Hooked On Phonics Pre K Reviews Level 1 & 2

Hooked On Phonics Pre K Reviews

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre Kindergarten

Hooked on Phonics Pre K is designed to give your child a strong foundation in phonics and reading readiness skills.

Pre-K program 3-4 years:

Helps kids learn letter names, sounds, and even shapes

Includes fun activities–such as simple online games and music videos–to reinforce important concepts

Always ends with a moment of celebration, each unit concludes with a storybook you read to your child, specially written to support what your child just learned.


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Hooked On Phonics Pre K Reviews Level 1 & 2

Excellent all-around learning tool for children – By Bryan Carey

Reading is an important skill to develop and Hooked on Phonics is one of the best-known companies that strives to help children learn through the use of sounds. Children generally like learning and their interest is greatly enhanced when learning is presented in a fun, entertaining way.

This particular Hooked on Phonics package does exactly that- it presents a fun dimension to reading that will encourage active involvement in the learning process by youngsters in the pre-kindergarten age group.

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre- K includes DVDs, storybooks, workbooks, flashcards, a start guide, and stickers. The DVDs feature some tunes with catchy hooks that, while repetitive, will have kids singing and humming along.

The workbook lets children show how good they are at writing the letters of the alphabet while the storybooks utilize rhyme and rhythm. Each component of this learning set is designed to appeal to a child’s fun side, and this is the main reason the Hooked on Phonics tool is such a great success.

Looking at the different components of this package set, the one that most children will like best is probably the DVD, due to the cartoon images and the sounds. The storybooks included in Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K is short and simple, but kids will love them because of the rhymes and other learning aspects.

Not all of the books use rhyming, but those that do not still emphasize an important aspect of learning to read. Children may not count the books in this package among their all-time favorites, but they will like them nonetheless.

The same is true with flashcards. There is nothing special about these flashcards, but children will enjoy using them and will like the challenge of guessing which letter of the alphabet is represented by the object on one side of the cards.

From a parent’s perspective, one of the most effective learning tools in this package is the workbook. It helps to teach kids some of the common words that begin with each letter of the alphabet and, most importantly, it teaches them how to draw each of the letters.

It focuses on capital letters and it begins by teaching children the shape of each capital letter by comparing it to a household item or other object to which a child is likely familiar.

It then lets them try their hand at drawing the letter using a diagram that displays the letter four separate times with numbered points that represent the starting point when drawing each line of a certain letter. Kids will also enjoy placing one of the included stickers on each page once they complete each letter.

Hooked on Phonics Pre- K is a highly effective reading tool for youngsters in the 3-4 year age group. It combines audio and visual components to teach a child how to recognize letters, how to draw them, and how to pronounce them, helping preschool-age children learn the basics and be prepared before the first days of kindergarten.


Buy this today! Buy one for everyone you know – By R. Lee Barretton

I have used some version of Hooked Phonics to teach 4 of my 6 kids to read. The two that didn’t have the benefit of Hooked on Phonics have struggled immeasurably. The current version was used to teach my 5-year-old this summer, and sadly we waited until right before kindergarten started to use this program.

Teaching a child to read today is vastly different than it was 20 years ago when all I had to contend with was Barney and similar television programming. Now parents are challenged by a vast, interconnected digital foe.

Hooked on Phonics levels the playing field though. Last week I was informed that, despite our late start, the 5-year-old is now a whole 6 weeks ahead of the rest of her class. Every night before bed she asks to be read to. Simply the best investment I have made all year!


A must-have for your preschooler – By Candra C. Georgi

I can only describe our Hooked on Phonics time as “Christmas Morning”. My 3-year-old is over the moon excited to sit down and work on his workbook and then get rewarded with stickers and the DVD portion. We have tried several workbooks, books, and systems on him, but this has for sure been his favorite.

He really enjoys it and the proof is in the pudding. Everywhere we go now he calls out “look there is an A” or “Look there is a C”, he is really picking this stuff up faster than ever before. Even my 1 year old is saying the sounds of the DVD as he watches with big brother.

