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Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels

Features and Benefits

Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels are 2X more absorbent, so you can use less, the roll can last up to 50% longer.

Did you ever tried one of those ‘bargain’ paper towels and gone through so many sheets that the roll just disappears? With Bounty, the roll doesn’t disappear.

Choose the paper towel you can count on. Bounty quickly absorbs messes, so you can clean up and move on without wasting time or towels. Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes and a range of decorative prints, so you can choose the Bounty paper towel that’s just right for you and your family.

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Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels Reviews by Owners

People Don’t Understand – By Elena

People don’t understand, if you want to compare Walmart, always go by the per ft, in this package 2 huge rolls are 160 ft x 6 pack= 960 ft, Walmart has the $10.97 at 354 ft, 3 packages will make 1062 ft at $33.

The bottom line means they are in the price range, in fact, amazon maybe $1 cheaper, assuming that I understand correctly that you will get 6 pack with a total of 12 huge rolls.


Big-Roll Bounty w/perforated Half-Sheets is Numero Uno – By Kathy W

I am a die-hard Bounty user, been using them for as long as I can remember. I have tried a few others but have never been satisfied with any other brand. Plain and simple–Bounty delivers! I use them to suck up everything, from water to whatever — even hot grease! (will come back to that one at the end)

I received 6 packs of 2 BIG rolls in each package. These rolls are huge in size. The package says “2 X more absorbent” – then what? I don’t know – but they work better than any other paper towel I ever tried — name brand included.

The package says 175 sheets 2-ply per roll. BTW – this plain white is a heavier texture than the other Bounty I have with the print on it.

Although I have never tried to pick up a bowling ball with a wet Bounty, I can tell you they are VERY sturdy – and they don’t fall apart just because they get wet.

Each sheet is perforated at the halfway mark – 2 sheets for 1. I love that feature because there are lots of times I don’t need a whole sheet. Saves me $$. Full sheet measures about 12 X 11 inches. A half sheet measures about 6 X 11 inches.

I personally think you save money in the long run with Bounty because you use less, and what you use is more effective.

Hot grease picker-upper: I promised you my story. I like to cook in a Teflon pan with either water or a little olive oil, depending on what I’m cooking.

I do not like to pour grease/oil/ or fat down the drain. So I drop 1 or 2 folded Bounty paper towels in the pan when I’m done cooking to soak up the liquid. (After I turn off the stove, of course.) The Bounty sucks the hot liquid right up.

Then I can take a fresh Bounty and wipe out the pan to get all the stuff out. Then I can wash it with nothing foreign going down my sink.


Excellent Value and Superior Paper Towels – By J Bind

Excellent Value and Superior Paper Towels that are the LARGEST Select-A-Size rolls I have seen available

We cannot find this product locally in the “HUGE” size that also has the Select-A-Size option. This is definitely the biggest Bounty product we have found and it still fits perfectly on our brushed Simple Human Paper Towel Holder.

The product is 5 stars all the way. This gets shipped in the actual Bounty box because it is a case. It contains six packages of 2 HUGE rolls. So 12 HUGE rolls in total.

This is the best quality paper towel we have purchased. We find we use fewer paper towels over the week when we buy Select-A-Size versus the full sheet paper towels. So environmentally we feel it is the best way to use this product without using too much.

We still use microfiber towels and rags for other cleaning but for things that need hygienically to be cleaned with a paper towel this item is perfect and you can decide how much you need to rip off.

This product also does not cause dust and lint like other paper towel brands. It is very strong and thick and the weave of this product allows you to use it to maximize its usage. We highly recommend this product and the great Amazon service and free shipping.

This is very heavy to ship yet if you add it to your cart and you are above the $35 value for your order this ships free which alone is a $14 cost savings. We also love when Amazon offers a coupon for this product. So easy just to clip the coupon when the item is in your cart. I do not feel pressure to sign up for subscription service or Prime.

