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Gas Barbecue grills: The Good Time Can start In Your Backyard This Weekend

So, you’re looking to fire-up the gas barbecue grill, but not sure about using natural gas or propane? This is a matter of personal preference and location.

Gas Barbecue Grill

In urban settings, natural gas lines are generally run to the hones. This makes tapping into a line for a natural gas grill a cinch. To do this, simply call your local utility company for a hook-up. Some of the new high-tech outdoor built-in barbecue grills run on natural gas, so make sure this is something you have access to prior to purchasing.

Most other outdoor grills are fueled by propane and if you live in an area where you do not have access to natural gas, this is the option for you. These BBQ grills simply require the attaching of a propane tank. The standard tank for an outdoor grill holds around 20 pounds of propane and will burn for approximately 16 hours, depending on the usage and the temperature of the grill.

The most important features to look for when shopping for your BBQ include an electric ignition, a lid that is heavy and closes making a nice, tight fit, cooking setting options (low, medium, high), and a gas gauge.

Of course, if you’re an outdoorsman, you may want to put your money where your mouth is – and that is a portable gas grill that produces food you can sink your teeth into while hiking, camping, or hitting the beach.

When searching for your new grill, the trick is determining what you want it for and how you will use it. Then, simply determine your price range and any features and barbecue accessories you want, and make a quick trip to our gas barbecue grills page to start grilling this weekend – from your BBQ in your backyard, on the trails, or ocean side.


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Fire-Up Good Times and Good Food with a Gas Barbecue Grill

Sizzling Steaks on the Barbie are Sure to Prompt Widespread Hunger and Guests-aplenty

You spent the winter months dreaming of backyard fun in the sun and a new BBQ that promises good times and great food for you and your family and friends.

And, after considering your personal preferences, you find yourself leaning toward a gas barbecue grill, undoubtedly for its ease of use and sheer convenience (most start with just the touch of a button).


Congratulations! Your backyard is about to turn into an outdoor kitchen and days of fun are just around the bend. Fire it up and neighbors taking in the fintalizing smells of sizzling meats, mouth-watering vegetables, and yes, even crackling fresh fruits, are sure to prompt widespread hunger and guests aplenty.

Aside from being incredibly easy to use, the heat from gas barbecue grills is more easily controlled than that of charcoal grills, making them as predictable as cooking on your kitchen stove.

And, unlike charcoal grills, high-quality gas grills do not have “cool spots,” which further ensures Bob from next door won’t bite into a raw hamburger, while everyone else enjoys a burger that is done to perfection.

You also get to grill without charcoal dust (tough on the eyes and hands) and one tank of gas will allow you to grill for 12 to 18 hours straight, making the propane gas grill an economical, option as well.

And speaking of it, it’s‘ worth pointing out this: Most homes in urban areas are already connected to natural gas lines. Because of this, a natural gas grill can be easily connected to the gas lines (by a professional of course).

Propane is used in most rural settings and is sold by the tank, which is simply connected to the grill by a hose and twistable nozzle. Homes in rural settings that have propane tanks for heating and cooking can also have gas grills connected to the existing gas lines, or also have the option of buying small tanks to attach to the grill.

As you make your decision about which gas grill is best for you, keep in mind that you should carefully look for the following (along with any personal preferences you may have):

* Sturdy construction,
* A thick, heavy firebox and tight-fitting lid for even heat conduction ”
* Electric ignition
* At least two heating zones
* Adjustable controls that allow you to set the grill, on low, medium, or high (the high setting should give you a constant grilling temperature of 500 F (to achieve this, you should look for a grill with 33,000 BTUs)
* A gas gauge
* A built-in thermometer

You can find grills that meet these specs and provide you with an array of desirable features, – from rotisseries and grill-ware to top-notch covers and other barbecue accessories — allowing you to personalize your backyard barbecue experience,


Portable Gas Barbecues

Compact & Portable Gas Barbecues & Grills

Tailgating, Camping, Hiking, or …Simply Relaxing On The Beach!

Don’t Forget To Take Your Portable Gas Barbecues Along Or There’s Nothing Like The Great Outdoors to Stimulate Your Appetite

Portable gas barbecues have evolved and these multi-functional, all-purpose grills are the talk of the town, showing up for tailgating parties, on hiking trails, at campsites, and all along the beach – anywhere you and your friends want to have a firing good meal and not miss any of the fun.

Much more than just a hip, portable grill, many of these in-demand cooking units truly do it all: grilling, roasting, baking, smoking, and even frying. Who knew, right?

Well, now you do and with this new information and your newly purchased portable gas grill, you’re sure to be the toast of the party. Not to mention you’ll be making up some of the best eats around! Portable gas grills offer you the convenience that is lightweight, easily carried, and compact.

These transportable, compact cooking systems are great for barbecues on the go, with most adapting to any surface top and as capable as the larger-size barbecues.