As a mom, I love the organization and variety of the system. Not to mention it doesn’t take up my whole day. We can easily sit down and process through the day’s lesson in 20 or fewer minutes.

Perfect for the attention span of a newly 3-year-old. You can always do more or review, but it’s nice to complete something and feel like they weren’t worn out and fussy when it’s over.

Inside the program, you receive flashcards, a workbook, great review books, and the kids favorite…the DVDs. The videos are high quality and the songs are amazing. All the songs are stuck in our heads & the kids. Everyone is learning their sounds and letters!

An amazing product.


Outstanding package! 17 month old knows all his letters now – By Liz81

I know this might not be typical, but I ordered this program for my daughter who had just turned 3. We were doing homeschooling preschool and I ordered Hooked on Phonics at my sister’s recommendation who has taught each of her 3 kids to read using this program.

The DVDs were so fun! We would put it on and dance around to the songs in our living room. In addition to my 3-year-old loving it! My then 13-month-old son seemed captivated. We continued to watch the DVDs at home and on our car trips.

It was all the two of them wanted to watch! In no time, my son was pointing out letters everywhere. At his 15 month appointment, the doctor asked if he was talking I told her not only was he saying words he knew his alphabet!

She didn’t believe it…so she started pointing out letters for him and he told her everyone, except for “W” because it was too hard to say, so instead, he made the sound for “W”.

I told her we had not done any teaching for him, he just watched the HOP DVDs with his sister. He is now 17 months and can point out Upper and Lowercase letters (out of order) and tell you the sound they make. I am amazed!

My daughter just started the Kindergarten pack (she just turned 3.5 so it took us just 4 months before she was ready for Kindergarten) and she has already read her first book after learning her “at”, “an” and “ap” words. She understands how to sound out the letters.

I owe this all to Hooked on Phonics! Excellent program and for us, we have had excellent results! I highly recommend buying the Pre-K through 2nd-grade pack, but we have bought them separately. It is cheaper to get them together though.


Where was this when I was teaching my kids to read – By Cynthia E. Downes

As a mom and former homeschooler, I highly recommend Hooked on Phonics to all parents, whether you are homeschooling or not. It’s easy-to-use, fun for the kids and their parents; and, most important of all, it’s effective.

It’s effective because it’s based on phonics. The Pre-K program teaches letter and sound recognition, as well as an introduction to blending. The instructions are so simple that anyone can do it.

I especially like how all the senses are utilized, making it effective for children with all learning styles.

The kit comes with a workbook that provides step-by-step instructions, a DVD, reading books, stickers for rewards, flashcards, and access to additional online materials.

Some of the activities:

1. Sing the Alphabet song and songs for each letter. Some of these are really cute, some just ok.

2. Watch how a letter is formed and then trace the shape of the letter in the workbook.

3. Color the letter.

4. Say the name of the picture beginning with the letter.

5. Three hands-on activities to reinforce the letter such as making the letter P out of ten pieces of popcorn and then eating it up.

6. Review lessons in the workbook including matching rhyming words, matching sounds with images, flashcard activities, and circling the letters. The flashcards are printed on quality paper and should hold up well for all of your children.

7. After your child has completed the lesson, he earns a star sticker for his workbook page.

The online activities include more songs (some more interesting than others) that reinforce learning, worksheets (only one in which the child circles the correct picture), and a board-game-like record of your child’s progress.

You will want to supplement with more worksheets, but these can be found free online. Do a search for “phonics and worksheets.”

The DVD contains songs to review the letters and sounds learned. This is a contemporary version of the alphabet song, as well as other songs for each letter of the alphabet. The animations are colorful and fun.

I especially like how blending was explained on the DVD by moving the letters closer together as the sounds were spoken.

After you complete all the lessons, there are books to read to and with your child. For example: In “The Letter Hunt,” your child can read the letters he has learned while you read the rest of the story.