I like the flexibility of being able to order this product when I need it, so I do not want to be signed up for a routine delivery if I do not need the product and still have plenty in reserve.

Shop around, but you will see that Amazon is by far the cheapest seller of this product by the case especially if you bundle this product with other items in your cart to get free shipping.


My Absolute Favorite Paper Towels – By S B Lynn

This review is for the 12 huge rolls – they come two to a package.

I have been using these paper towels for years, and I always stock up on them if my supermarket sells out which is fairly often. There are several reasons I like them so much.

The first is that I use a lot of paper towels. I don’t like using dish towels to dry my hands and have (gradually) taught my family to use the paper towels first – they’re a lot more hygienic and it’s cut down on our catching colds and other viruses.

But this does mean we go through a lot of towels so I really appreciate these extra huge rolls and they last a long time.

They are very absorbent – but to be fair, I haven’t noticed them any more absorbent than other good paper towels I have purchased. What makes these different is that the roll is so large, you’re not always changing it.

I also want solid white paper towels so these are perfect for me.

Note – this paper towel roll is so large it will not work on your standard horizontal paper towel holder – you know the kind that is attached to a wall or counter. You need to put these on the vertical free-standing ones.

Highly recommended.


Great Quality – By F Manon

I originally just thought these were overpriced but once I started using them I thought they were the best paper towels we’ve ever bought.

They are close to double the cost of Costco paper towels but each roll is really packed with paper towels and lasts a long time. In our household that’s about a week per roll. Plus, our cat likes the box.


For Those Wanting A Great Deal – By Dennis A. Amith

For those wanting a great deal for a six-pack (12 rolls total) of Bounty paper towels!

In our household, we go through many paper towels. From spills to cleaning on the weekends, we are always testing out different paper towels with great absorbency and so far Bounty has been the best!

These are the thick, double roll versions, so you are getting a lot for your money.

It’s important to note that one review says it’s cheaper at WM. I was comparing the price and the Bounty 2 Select-a-Size Huge Rolls, pack of 6 (so 12 total) is currently at $29.69, while WM has it at $30.93 (not under $15). Probably the prices fluctuate but looking at the prices, WM is not a whole lot cheaper.

While there are other brands that may be cheaper, we tend to go for Bounty or Brawn and try to avoid the cheaper alternatives which have failed us.

Overall, if you are looking for the biggest size of Bounty paper towels (total of 12 in six 2-packs) for under $30 and it’s within your budget, then these Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels are for you!


You Really Can Use Less of the Select-a-Size – By Young Heart

This is a review of the 12 Huge Select-A-Size Rolls. Overall I really liked the paper towels, I used one of the half sheets where I would normally use a full sheet of a different brand, and the half sheet outperformed the full sheet of the bargain brand.

The only downside to these paper towels is that the huge roll will not fit on most paper towel roll dispensers, I have a nice metal one that has a rail around it, and I had to wait until I used several sheets before the roll would fit down inside the dispenser.

If you do decide to use these, you might want to consider a countertop dispenser that does not have a rail around it.


Use No More Than What You Need – By Laura S.

I tend to like Bounty paper towels for their versatility. Stiffer and (for lack of a better word) drier than Viva,

I find that Bounty towels work well for cooking (drying off meat for cooking, blotting bacon), cleanup, napkin, and even makeshift placemat duty. I prefer the select-a-size version because most of the time a full square towel is too much for my needs. I hate to waste paper.


Love the Select-a-Size – By Moschil

I love the ‘select a size. We use it from cleaning up spills (we have a 4 yr old and we have lots of spills) to using them as napkins when we are out of regular napkins. Works great. I do not understand people that buy the cheaper store brands. You get what you pay for. If you buy the cheaper brands you end up using more than you would

I do not understand people that buy the cheaper store brands. You get what you pay for. If you buy the cheaper brands you end up using more than if you would using bounty because they don’t work as well.


