Beginners Golf Tips To Lower Your Golf Score, Golf Coach

Beginners Golf Tips To Lower Your Golf Score

Beginners Golf Tips

Learning to play golf the correct way not only leads to better play but a more gratifying experience. Here are some beginners golf tips to help you get started:

Learning to golf successfully is not something that you can actually learn while playing a video game.  This news is at times a crushing blow to those who have spent time playing Nintendo’s Wii Sports but it is in fact the crushing reality. Learning how to play golf in real life is sometimes very complicated and will entail that you pay close attention to the rules.

While learning from a golf coach is a wise idea, there are a few blunders that scores of novices tend to make.  Learning how to overcome these mistakes will greatly improve your chances of playing a good game of golf and walking away from the green after a successful golf game.

Lower Your Golf Score

One of the main problems that novices have when learning golf is they tend to look up when they actually go to strike the ball.  This is a problem because it can result in a stroke being counted even if you did not hit the ball.  You can just imagine how this can suddenly add up to a terrible golf score.

It is key to always look down until after you have hit the ball.  To ensure that you do stay down until after the hit ensure that you keep your hips properly rotated.

If you have trouble with this concept talk to your coach for the best beginners golf tips to help you.  Additionally, making sure that you keep your arms extended fully while you are swinging has been known to help numerous beginning golfers.  Your last step should be counting to five after you strike the ball before you look up.  This will assist you to pace yourself and help you avoid looking up too quickly.

Another common problem for beginning golfers is that many putts on the green are continuously missed.  To help overcome this problem you should ensure that you are standing in the putting stance and looking straight down at the top of your ball.

If you are not looking directly down, you are likely to miss the appropriate hit and your ball will veer off in an undesirable direction.  Only look straight down at the ball when you actually putt and you will be looking at a much greater chance of actually hitting the ball into the hole without having to endlessly putt and putt again.

Beginners Golf Swing

The first thing a beginner or high handicap golfer must learn is motion. Whether it is in golf or any other sport, the correct motion is really important in your basic foundation for creating a good golf swing.

Many new golfers also tend to have a problem with the ball going into the sides of the green, rather than straight ahead.  While this may seem like a very complicated problem to correct, it is actually quite simple with a bit of patience.

The first thing you always need to keep in mind is your stance.  If you are not standing appropriately before you even swing the club, you are not going to have a successful stroke.

You need to ensure that you are taking the time to carefully examine your stance before you ever swing, if you notice that your club is not squarely touching the ball then you may need to back up a bit to make certain that you are not hitting the ball from the side of the club.

This is one of the biggest things that will throw a ball to one side of the green or another.  Ensuring a solid, square swing will help your ball go to the desired location with a bit of practice.

Best Golf Tips For Beginners

*Don’t waste your money on expensive clubs until you have reached a basic level of competency
*Don’t go near a golf course until you have reached a basic level
*Get lessons from a qualified professional
*Watch the pros, practice, and learn the rules of golf, also some basic golf etiquette

Beginners Golf Grip

Hooking is one of the last major flaws that strikes most novices.  This is something that can be fairly difficult to correct as well.  Some have a problem with their stance that causes the ball to hook, while others are gripping the club too much, causing it to hit the ball the wrong way.

Regardless of your problem, taking a close look at your stance, as well as being sure that you are not gripping the club too tightly should be very helpful in correcting a hooked ball.  Of course, once you have started making adjustments to your stance or even your grip, you need to practice a bit to improve your skills.

The quickest and most effective way to play proficient golf is through study and practice. Practice will develop your skill and playing technique, the experience will develop your judgment. Knowledge of what to do and practice of how to do it is the shortest route to accomplishing your goal of playing good golf.

Books and videos can be invaluable in learning the basics. There are some very good ebooks and videos on the market that will help you. Take a look at the beginner’s golf tips and golf lessons on our website, for some guidance as well.

The Vardon Grip

The Vardon grip is a popular way of holding a golf club.

Beginners Golf Tips Video

These lesson video contain great golf tips for beginners. They are clear and concise and won’t talk over your head. They actually are golf tips for beginners.  Soon after you watch the video on golf tips for beginners you won’t be a beginner anymore.


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