These books are an excellent review and will increase fluency. Some of the illustrations were better than the others, but all were satisfactory.

There is an extra CD in the Amazon pack called, Fun in Motion. It includes animated videos that teach about trucks, cars, trains, planes, and boats. Fun stories, cute animations, interesting sound effects will keep your preschooler interested.

The only reason this product may not work is your child’s reading readiness, which is different for every child. I suggest that you try it; but, if your child gets frustrated, stop and pick it up again later. When he or she is ready, this is an extremely effective tool.

Your best buy is to buy the entire PreK-2nd-grade set; however, if you can’t afford that, the ability to buy one set at a time makes it easy to purchase as you need them.


Worth every penny of the purchase price and more – By Sterghe

As a homeschooling parent, an adult educator, and a computer person, my standards for pre-reading software are pretty high. Hooked on Phonics is an enduringly popular system for a reason, though, and this package met all my expectations.

Fellow educators who are fans of Howard Gardner will love the variety of approaches to the core material here. There are videos to watch, songs to sing, letters to color, letters to make (and eat!), books to read, and games to play.

With every sense and every aspect of intellect involved, a child can’t help but be fascinated and enthusiastic.

Parents will just be happy their child wants to learn and apply the foundation skills that will open many future doors. I’ve heard many times that if your funds are limited, investing in preschool and college will pay for itself–and I’ve seen that advice work out more than once.

An excited learner and prepared young student is ready to succeed all the way through school and beyond. Hooked on Phonics Preschool is a great beginning for that attitude.

This package contains both Level 1 and Level 2 of the Hooked on Phonics Preschool program, which emphasizes letter recognition and application (knowing the names and sounds associated with letters and letter combinations). I’d definitely recommend continuing with later software packages as your child matures into them.

When is a child ready for this package? Basically, if your toddler/preschooler is interested in the words as you read out loud and trace your finger along with the text if s/he pretends to read books independently or starts to pay attention to letters on signs, s/he’s ready for this program.

Use the package as a productive playtime to supplement shared reading and your public library’s free events, and you’ll be ready for the next step sooner than you think!


An amazing reading starter, my child loves it – By Kelly Sottelbaum

Just got this for my 3 1/2-year-old and he is loving every bit of it.

He already knew the alphabet and can count to 20, but still, has trouble with the phonics of certain letters. When he started opening books and “reading” based on what he’s heard been read to him and the pictures, we knew it was time to get him reading – he wants to read!

I ordered about a dozen “learn to read” books like Oliver (I Can Read Book 1) and I See, You Saw (My First I Can Read), but this package incorporates the “how-to” learn and makes it fun.

Together with the stand-alone books, I think reading will be as fun as learning the alphabet was (lots of smiles…and lots of repeating with the smiles.)

The DVD includes bright-colored animation and easy-to-sing-along songs that allow singing along while making the phonetic sounds.

One of the “extras” is the alphabet; saying it, making the sound of the letter, and then a word with the letter. The first time my child watched it, he was repeating all the sounds that were on the video.

The flashcards were also fun, but perhaps a bit easy. (We’ve used a lot of flashcards.) Same goes for the workbook, but we’ve gone through so many workbooks (he loves them) that it’s somewhat expected.

Other workbooks, such as Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K provide more activities, but they aren’t nearly as integrated into a “lesson” as this kit provides (flashcards, books, DVD.)

Overall, this feels like a very high-quality reading/phonics kit for Pre-K. It’s my first experience with “Hooked on Phonics,” but with how my child has responded thus far, it seems like his next step – reading – is going to be a very fun journey for him.

After going through the first 2 lessons of “Level 1,” along with the Extras, and having my child say “watch that one again” (and proceeding to watch them over and over, all interactively), you can’t go wrong with this kit.

One thing that wasn’t quite clear when ordering (maybe I skipped something), but there are a few “age levels” (this one being Pre-K), and with each of those, there is a Level 1 and Level 2. This package contains *both* Level 1 and Level 2.


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