Demand has prompted useful changes in the portable gas barbecue – just one look and you’ll see that this little sibling to the larger grills is all grown up, with many now boasting matchless lighting, wind-blockers (think of an ocean breeze), multiple burners, grill pans, temperature controls, and even built-in thermometers.

Portable Gas Grill
Royal Gourmet PD1301S

Looking for a portable grill? Outdoor aficionados know that a portable grill like the Royal Gourmet PD1301S Portable 24-Inch 3-Burner Table Top Gas Grill Griddle is a must for campers and picnic enthusiasts.

And, because lightweight grills have increased in Capabilities and are now so popular, the Amazon Store stocks and ships numerous styles every single day. So, if you’re planning for a weekend of fun, order your portable gas barbecue grill today. You’ll be the king of the weekend’s party – wherever it may be!


Barbecue Smokers

Barbecue Smokers & Smoker Grills Lock-In Flavor

Tum Up The Heat With Barbecue Smokers

For Food That is Tasty and Truly Reflects The Great Outdoors, Smoking’ is the Method of Choice

Smoking, perhaps best known for producing some of the best salmon around, as well as tasty beef jerky, is making its way to backyards across the country. Why, because barbecue smokers allow for indirect grilling (meaning the food is not cooked directly over a fire) — a popular barbecue method cooks large cuts of meat to perfection with no attention from you (no turning, etc.).

Smoking is really a variation of traditional barbecuing and can be done in a horizontal barrel smoker or a vertical water smoker.  Additionally, there are two types of smoking for outdoor barbecue smokers and these include hot smoking and cold smoking.

With outdoor barbecue smoker grills, hot smoking (which is just another name for barbecuing) is usually done at 225° to 250° F. On the other hand, when cold smoking, the food is located so far from the fire that it smokes without cooking.

Undoubtedly, you’re looking to add a smoker that will let you and your family and friends enjoy tasty treats from hot smoking. This method produces succulent meat that just falls off the bone – and all with little help or required know-how from you.

In fact, you can throw your favorite large cut of meat (if you haven’t had a Texas-smoked brisket or North Carolina smoked pig, you just haven’t lived) in the smoker and l watch the football game with the guys. When the game is done, your dinner is done.

All f you have to do is add a few six-packs and you’re off and running for your own touchdown! it’s true. You and your friends will surely cheer the authentic smoked taste, » regardless of which football team won the game.

But you don’t have to wait for a sporting event to fire up a BBQ smoker. Outdoor barbecue smokers come in all shapes and sizes and boast varying features and prices, ensuring you can find exactly what you are looking for without breaking the bank (and all the while still impressing your buddies).


Barbecue Grill Plans

Learn How to Build a  Backyard Barbecue that will Make You. the Envy of the Neighborhood

Turn your backyard into an Outdoor Kitchen with a Simple Plan

Every time you look out your back door you see it. You have just the right spot picked out and even an idea of what you want it to look like. You know that you can do it and you’re ready to start the project that is going to transform your backyard into a place-to-be this summer.

You may know how to build a barbecue, but you need good barbecue grill plans.

Ask yourself before you begin the process if you want to go the more rustic route and build a
customized BBQ fire pit or a fully functional gas grill that looks and performs better than
anything you could buy.

The truth is that it takes very little money, imagination, or carpentry know-how to construct your own backyard barbecue pit. With just a few metal poles to support a cooking grate and a few hours to get the job done, you can build your own BBQ pit in no time at all.

But if you’re looking to truly impress by building your own outdoor gas or electric grill, you will need BBQ grill plans to guide you as you craft your outdoor kitchen.

One look at most BBQ plans and you will see that the majority call for purchasing a gas grill insert specifically designed for outdoor cooking. These can be found in most hardware shops and many come with plans and guides that show you exactly how to build your BBQ – including everything from a how-to section, insider tips, and ways to make your grill uniquely your own.

As you will see, the gas grill inserts usually come in two models: drop-in or slide-in models, requiring a fairly simple structure to hold the grill in place.

You can find information on how to build this by doing an applicable, Internet search for free information or by purchasing a book over at that walks you through the process step-by-step, check out the books here.

In the meantime, while you are determining the best route to take to find plans for your BBQ and your backyard, you should be considering the following points:

1. Placement: Make sure you build a barbecue that is away from existing structures.

2. Appearance: Follow the design of your house and yard so your new outdoor barbecue fits-in, adding to the overall value of your home and taking away from it. Think about if you want stone brick barbecue plans or plans to build a brick barbecue.

3. Utility: Make sure your BBQ plans allow your new grill to be multifun¢ial. For instance, you will find BBQ grill plans that allow you to grill and smoke and that allow you to incorporate your new addition into a kitchen you can use year-round (weather permitting of course). So look for plans to build a barbecue that has storage, counter space, etc.

4. Weather: Build a barbecue so it withstands the weather where you live.  You want it to last so consider the climate when you build the structure.

5. Maintenance: Look for BBQ plans that allow for easy cleaning and repairs. The last thing you want to do is to have to chip away at brick or stone once you have completed the building of your outdoor kitchen.


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