How to Improve Your Golf Swing

The basis or foundation on how to improve your golf swing is good body motions. When your body moves correctly, it delivers the support for correct stance, arm, hand, and golf club motions.

In other words, when your body moves properly through the hitting area and on to the finish of the golf swing, it provides a firm podium for your arms, hands, and club to be in the proper position at impact.

The first order of business is to check your body’s position at the end of your golf swing. Each time you make a full swing, your body (in particular your hips and abdomen) should be facing your target. Your back must be practically vertical. This position should be very steady and secure, this is a must to help you to improve your golf swing .

To improve your golf swing is not simple. Anything that you can do to better your golf swing will take strokes off your golf game. Learning the fundamentals of the golf swing are essential if you are going to become good and earn the single digit handicap that you have always wanted.

Basics Of A Good Golf Swing

Work on one thing at a time. Never think you are going to master the basics of a good golf swing in one day. It is not going to happen. Learning how to improve your golf swing is a process that takes time.

Make sure your clubs are fit for you. Don’t think that every club will be okay. It simply is not the case.

Learn the basics of a good take away and back swing for improve all around play. One important aspect of your golf game is to have a controlled back swing for all your shots. Take the club back slowly and develop a good back swing for precision.

Always start with a good grip and  always check it for consistency and comfort. A lot of golfers take it for granted when they step up to the ball that their grip is routine. Never fall into that trap. Make sure you feel comfortable with your grip and that you always take the same position with your hands. Stop to verify it before you swing.

Learn to address the ball and take your stance according to the shot. Your stance and leg position must be different for any shot on the course.

If you need a closed stance, an open stance, lean forward, short swing, or long swing, choose your stance and position with care. The set up and your address are keys to making a good shot whether it be a drive, wedge, long iron, or even a putt.

Work to increase your club head speed. Speed provides you with distance and you’ll need plenty of distance for today’s longer courses. There are drills you can use to increase your club head speed. Work with a professional to develop more speed and be familiar with your speed. Your professional can measure your club head speed for you.

Avoid the slice. Nearly all golfers have a natural slice which you ought to correct. The slice is not your friend because it cuts down on distance and is difficult to control. Part of your set up should be to aim your shots to the right to work on using a draw.

Become a great putter. Wonderful putters shoot lower scores.

Golf Swing Mechanics: Golf Swing Setup Position

A good set-up and the address position is integral. Few golfers take enough time over this important alignment or golf swing mechanics , and others think they are properly aligned when they’re not.

When practising, do not shrink from placing a club down on the ground beyond the ball so that it is parallel with the meant line of flight. By using this datum line, you can be sure that you are lining up properly.

I strongly recommend you do not experiment with open or closed stances. We ought to swing along the supposed line of flight.

Moving the feet and shoulders about merely alters the direction of the swing, and leads to problems. We are looking for a standardized procedure.

Position is mainly a matter of aligning the direction of the swing to the target – “aiming” correctly. It goes without saying that unless we align properly at address, the ball will not go where we intend it to go.

Visit every golf range and you see golfers who have not even selected a target to aim at – so the matter of alignment never arises. This is a waste of time and effort. Always aim at a specific target, and be sure to align proper to it. This is basic common sense.

The questions of direction and distance should be resolved before we settle down to make the stroke. Uncertainty leads to tension and error.

Tell yourself good things. Lots of people are telling themselves that they will perform poorly in a given situation and subsequently, when they do, they act amazed. Tell yourself good things, and good things will occur, in your effort to improve your golf swing.

All of these tips will help to better your golf swing. You ought to practice them everyday and never take them for granted. Your efforts will pay dividends by making you a much improved golfer.

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