Back To School Stress For Parents

If you are juggling so many balls that you want to duck your head, expecting them to crash at any moment, you may be stressed out. If you are not dealing with stress, and helping to keep it under control, that is going to roll down to your children and cause them to stress as well.

Try to let the little things go.  This is really big for me, because I want to control everything and every situation – because I can do it better.  You have to let go of the things that really don’t matter so that you can devote your energy and focus on things that do.

Do a lot of deep breathing.  When you feel things getting out of hand and you don’t have a second to spare, that’s the time when you need to take a minute and stop.  Just stop.  Take a deep breath and stretch your arms up high in the arm.  Circle them around and stretch them to the sides.  Breathe in and out.  Then continue what you were doing, and you should find that it’s a little easier to deal with.

Get some help.  When you just cannot do it all, find others that can help you.  This is an area that may be hard for you, because you think that you can do it best and you want it done your way.  Realize that other ways will work just as well and let someone help you.

It is so important that you watch your stress and make sure that it doesn’t take over.  Stress affects so many things in your body and controls how you interact with other people.  Watch your stress levels and take care of yourself.  Your body will thank you later.

Back To School Stress For Kids

Test Stress and Fears

Some people have a fear of tests.  For those of us that don’t, it seems hard to understand.  Yet it’s important to be able to help your child if they have a fear or stress from taking tests.  Without some way to control this, they will have a very difficult time in school and their grades will suffer.

Talk to your child about why tests are given and explain that they help the teacher to understand the things the child has learned.  Ease their fears that it judges everything about their learning.  Show them how other things they do in school also count towards their grade.

Make sure they know that you love them no matter what their test scores are.  Let them know that there are more important things and that it isn’t such a big deal.  Don’t downplay their fears but help them to know that it isn’t the worst thing.

Give them some practice tests to give them an idea of what tests they will be taking and teach them some techniques to calm down and decrease stress.  Also, talk with their teacher for some ideas to help.

It might be easier for them to test if they can work alone.  It might be possible to allow them to take their tests in the library while the other students are taking theirs in the classroom.

Their teacher might have other suggestions as well.  It’s important to help your child alleviate their stress and fear of tests before it gets too bad.  Unfortunately, taking tests is a big part of attending school, and it’s difficult to avoid.  Give your child every chance to be successful in school.

Preventing Back To School Stress

Stressed Out Kids: Are Our Kids Doing Too Much?

Baseball practice, piano practice, dance class, after school activities, homework, family night, church activities – are our kids doing too much?  It’s an epidemic that is sweeping through our homes.  It’s about giving our kids what we never had growing up, but too much can be a bad thing.

While children are in school, it should be their primary focus.  When we add too many activities during the evening, we are limiting the time they can spend doing homework or reading.  Plus, you are taking away what little family time is available when kids are in school.

If you want your child to participate in other activities, try limiting the number of extracurricular classes they take.  You can try different classes in different years, allowing your child to find the activities that they enjoy best and are good at.  Let them take dance or soccer one year, and piano or softball the following year.

Limiting our evening activities will also help our children.  If they come home and you are stressed out, trying to get too many things done in the evening, that is going to roll down to your children and cause them more stress.

Make your evenings a quiet and peaceful time, where you can help your children with their homework and spend some time together.

Every parent wants the best for their child, but realizing now that giving them everything may not help your child do better in school and have a stress free childhood.  Giving them limitations will help them learn self-control and they will be more balanced as adults.

In our fast paced society, it’s a good idea to teach your child about what is most important – family and learning.


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