Proper Golf Posture Stance, Setup, Golf swing

Proper Golf Posture And Stance: Tips, Setup, Grip

Proper Golf Posture

Proper golf posture and alignment are important as they will determine the shape of your swing. Until you get your spine in alignment, you will continue to hit weak drives that very rarely go straight.

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints of all golfers. This is usually due to the high-velocity rotary forces that are applied upon the lumbar spine during a proper golf swing. You can relieve lower back pain just by improving your posture when you play.

The Key To Proper Golf Swing Is Posture

Proper golf posture is essential to maintaining balance and hitting consistent golf shots. The key is a proper golf posture and stance that provides stability and rigidity throughout a proper golf swing while maintaining comfort.

Start with the lower body. Your stance should be wide enough to accommodate shifts in body weight transfer. The longer the club you hit, the wider the stance.

Proper Golf Setup

Proper posture setup can be attained by bending your knees so they cover up your shoelaces. Then you must also bend from the hips at the same time. Sticking your butt out while keeping your back straight is the proper way to bend correctly from your hips.

Golfers striving to improve their scores must focus on fundamentals for success. The single most important and most overlooked swing fundamental is the setup.

Too many players tend to hunch their backs when they set up. By keeping your spine straight, you eliminate many of the strains involved in rotating your torso during the swing. It not only removes stress from your back but also allows your shoulders to rotate and your arms to swing freely on the correct plane during your golf swing.

Proper Golf Stance And Grip

Proper golf stance is an integral part of your golfing setup and alignment before hitting the ball.

Once you get the proper golf grip the next important part of the golf swing is getting in the correct stance. Being in the correct posture will allow you to be able to make the proper turn back and through the golf ball. You need to be in an athletic position with your golf posture.

Here are a few tips to accomplish the proper golf posture:

Stand tall with a slight knee bend from the hips.
You should feel a pelvic tilt (butt out) with a flat back as you bend over.
Weight on the balls of your feet.
Slight tilt with your spine away from the target so your lead shoulder is slightly higher than your following shoulder.
Arms should hang straight down from your body and then grip the club from there.

Once you are in this correct posture you should feel very stable over the ball. If a golfer came up and pushed on your shoulders you should not fall over.

Check your posture. Tiger works on his set up under the watchful eye of swing coach Sean Foley. They both say the key to his swing is posture.


Proper Golf Posture Training Aids

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