insurance providers may have a good reputation and background but you need to choose only one. You must choose the insurance provider who can provide you with almost all your needs as you travel abroad.

The task of looking for a travel agency that can book you on a flight is not easy. You need to consider your budget and if you have very limited money to spend, you have to cut back on some amenities.

One is to simply take the economy seat rather than the first class. You can also save money if you bring only a few baggage or luggage. But no matter how tight your budget is, you must never go out of the country without any international travel insurance.

When purchasing travel insurance, you also have several options just like booking for your amenities. There are insurance policies of reasonable rates that can suit your current financial situation.

Don’t make the sacrifice of not getting any insurance at all because you may end up paying for huge medical bills and other expenses abroad. There are so many travel insurance out in the market and all you have to do is to look for the right one.

You see, the insurance industry is very competitive and in order to stay in the market, the insurance providers must be able to give attractive offers to their customers or clients. So it is no surprise that cheap travel insurance are now being offered. The insurance policies are quite affordable and can surely meet the standards of the customers.

Before choosing an insurance policy, you have to canvas or at least make a comprehensive survey of the current prices of travel insurance in the market.

For instance, choose the top five popular insurance providers and call them one by one and ask for the different prices of the travel insurance policies. This may be time-consuming so you can make an online comparison through the help of the internet.

You see, in just one sitting, you can compare several quotes of insurance policies online. All the matters concerning insurance policies can be found online. The prices of the policies, coverage, exclusions, benefits, and other important information can be found online.

Thorough canvassing and comparison of the different travel insurance, you can make a decision as to which cheap international travel insurance to purchase. The travel insurance that fits your budget and not only that, but it can also provide you with all your coverage needs abroad.

Start shopping now for a cheap yet good insurance policy. It would be best to make an early start because choosing the best cheap travel insurance may take some time especially if this is your first time to secure one. Good luck in your search and may you find the one that suits your needs.

Insurance for International Visitors to the USA

If you are a new US immigrant and entering the US for the first time, or a green card holder but living outside of the US and visiting the US for a short duration, travel medical insurance can provide you the temporary health coverage you need.

There are many options available for medical insurance for new immigrants and green card holders in the US, depending on the individual’s situation.

Insurance for International Visitors to USA

International Travel Insurance Quote to Fit your Budget

Finally, the day for your longed-for vacation spree has come. But wait… do you already have your international travel insurance quote?

Some people have second thoughts in purchasing international travel insurance because they think that it is just an additional expense.

They would rather spend the extra money for shopping or for fine dining, but what if you encounter some emergency situations abroad? Are you prepared to pay for countless medical bills and other expenses? Perhaps you may not be in the best financial position to meet such emergencies.

But if you have travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about a thing. So the best thing now is to get an international travel insurance quote for yourself, and if you’re traveling with your family, get a quote for the whole family.

Mishaps, accidents, illnesses, and natural catastrophes come without any notice and you probably don’t want to be caught off guard. You and your family may be trapped in this kind of situation during your vacation abroad.

During these times, who do you expect to come to your rescue? Your insurance provider of course; well, only if you secured travel insurance prior to leaving your home country. By getting a travel insurance quote now, you can expect your return to your country without any problems.

The quotes are available in different types of travel insurance like backpacking, business, air, multi-trip, and single trip policies. You must have pre-set requirements before you even start your search for the right travel insurance. This will make it easier to choose the appropriate international travel insurance quote.

You can also get several quotes from different insurance providers especially if you log into the comparison websites. Simply provide a few personal details and the suitable quotes will be displayed on the screen of your computer.

All the quotes you obtain online should be meticulously and thoroughly studied. After this, you can already come up with an informed and wise decision. You see, price is not the sole consideration when choosing international travel insurance. You have to look into other things like coverage, exclusions, benefits, etc..

Comparing the different quotes is not time-consuming anymore through the help of the internet and not only that, if you purchase the quotes online, you can get great discounts. This way, you can still save some money that you can use while you’re on vacation.

Now, there are expensive, as well as cheap international travel insurance quotes that you can find online. If you have the money to spend on travel insurance with greater coverage and benefits, then you can splurge your money on it.

But if you’re on a tight and limited budget, you can always go for the cheap travel insurance policies. There are so many affordable policies out there. If you know your needs, it is easy to find a suitable cheap insurance policy.

The internet has revolutionized how people purchase insurance policies nowadays. You don’t have to leave your home or you can do it in your office as long as there is an internet connection; and in just one sitting, you can get several quotes that you can compare with each other.

Try to conduct your search now while you still have time and find the appropriate and suitable international travel insurance quote online, so that when you’re already on vacation you can enjoy every minute of it.