Golf Swing Drills To Improve Your Bunker Shots

Golf Swing Drills To Improve Your Bunker Shots

Golf Swing Drills That Need To Be Utilized

Hitting the ball out of a bunker is a lot easier than it appears. There are golf swing drills that need to be utilized not just to effectively hit the golf ball from a bunker and upon the green, but also to hit the golf ball closer to the hole.

Drill 1: Concentration And Posture

Concentration is important for each and every golfer when playing any type of golf shot. Being comfortable while you’re on the course is very important in order to play well. Make sure that you learn deep breathing methods so you’re able to be calm no matter what takes place on the golf course.

Inhale as you take your position then breathe out when you’re ready to take your swing. Keep on breathing out during the golf swing. This is really important as inhaling and exhaling allows you to keep your mind and muscles calm while swinging.

Stance stands out as the second most crucial part to take into consideration while in a bunker. Keep a length between your feet that’s comfy and not too wide. Maintaining a stable and also well-balanced position when you are in the shot is very important to have a well balanced and effective swing.

Burrow your feet down into the sand a bit, however, avoid digging a hole. This should lower your center of gravity and give you a lot more balance when you’re in the golf swing.

Drill 2: Examine The Sand Of The Bunker

Considering that the golf wedge is unable to contact the sand in the bunker prior to playing the particular golf shot, be sure that you feel the sand to pick the proper club. Look at whether the sand is solid or soft so that you can make use of the ideal section of the golf club to play the particular shot.

When the sand is solid or when there is very little sand inside the bunker, use the leading edge of the golf club that has a sharp angle. This section of the golf club will dig naturally into the sand and will toss the ball out of the bunker.

In the event the sand within the bunker is very soft it is needed to make use of the lower, bounce on the club to ensure that you dig out the golf ball.

The bounce can be used simply by opening up the face of the golf club up to forty-five degrees. The bounce will refrain from burrowing deep into the sand and will slide effortlessly underneath the golf ball hence tossing the golf ball out easily from the soft sand.

Drill 3: Hitting The Ball Out Of The Bunker

1st, draw two lines right behind the golf ball perpendicular to your particular target line. The first line should be around one inch right behind the ball and the second line should be 3 or 4 inches behind the ball. The target ought to be to strike in between the 1st and the 2nd line and never the ball.

The actual sand which is to be displaced by the hit is going to throw the golf ball out of the sand. It is essential to note that the golf ball must not be struck using the golf club directly while in the bunker. Alternatively, the transitional force needs to be transferred from the club to the sand and then added onto the ball.

The distance of the golf ball flying into the air and the direction depends upon the distance from the ball you strike the sand between the 2 lines.

In the event you hit farther away from the golf ball, the ball will certainly travel a short distance and won’t spin. If you hit closer to the ball, the ball will travel a comparatively longer distance and may spin.

You need to practice these particular golf swing drills till you have a great understanding of which type of bunker shot you need to hit according to the kind of sand in the bunker along with the distance of the shot.

If you happen to practice these golf swing drills, you will be able to get out of the bunker with ease plus may find yourself closer to the hole.


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