So Handy, with the Select-a-Size – By J. Grayon

I love Bounty’s select-a-size idea. So often, I really need only 1/2 a sheet… especially with Bounty, because it’s so strong and absorbent. I have never found a paper towel I like better. You can even rinse them out and lay them on the sink to dry and re-use.

I have them shipped regularly using Amazon’s subscribe and save because they’re a pain to buy in stores. It’s a big package to lug home, plus sometimes I don’t pay attention and I get the NOT select-a-size by mistake. This way, I always have paper towels, too.


So Good I Tied Them to my Amazon Dash Button – By J. Tant

These are my go-to paper towels… and I like them so much that I tied them to my new Amazon Dash Button.

I’m not a fancy person. All I really need around me are solid, low-key, performing products.

This is such a product. No fancy patterns, no weird stuff baked into the towel… just a well-performing towel that has versatility and strength.

For instance, need to microwave something like a hot dog? I wrap them in paper towels to keep the inside of the oven clean. I’ve used these as plates for sandwiches at lunchtime. I’ve used them to clean the dipstick when I check the oil in my car. I use them to clean windows. To kill bugs. Lots of uses.

And I still think the whole Select-A-Size is a bit gimmicky, but whatever. It’s a good towel and I use them every day.


Love It Grade A Product – By Sanibel Won

It is tough and absorbent. Nothing else matters except cost and while this item is more costly, far fewer sheets are necessary.

This is very important to me since its primary purpose in our residence is the cleaning areas after large deposits of pungent and sebaceous material have been inappropriately and unfortunately spewed by our very large canine occupants.


Love These Bounty Towels – By Huberal

These Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels are AMAZING! We have cats and use them for everything. Sometimes you only need a smaller-sized half-sheet and sometimes you need a larger whole size sheet, depending on what needs to be cleaned up – with kitties, you never know.

I get them by the case from our Subscribe & Save monthly order to make sure always have plenty on hand. The price is right and it is always nice to have them delivered directly instead of having to go to the store and slog them home.



A Rosie Review – By Sam I Amon

If you have room to store a large box of paper towels this is a good contender for your consideration. It’s convenient to have bulky items like this delivered directly to your door and there’s little chance for damage in transit to an item such as this.

I like the select-a-size as it helps keep potential waste to a minimum. I also like that these are always solid white and without patterns. They’re thick, absorbent and in my opinion as good as a paper towel can get and one of the best values currently available.

In Memoriam – If you watched TV in the 1970s and 1980’s you could not have missed the Bounty “Quicker Picker Upper” commercials with actress Nancy Walker playing the part of the New Jersey diner owner named Rosie.

You Tube is filled with these old commercials if you care to take a stroll down memory lane. I liked those vintage ads and miss seeing her on TV. Gone but not forgotten.

I last purchased this in February of 2016. With the subscribe and save discount and Amazon click coupon the total came to $22.50. Shipping was free.

These Rolls really are Huge – By Christy B.

Ok, so the Bounty Select-A-Size Huge Roll Paper Towels really are HUGE! These are the biggest rolls of paper towels that I have ever seen! I actually took the time to show my family members when they visited how large the unopened rolls were. I guess I am easily amused! 🙂

Although the rolls are large, they still fit nicely in my Oxo Good Grips Paper Towel Holder.

The large size is great because it means the roll lasts much longer. In a household with two children and a dog, we go through a lot of paper towels! (Yes, I know it’s not great for the environment, but with our busy lifestyle, disposable paper products are a necessity!)

Bounty paper towels are quilted and really absorbent. Very good quality. They work just as well as the other major brands (Brawny, Scotts, etc.). Paper towels are not something that I am a brand loyalist for. I tend to shop for the best price.

With 15% off Subscribe and Save and a $2.00 off coupon, I was able to get a 12 pack of these rolls for $19.49, including tax! I think that was a great value since these rolls are so large. I will buy again if I can get a good deal like that again.

The Pick-a-Size paper towels are great for small messes and large messes. I prefer the Pick-a-Size over the regular Full Size since it makes the roll go even further.


