GolfBuddy Voice Golf GPS

No fees or subscriptions are necessary with the Golf Buddy Voice Golf GPS. Courses from around the world are already pre-loaded, so it is ready to use right out of the box. The GolfBuddy Voice displays and speaks the distances to you by just pressing a single button.

The GolfBuddy Voice Golf GPS Range Finder is the first golf GPS that displays and also speaks the distances to you. It is also one of the smallest golf gps units available at only 1.7″x1.7″ and weighs only 1 oz. It is so small that you can clip it on your visor and revert.

GolfBuddy Voice Golf GPS Details

Audio Distance Information (It tells you the distance)
Pre-Loaded with 35.000+ courses worldwide
8 different spoken languages pre-loaded
Distance to Front / Center / Back
Shot Distance Measurement
Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
Origin: USA

GolfBuddy Voice Golf GPS Features

40,000 course capacity
Distances to Front / Center / Back of the green
Automatic course & hole recognition
Shot distance measurement
Dynamic green view
Volume control
Supports multiple greens

GolfBuddy Voice Golf GPS Customer Reviews

Awesome product and convenience – By CB

I’ve been in the market for a golf GPS or rangefinder and have been undecided for a long time. The laser rangefinders are definitely appealing, but the form factor and having to dig a large item out of your bag when you need to get the pin distance was a major drawback.

I also looked at a bunch of the new GPS systems, but many of them almost had too many functions and features – enough that I knew I would be distracted during my golf round. Really, all I want is a good, reliable, accurate distance to the pin. This product is it.

I bought this on Amazon and have tested it at several golf courses. This item is very accurate. After I bought it, I was obsessively checking the distance and comparing it with markings on the course. It always matched the plaques or sprinkler head covers of all three courses I ran this on.

The biggest plus to this product is the form factor. You can easily clip this onto the side of your hat or your belt and forget it is there. Need the distance to the pin? Simple, press the button and it tells you. Need the distance to the front or back of the green? Press the button again for three seconds and it tells you.

It is very easy to hear, yet is quiet enough that it will not disturb your playing partners – in fact when the volume is turned down halfway, I doubt a playing partner five feet from you could hear it at all.

All I want is my distance, and that is exactly what this does – By Susan

On a whim I bought this because the other range finders I used were either too bulky, too complicated, too high maintenance, or too hard to read. All I want is my distance so I can select my club. I don’t want to have to remember to load the course, or pack batteries.

I can’t comfortably wear most of them on my belt and the watch ones are huge! (I have enough trouble with golf glove tan without adding watch tan.) This product solves all those issues. I wear it on my shirt and can choose to hit the button and have her tell me the distance or I can look at the display.

Accuracy has been excellent. It automatically finds the course and announces the hole I am on. A charge will get you through 36 holes. It will give you distance to front, middle, or back and will also measure a shot distance. It is super easy to use! LOVE IT.

Very good GPS – By William R.

The main reason I chose Golf Buddy was the display. I didn’t have to push a button. The distance was always on display. I had the choice to remove my hat and read the distance, or push the button and hear the distance. The same button would toggle between center, front and back of green.

The distance is accurate and quickly displayed. You can walk toward the green and see the distance change. The battery lasts more than 36 holes per charge and it seems like every course is already in Golf Buddy. There is nothing to download.

There is one flaw. The Golf Buddy automatically recognizes the tee that you are on and automatically gives you the distance to that hole. If you hook or slice your shot onto or near another tee, the Golf Buddy will change holes.

This can be an inconvenience. But, as long as you do not stray onto another tee, you could play an entire round without ever touching the Golf Buddy. One final note, I can’t tell that I am wearing the Golf Buddy on my hat.

Poor golf buddy customer service – By Unhappy Customer

Three weeks after receiving my voice golf buddy it quit working and showed codes across the top of the screen. Emailed golf buddy customer service a couple times and never got a reply. Found a 800 number and called complaining that the unit wasn’t very old and had quit working.

After several calls i asked to talk to the service supervisor, did not get anywhere with him either but he promised to email me instructions on how to do downloads on how to reprogram the unit. Attempted the downloads but the unit would not connect to the computer.

Called golf buddy and they said that an email would be sent to give address to where to send the unit to have it checked out but another week went by and the email didn’t come.

After I made several more calls I did receive an email with the instructions on where to send the unit so it could be inspected and maybe repaired. Golf Buddy customer service is terrible, they don’t care about a small time person.

Latest Customer Reviews

Five Stars – By Harold Rice

Works as advertised.Does not slow down game as others do

Clip needs to be stronger or advise customers not to use it – By gail m sutherland

I liked using the golf buddy but the clip was not very good and it kept falling off and finally I lost it

Five Stars – By jess

Reliable and easy to use

Easy to store and clip on clothing – By Dorothea E Meulenbeld

It is exactly what I wanted. Small, easy to store and clip on clothing. Uncomplicated…this is the best part!!

So I am disappointed – By Judith B. Carlson

My Golf Buddy somehow shifted over to ‘METERS’ and I cannot find a way to get it back to yards. It is really not accurate now, so I am disappointed.

Good I guess – By Joe

Looks like a good product I guess, its not for me its for my dad so we’ll see how he likes it but it seems to be everything he asked for.

Works great. Matched it up with my friends $300 range – By Rob

Works great. Matched it up with my friends $300 range finder and it was consistently within a couple yards.

Not a bad product for the price – By Zack Hussain

Not a bad product for the price! I used it only twice so for and it works just fine for the distance information.

Five Stars – By sam hulka

It is very accurate, it makes it easier to choose the right club.

The clip is terrible – By Jack

This rangefinder is supposed to clip on your golf bag, but don’t trust it! I clipped it on my golf bag and it fell off while I was playing the very first time I used it. Read more


Questions & Answers by Customers

Charged battery life?

I get two 18-hole games per charge. Hope this helps.

Does the golf buddy voice come with the wall charger and the USB cord?

I just checked mine – it comes with a combo wall charger/USB charger. The cable plugs in to the GolfBuddy at one end and into the wall plug at the other, using a USB connector in to the wall plug device. Bottom-line it comes with all you need to enable either wall plug charging, or via computer using the USB connector.


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