Graduation Party Themes, College, High School

Graduation Party Themes Help To Honor The Graduate

Graduation Party Themes

It’s important that you honor the graduate in your life with an amazing graduation party. There are various graduation party themes that you can explore, including the past, the present, and the future. High school and college graduations are worth celebrating and a new theme should be chosen with each new party.

High School Graduation Party Themes

The high school graduation party themes often focus on the cap and gown. Choose colors that are based upon the colors that are being worn for the high school. You can find an array of graduation party supplies in the colors you need. You can also stick with the standard of gold and black.

Fire and ice is a common theme for parties in general because it allows people to wear either blue or red. You can keep with a similar theme when you do graduation with the exception of everyone wearing black or gold.

Graduation Party Ideas

There are many graduation party ideas for college as well. Some of the college graduation party themes can focus on what a person majored in and what the next step for them is.

This can include a medical, legal, or marketing slant depending upon the major. That allows you to use fun themes for the graduation invitations and much more.

College Graduation Party Themes

College graduation party themes are going to be a little more mature, simply because you are looking at approximately four more years passing since the high school graduation celebration.

You will be able to do a little bit more, which includes serving alcohol. This means you may want Champagne flutes, a punch bowl, and various other party supplies that you didn’t need before.

The more creative you get, the more fun everyone is going to have. You can use some cardboard cutouts of the graduate. This can be life-size, which means everyone can pose with the graduate without having the graduate stand there for all of the photos.

It works really well because the cardboard cutout is lightweight, allowing people to be able to pick up and dip the graduate for some great photos.

Graduation Invitations

Graduation invitations should hint at the theme that is being presented. You can use a great photo of the graduate and then give some of the details so people know how to dress and what to expect out of the party.

Afterward, you also want to send graduation thank you cards to thank people for their gifts and for attending.

Speaking of thanking people for gifts, no graduation theme party should be void of a gift table or a fun box to collect checks and money to send the graduate on his or her way into the real world with a little something extra.

The party can be fun and the supplies help to make the theme come alive.


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