Best Towels in Your Life – By Kevin O.

Great towels for the price. I don’t really need to say anything in this review as everyone knows bounty is the best towels but not the cheapest. The price on amazon is very good compared to big names like Costco or bj’s. Would recommend anyone that buys bounty to purchase it on Amazon for the lowest price.


Thick Roll and Thick Paper – By Chart Mama

These are my new favorite paper towel. I used to use Viva but the rolls were too small and I felt like I was changing it every other day.

Now I can use these and change the roll maybe once a week or longer. They are so thick too that I can keep the sheet I just used and use it for other pickups, especially pesky little messes by toddlers and preschoolers.


Thick and Absorbent – By Deanna Josephitis

I like how big these are and the ability to tear a sheet in half for smaller spills. I do not like going without paper towels, and these last so much longer. I do not have to change the roll as often.

There are so many good things about Bounty, they are absorbent and thick enough for the worst spills. I have a messy family and a large kitchen to keep cleaning up. I also like to keep a roll in each bathroom for messes and cleaning.

The very best part amazon delivered them and I do not have to lug a huge box home.

Pros- large enough to last more than a day
– thick and absorbent
– they allow you to tear the sheet in half for smaller spills.
– great for cleaning up
– delivered to my door

Cons- They do make more waste


Like Select A Size Option – By W109

like having, select a size in paper towels. sometimes you need just a small towel, other times more. Bounty has been our choice since Costco stopped carrying marathon paper towels. they were the best on the market but have since then changed.


Bulk Is The Way To Go – By Suzie

Very pleased with these paper towels. Having two dogs and a year and a half old toddler there are always plenty of messes around the house. I love that I can order this from my phone and have it delivered to my door and not have to worry about getting it at the store. Love buying in bulk and the packaging is great.


Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels Questions & Answers

What does Select-a-size mean? Does it mean each roll is a different size – By ADM

The towels are perforated so that you can tear them off in increments of half a paper towel size sheet to a whole sheet or one and a half sheets etc.

How many rolls do you get for that price – By Jan Stone

If you are looking for actual price and a cheap product, don’t buy BOUNTY. I have been using this product for many years. I find you get what you pay for! I use less and do more, therefore, BOUNTY is the better buy!


What are the dimensions of each roll – By Linda Hopkins

I am not sure, but my husband did a calculation of the total sq ft in packages and found this one to be the most cost-effective for the select-a-size version. I prefer the select-a-size as each individual towel is smaller and therefore the package lasts longer since less paper is wasted.


Are these individually wrapped – By C. Higgins

Mine came two rolls to a pack.


Bounty FAQs

What types of paper towel designs are available from Bounty?

The bounty comes in a range of decorative prints. You are bound to find a print to complement your style. Explore our selection of delightful prints to add a fresh, happy, eclectic twist to your home. Also check out Bounty Quilted Napkins, which are available in Everyday prints and Select prints.


What are some uses for your smaller-size-sheet paper towel, Bounty Select-a-Size?

Bounty Select-a-Size is perfect for spills both big and small, so you can always be sure you have the right size sheet for the job.


Is it true that Bounty makes napkins?

Yes, Bounty does make napkins. Bounty Quilted Napkins have the quilts and strength we’ve all come to trust. Available in Everyday prints and Select prints.


Is it OK to use Bounty paper towels to clean my plastic eyeglass lenses?

Most opticians do not recommend using paper products to clean plastic lenses. Paper comes from wood. Wood fibers, even though very soft, can damage sensitive plastics. Check with your optician to see what is recommended for cleaning your plastic lenses.


Are Bounty paper towels made from recycled material?

No. Bounty paper towels are made from virgin wood pulp.


Can I use a Bounty paper towel as a coffee filter?

We haven’t designed or tested Bounty for use as a coffee filter. The thickness and absorbency of Bounty are very different from that of coffee filter paper.