Planning a Baby Shower Checklist

Planning Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist Guidelines

Hosting a shower or planning a baby shower for a friend or family member? Get organized with this flawless checklist. It will guide you to a smooth, fabulous and worry-free event.


Decide on a Host and Set a Budget.
Choose a Date and Time for the Baby Shower
Make a Guest List
Find a Place to Have the Baby Shower
Pick a Baby Shower Theme
Remind Mom-To-Be to Register for Gifts
Send out the Baby Shower Invitations
Order a Cake and Food for the Baby Shower
Get Decorations for the Baby Shower
Plan the Baby Shower Games
Collect the RSVPs
Help With the Thank You Notes


8 Weeks Before

Determine who the host(s) will be.

Set a date and time.

Prepare a guest list, complete with full names and addresses.

Set a budget.

Choose a location for the baby shower. If you need an outside venue, book it early.
If catering is an option, choose a caterer or other food provider

6 Weeks Before

Choose a theme or color scheme

It can be traditional (baby-related) or as simple as a garden theme with baskets of flowers and pots of wheatgrass.

Mail the invitations

Order and prepare invitations for mailing

Provide a map or directions to the location and an RSVP deadline of no later than a week before the date. If the mother-to-be has registered for baby gifts, make sure her registry information is included on the invitation.

5 Weeks Before

Plan the Menu

Prepare a shopping list for the food and beverages you’ll need (If cooking your own food).

A brunch or tea party is traditional. If you’re having brunch, consider quiche rather than omelets. Light dinner works for evening showers.

Also consider finger foods, a potluck, or a dessert party. If you have a theme, the foods should reflect it. If you’ll be doing the cooking, try to choose dishes that can be made a week ahead and frozen, or at least the day before.

Consider making it a group effort with each guest assigned a different dish.

Check if any of the guests have food allergies and make sure there are options available for them.

Order the cake.

4 Weeks Before

Go Shopping

Decide what kind of decorations and/or flowers you’ll have. Start thinking about the gift you want to give.

Buy decorations, disposable tableware, party favors and goody bags (or order them online).

Investigate your local rental options if you need extras.

Order balloons and flowers if they are planned decorations

Order table centerpieces

Wrap all favors and gifts

Line up some extra hands

Arrange for bartending help or entertainment, as needed

Assign or hire a professional photographer

Order any entertainment (if you want a band, etc.) or create a playlist for a fun and inviting atmosphere or additional surprises.

Prepare some games.

Think about the games that you will want to be played as well as the prizes for the winners. Stock up on whatever materials are needed to play

2 Weeks Before

If you’re using a restaurant or party space, Re-confirm the reservation.

Re-confirm your plans with the caterer, if you are using one.

Re-confirm rental supplies

Re-confirm the entertainment

Re-confirm with guests who’ve been asked to bring food or special items.

Re-confirm party favors

If the party is at your home, decide which serving dishes, utensils, table linens, and napkins you’ll use.

Order a flower crown or corsage for the mother-to-be (a charming, old-fashioned touch).

Designate a person to pick up the guest of honor and bring her to the shower.

1 Week Before

Follow up on RSVP stragglers. Phone anyone who has not called to RSVP.
Put together the goody bags and wrap the prizes for the games

Prepare freeze-ahead dishes

Complete the grocery shopping. f you’ll be doing the cooking, buy all the nonperishables, and prepare dishes that you can freeze ahead of time for the event.

1 Day Before

Give your house the once-over.

Pick up the cake and prepared foods, if you’re not cooking.

Pick up flowers, or make sure they get delivered.

Set up a designated space for holding baby gifts.


The Morning of the Shower

Set up the party space. Arrange the furniture. Put out the favors, prizes, and games

Pick up balloons. If you pick them up earlier they could deflate

Designate someone to help the guest of honor record the gifts and the givers

Have all hosts congregate at the party site an hour ahead of time to help set up

Chill some refreshments to be ready at party time.

Set out food, except items that need to stay warm or cold.


Party Time!

Introduce the guests to each other

Mingle. Eat. Take pictures. Play games. Open gifts.


After The Party

Collect all the gifts, flowers, and place them in the mother-to-be’s car or ride.

Make sure that all guests are leaving with their party favors and coats.

Gather all rented linens, tables, and chairs together if needed to be picked up or dropped off.

This checklist will help you have the perfect baby shower. I hope it’s a blast!


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